Fantastic Pets

  • Released on Apr 12, 2011
  • By THQ for Xbox 360

Fantastic Pets Cheats

Fantastic Pets cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Beginner [(10)You created your first pet.
Junior feeder [(20)You reached Trainer rank 2.
Bronze grade pet attendant (20)You reached Trainer rank 3.
That’s what I was thinking! (20)You played your pets choice of activity 10 times.
Next to godliness (35)You washed a pet every day for a week.
Work out (20)You chased a pet for a minute.
Tickle time! (25)You stroked / tickled a pet for 5 minutes.
Senior elite keeper (40)You reached Trainer rank 8.
Diamond animal guru (40)You reached Trainer rank 9.
Grand high pet master (50)You reached Trainer rank 10.
Platinum master trainer (30)You reached Trainer rank 7.
Silver grade keeper (25)You reached Trainer rank 4.
Gold grade animal overseer (25)You reached Trainer rank 5.
Member first class (30)You reached Trainer rank 6.
Cabinet large (30)You won every Trainers Headquarters award on a shelf stack.
One of everything! (50)You won all of the Trainers Headquarters awards at bronze or above.
Award hoard (40)You won 75% of the Trainers Headquarters awards at bronze or above.
Owner’s got talent (20)You entered a Talent Show.
All rounder (15)You played all the activities in free play.
Victory is mine! (40)You won the Main Event two weeks in a row.
Trophy legend (30)You won 50% of the Trainers Headquarters awards at bronze or above.
Book worm (35)You listened to all of the encyclopedia entries.
You’re ALL my favorite! (20)You owned a pet of each species.
All the toys (30)You unlocked all of the activities.
Eyes on the prize (25)You won 25% of the Trainers Headquarters awards at bronze or above.
Winning team (10)You earned a gold award in a Talent Show.
Talent veteran (30)You attended a Talent Show on every day of the week.
Aerobatics (20)You commanded the pet to do a barrel roll.
Rainbownicorn (30)You created a horse that looks like a rainbow unicorn.
Imaginary tiger (30)You created a cat that looks like a imaginary friend / tiger that only comes to life for you.
Keep on running (5)You ran straight past the target area in Sit!
Best of friends (35)You played with a pet every day for a week.
Do not disturb (15)You did nothing for long enough that your pet went to sleep.
Red dragon (30)You created a totally red dragon.
Epic fail (5)You didn’t win any medals in an entire Talent Show.
Give us some credit (10)You watched the credits all the way through.
Total destruction! (20)You completely destroyed a cardboard city!
Dedicated follower of fashion (20)You changed a pet’s style 3 times.
I’m hungry! (5)You didn’t feed your pet for 5 days in a row.
Poor coordination (5)You messed up 10 Strike a Pose events in a row.
Fail (5)You scored no points during a Talent Show.