Fantasy Life is a 3DS fantasy RPG where you create your own character, customize their appearance and choose from one of 12 jobs called Life Classes divided between battle and gathering which you can switch at any time.

In addition to the main quest where you must explore the world of Reveria and investigate the Doomstones, you can complete tasks from fellow citizens to help your Life Classes grow in experience. Some Life Classes are better at some tasks then others.

Fantasy Life features open-world exploration with multiple settlements you can purchase housing from and decorate with furniture you can create using gathering and crafting Life Classes.

[edit] Combat Life Classes

  • Mercenary - Fighting/DPS class specializing in swords
  • Paladin - Tank-style class with enhanced health and defense
  • Hunter - Specializes in ranged attacks using archery
  • Magician - Specializes in magical attacks based on four elements

[edit] Gathering Life Classes

  • Woodcutter - Specializes in gathering wood and lumber from trees
  • Angler - Fishermen who gather fish from lakes and ponds
  • Miner - Uses pickaxes to gather ores, precious stones and fossils

[edit] Crafting Life Classes

  • Tailor - Produces clothing and gear which can be equipped
  • Carpenter - Produces weapons, tools, furniture and related items
  • Cook - Produces meals from food ingredients
  • Blacksmith - Produces metal weapons, armor and tools
  • Alchemist - Produces accessories and items using a variety of materials

Players can purchase the Origin Island Expansion Pack in-game to unlock extra quests and ranks for Life Classes, new pets, items and enemies, and a new area to explore.

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Fantasy Life 2, sequel to the 3DS RPG, announced to be iOS and Android exclusive

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Apr 07, 2015, by Rory Young | 8 comments

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