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Titled "Zero: Kurenai Ijou" in Japan.

Added on: May 15, 2003

[edit] Background

Kill me.

Terror returns this Fall with Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly, the sequel to the highly popular survival horror title, Fatal Frame. This time the terrifying journey takes you to a whole new creepy setting, an abandoned village, where you play the role of Mio Amakura, a young girl who is gifted with a strong sixth sense and her twin sister Mayu, who notices a crimson butterfly faintly glowing in the sky.

Mayu, feeling mysteriously compelled to follow the butterfly, chases it into the dark forest. Mio unwillingly follows her sister into the forest's depths. After chasing the crimson butterfly to a clearing in the forest, the two sisters stumble upon a deserted village. Unknown to either sister is that this lost village will become the spooky setting for yet another horrifying tale guaranteed keep you up at night.

[edit] Gameplay

Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly's gameplay is basically the same as the original Fatal Frame. Instead of having weapons like pistols and shotguns, the only thing you have to defend yourself is an old camera. By taking photos of the ghosts and spirits that you encounter during the game you can injure them. Most of the time you control Mio, but sometimes you can play as her twin sister, Mayu.

[edit] Features

  • Frightening atmosphere and stunning visual effects.
  • Experience a unique battle system; defeat and capture spirits with the power of the Camera Obscura.
  • Interactive puzzles require logic and quick-thinking.
  • Twice the challenge; struggle not only to protect yourself, but your twin sister as well.
  • Gripping storyline with three different endings.
  • Phenomenal replay value; unlock videos, costumes, cheats, difficulty levels and mission mode.

This game is also known as Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly in Europe.

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Nov 20, 09 7:19pm
100% completion All Missions completed with S rank or higher All Extras unlocked almost max of all items/film FatalFrame2CrimsonButterfly
Aug 22, 09 12:58am
First Fatal Frame Game I bought and I was Hook within two minutes. In My Opinion it's the scariest of the 3 FatalFrame2CrimsonButterfly
Feb 18, 09 2:50am
Hot ASIAN twins! Idea probably straight from Austin Powers... 7/10 FatalFrame2CrimsonButterfly
Miss Razz
Nov 15, 08 7:10am
Miss Razz
Aug 16, 08 10:38am
added 2 new concept art
May 20, 07 6:24am

Fatal Frame 2 is the story of Two sisters, Mio and Mayu, who become trapped in a...

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Feb 13, 07 8:27pm
Oct 22, 06 9:34am
Very Scary FatalFrame2CrimsonButterfly
Jun 22, 06 5:50am

Project Zero II is the story of how two twins stumble into a deserted village, and...

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  • Publisher: Tecmo
  • Developer: Tecmo
  • Genre: Mystery Adventure (PS2)
  • Theme(s): Horror
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
Release Dates
  • North America: Nov 10, 2003
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