[edit] Background

The realm of Melpharia was borne of crystals, with all living beings granted sovereignty under these powerful artifacts. Though disputes were present, battles remained unseen--each and every thing was lucky enough to sing praise for their lives at the foot of the crystals.

A great elfin sage is said to have discovered a method to rapidly unleash the power of crystals. These feats came to be known as skills. All skills that have been found to this day are based on using the power of crystals.

A number of skills passed through the elves in ancient times, however great amounts of effort and time were required to learn them. It would have been most difficult for one person to learn several skills and only the elves with their long lifespans had any hope of learning them at all. However, time revealed a number of similar skills that could be learned comparatively easily. These skills became systemized; continually evolving into forms that could be more easily learned until even humans and other races could learn them. This systemization of skills begot a number of specialized classes to wield them.

More refined and powerful skills were discovered through the passing of skills through generations of classes. These classes allowed those that used their class's specialized skills to unlock more of their skills' power. However, some people became overly powerful, and within them was born ambition.

Battles were soon waged between those of different ambitions. Skills stopped being a method to bring peace, and instead became a method to wage war.

[edit] Game Play

The game play is based off of PvP (Player VS Player) battles, but in this game they are known as "wars". Why? Because it's 50 vs 50 PvP. Fighting in empty territories (places without swords clashing into each other), you fight monsters to get EXP, gold, or equips faster. However you need to kill a lot of monsters to match up the number of EXP, gold, and a special currency that comes with gold, "rings", that you get from wars.

Wars, are what make up this game. There are 5 rulers for 5 kingdoms (they are all enemies). First, is King Huenkel, the lion king (no really he IS a lion) he controls The Kingdom of Netzavare on the Victorion Continent. Second, is King Nias, the wizard king (don't worry, he's a king that is wizard, you don't have to be a mage), he controls The Kingdom of Yelsord on the Pedestal continent. The rest has not been released yet as of the first Beta but their information and continents are still displayed on the website and game.

The first unreleased ruler and kingdom as of the first beta is Queen Vadrithe Berkstein Hordaine, she rules The Kingdom of Hordaine on the Oreole Continent. Second, is Emperor Lyle Q'velda Gevrand, leader of the Gevrandian Empire on the Strictor Continent. Third, is Sacred Queen Tivarece, is the leader of the Royal Alliance of Cesedria, on the Akelnar Continent.

[edit] Features

Currently there is a 100-man PvP (50 vs 50 PvP). A tutorial area for new players, a title system, and an active community and GMs.

[edit] Hardware Info

This game is only compatible with Windows XP (XP Server and XP 64bit version are not supported), Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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