Fatal Frame Cheats

Battle Mode Points
Getting high ranks in the Battle Mode of the extra game through depends on taking tricky pictures of the ghosts. The trickier the shot, the more picture points you get. To get the most points you're going to have to combine multiple types of shot all in one take. Combine the following to get 6000 and 7000 point shots to obtain the maximum S class ranking for each ghost;

Close Shot: You must be extremely close to the ghost when you take the picture.

Core Shot: Make sure the ghost's head is exactly in the middle of the center circle of your camera's viewfinder.

Zero Shot: The camera's capture circle is glowing yellow at the time the picture is taken.

Bind Shot: The ghost is has been caught with the "Paralyze" special function on your camera.

Last Shot: Make sure the combination of the above shots is the last shot that kills the ghost.

Also, make sure your camera's power level is at maximum when you take the last picture. You'll want to wear the ghost down with normal shots until it gets down low enough for you to line all these elements up for one big final shot.