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Brilliant with a few minor bugs stopping it getting the full 10 (single player)

The good:

- Controls are spot on
- Brilliant Graphics
- Excellent Story (even if it is a little dark)
- Great Single player longevity.
- Freedom

The bad:

- Occasional bugs/glitches no major crashes but enough to stop it getting the full 10
- Pause/inventory/map screen is a bit messy and unattractive


(this is a review for the single player)

First of all the map is both beautiful and vast and an absolute pleasure to explore, so much so that I have spent numerous hours just walking round Rook island just looking for little caves and ancient ruins to explore.

The graphics make the island look lush and vibrant and the designers were not afraid to use bright colours to make this Island a paradise. This alone makes those murky brown shooters seem drab and as outdated as an old ladies curtains.

The vibrant and beautiful island creates a stark contrast to the games over arching story, which is da...


Good, but not great


What's this? A Hiiggy review of a game that ISN'T a decade old? Well well well, let's get right in to it!

Far Cry 3: A FPS game where you take on the role of an American tourist named Jason Brody, trapped on an island where you became captive by a band of pirates and human-trafficking whack-jobs, and must find a way to save your friends and escape. One of the better games I have played over my many years as a gamer, and one I feel is worth taking the time to make a review on. So what makes this a good game?

Let's start off with the most important aspect of gaming (in my opinion): The storylin...

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