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Imagine Pokemon tower defense in a RPG-styled anime artwork phone game

The good:

Great artwork, good gameplay and smoothness. Fun RPG styled quests/level up system.
The tutorial for the game is actually useful for beginners, which I normally skip for most games.

The bad:

Only con is that it is heavily weighted on pay to win. Unlike blood brothers, it will take one a LONG time to get 4*, 5*, and 6* cards in order to progress further into the game.


The tutorial for the game is mandatory and very insightful. It will get you up to speed very quickly and only takes about 5 minutes.

The artwork is of an anime style and seems to be Mobage's pride and joy compared to the artwork of similar games like blood brothers.

There are a lot of things to do in this game. You can go through training where you hack and slash by pressing the "advance" button until you run out of "training points." The training points will regenerate very quickly back to full within 30 minutes or so and you receive decent rewards for doing this.

There is also the events that come on every week. There is your typical pvp event and "tower boss" event. Both scale very well with the smoothness of the game play since if you do not have very good cards, you can summon your stronger allies to help fight with you. (excludes in pvp)

If you have ever played Pokemon, the level up system is much like that. Kill a few things, level up, however, there are other ways to level up. For instance, you can sacrifice a card that you do not want and convert the card's experience to the card of your choosing, much like how you would in Blood Brothers. There are no upgrading your cards to a higher * level, however the are ways to "level break" your card to increase +20 levels for higher stats. (best used for 5*, 6* and 7* cards.)

One can easily get a HUGE step forward by only spending $13 on the 1 time card pack and the season 10 step up packs. You're bound to at least get a few 4* and 5* cards to hold you over a month or so.

Due to the heavy pay to win system Mobage is renowned for, I have given this product a 8.5.
Though pay to win is fun at times, spending $200 + on a single phone game that you may play 2 - 10 hours a week on is a bit hefty, especially since if you do not wish to pay to get decent cards, you will be stuck getting hardly anywhere for a few months, or until you come along nice people to give you their trashy 3* cards.

You will be able to play the game to it's full extent for the first 10 hours or so, however after you get past episode 5 on your quests and you do NOT spend money to get anything better than a 3* card, you will be stuck grinding your training and free card packs daily to push through. You CAN get past this stumbling block by having strong allies to help you since you can summon up to 7 of your own familiars and up to 3 allies.

Overall, a worthwhile game for the phone. You will not be set back for not playing daily and you will have a lot of fun if you put an hour a day into the game. See ya'll around cowboy/gal's. ^^

P.S. If you would like, after the tutorial where it asks for a referral code, put mine in: 68716401. You will be able to get 500 Hero Points that you will be able to trade in with some facebook posts for a good 4* card. Also, if you wish to look for me, just go to the allies icon and put that same number in and if i'm not already ally capped, i'll add you and help you out by giving you some 2 and 3* cards once you hit level 30.

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