Fatal Labyrinth

  • Released on Aug 23, 1991
  • By Sega for GENESIS

Fatal Labyrinth Cheats

Fatal Labyrinth cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GENESIS.


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Increase unarmed attack power
You can make the unarmed attacks you perform after discarding an equipped weapon more useful simply by choosing to discard an axe. You'll attack with the strength of the axe, and with increased accuracy. You pick pick the axe back up after discarding it, but don't equip it again to retain the accuracy bonus for the duration of the floor. This is especially useful against enemies that can destroy equipped weapons.


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Get 99 AR
Get two short bows then equip them one after another, alternating between the two bows. You should notice your AR continually rerolling; you can continue doing this until you gain 99 AR. Make you don't equip any actual armor during and after the process, or you'll lose the glitched AR and have to start over.
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