Far Cry (PC) Cheats

Far Cry cheats, and Codes for PC.


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This "cheat" will give you 99999 health and armor, but saving or loading a game will reset the values to defaults. The default max for health/armor is 250.

How to get God Mode in Far Cry
Open devmode.lua in the Far Cry directory and add the following code to the bottom:

function GodMode()
if _localplayer then
_localplayer.cnt.health = 99999;
_localplayer.cnt.armor = 99999;
Hud:AddMessage(''[CHEAT]: Give 99999 health and armor'');
System.LogToConsole(''\001CHEAT: Give 99999 health and armor'');
Hud:AddMessage(''[CHEAT]: No godmode today'');

Now start the game using -devmode switch and bring up the console with the tilde (`/~) key.

Type in: #GodMode() and you're done! 9999 health + armor

Remember: saving or loading a game will restore the values.
Load any Level/Map
Use these commands in the console to jump between levels:

First, hit the tilde key (~) to bring up the console and enter the following:

training level: \map training
carrier level: \map carrier
fort level: \map fort
pier level: \map pier
research level: \map research
treehouse level: \map treehouse
bunker level: \map bunker
steam level: \map steam
regulator level: \map regulator
control level: \map control
rebellion level: \map rebellion
archive level: \map archive
cooler level: \map cooler
boat level: \map boat
catacombs level: \map catacombs
river level: \map river
swamp level: \map swamp
factory level: \map factory
dam level: \map dam
volcano level: \map volcano