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100% Fatal

The good:

-A great story, with numerous twists and turns to keep the player guessing

- A brilliant range of ghost enemies, ranging from easy to very hard and simple to just plain terrifying!

-A great atmosphere created and maintained throughout

-A choice of difficulty levels allowing the player to play the game to their own liking an ability

-A great range of option extras, rewards and unlockables.

The bad:

- The camera angle can become frustrating at times

- The limited number of settings the game takes place in can become a little repetitive

-Some puzzles are just a little too frustrating to be enjoyable


Fatal Frame 2 is the story of Two sisters, Mio and Mayu, who become trapped in a mysterious village with a disturbing history. In order to survive they must solve the mysteries of a sacred ritual and battle the tormented spirits that haunt the village. But can they survive in a place were nothing is as it seems?


Overall, the game is great, and highly engrossing. Although it is relatively short, there are very few moments were the player can pause for breath. There is a surprise around every corner which makes the game a non-stop thriller.

The graphics are excellent and along with the...


See, I can flutter better than you thought


Project Zero II is the story of how two twins stumble into a deserted village, and find themselves trapped there. The disaster that happened in the village years before means that they cannot easily leave, and so to escape they must solve and resolve the mystery of what happened in the past.

This is not an overlong game - I completed it within ten and a half hours on my first play-through - but the pressure is kept up constantly. You never, ever feel safe. There is nowhere safe you can go, and that feeling never lets up throughout the entire game. I did those ten and a half hours over th...


a must getter

The good:

graphics are great, the lighting is great. the ghost are enough to make you want to jump. the areas are scary also, the music is creepy. the story-line is great, 3 good endings.

The bad:

gets a little boring after a while.


a game that is very great, a scary game. a game that wants one or more people to watch you play the game(if they have the courage to see it!). it may not be as scary as the first one, but it is still very scary. the mission mode is very great, you could keep going at it even if you beat it. this game will be in your video game stack. the ritual idea was a fabulas idea, something new. a superb a-ok game. its all around and has a twist that you will not forget. three thumbs up if you had three of them. you should try this game out, something i/all recommend.



The good:

Graphics and characterisations, Battle-system, Storyline, Sound ...pretty much everything

The bad:

Some mildly irritating backtracking


The reviewer who said this game is as good to watch as play, is right. I was guiding Mayu through the Kurasawa house when a friend popped round. We chatted as I played and after a couple of minutes said "This is good, what's this you're watching?" I explained and they were astounded by the flow of action and quality. Not PS2 owners....

This is my type of game. The fact that it's not too hard, actually gives me a sense of achievement - That after a puzzle, or defeating a boss I can sit back and think "I did that!"..

I love Camera Obscura. The thrill, those heart-stopping moments as the spirits...


A Picture is worth...

The good:

Truly a frightful masterpiece, Fatal Fame II leaves you in another world of survival horror with only a camera to defend yourself. At first glance you might think "What a stupid idea" or "where is the hand gun? Steel Pipe? And or rocket launcher with infinite ammunition!?" but I think that feeling of defenselessness just adds to the fear. Sure this is no normal camera (The camera has different lenses which act as different attacks) but it's still a camera, can you really have a sense of security holding a camera? The Japanese style level design is superb and is only out done with their character/ghost design. You'll really come to appreciate the ghost design since you don't have a high powered focus on your camera. I don't want to spoil too much but the "battles" you have to the ghosts are terrifying but the encounters which lead up to the "battles" could cause you to wet your pants.

The bad:

I always have a problem with English voice acting in games. I'll admit it's tolerable in this game but I still think leaving the option of using the original Japanese voices would have made this game so much better.


As a big fan of survival horror games I was drawn to Fatal Frame but the thought of simply taking pictures of ghosts didn't appeal to me, boy was I wrong. With all the survival horror games I've played this game still scares me even when I replay through.


Cant wait for Fatal Frame 3 :D


This is one of the best and scariest games of the year. Every survival/horror fan should buy this :) It has Great graphics, a creepy environment, and a great storyline to it. The ghost look better and are scarier than ever. Although i do admit they shouldve made the game a little longer, but it was still really great. Actually the game was so great, me and a couple of other fans wrote our own fatal frame fanfics and posted our own fatal frame art. Go look at our art and read our fanfics. :) However, anybody about under the age of 10 shouldnt play or watch it, because my little cousin ...

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