Fallout: New Vegas Glitches

Neverending caps
This cheat works only in the lonesome road dlc. First, you will need two of the same weapon or armor. Example of a weapon, Blade of the west. Example of an armor Marksman Armor. Have one of the trade items stronger than the other. (the two weapons glitch). There is a missile silo called Ashton silo control station. you will have to go to it in the main quest of the lonesome road dlc. Go in to it after you launch the missile. You will ride down on a weird elevator thing. Also you will fight tunnelers. Go though the area a bit and you will see a terminal. ignore it for now and walk down the hall to the medical room.(you can tell by the medical cross.) Go in and kill the security bot. the if ED E can fix the commissary terminal ( C.T.). You can have your stuff repaired there and you can buy stuff. Go and buy stuff, but sell both weapons or armor. Then when low on caps buy the weak one. if it does not work then sell it and buy it again. Don't worry this is ok. Then keep going and take the caps for the C.T. and buy what you want. Then exit the C.T. and re enter to buy stuff and it will have 6,000 caps again and this will keep happening. Do this until your hearts content.