Fallout: New Vegas Unlockables

Across the Mojave there are seven Snow Globes that can collected. These are put on display in the Lucky 38 Presidential Suite and can be sold to Jane, a securitron in the Penthouse area of the Lucky 38, for 2000 caps each, giving you a total of 14,000 caps for all seven. Note that you can only sell them to her if you are on good terms with Mr. House (don't try to take him offline and don't destroy his securitron army under the Legion Camp). Finding them all also earns you an achievement or a trophy.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Snowglobe 1 - GoodspringsFound in the Goodsprings Cementary in front of a tombstone, likely the first one you will find.
Snowglobe 2 - Hoover DamFound in the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, on the desk in front of you as soon as you walk in.
Snowglobe 3 - Mormon FortFound in the Mormon Fort in Freeside, look on a shelf in the tower to the right of the entrance.
Snowglobe 4 - Test SiteFound in the Lucky 38's Cocktail Lounge, behind a cash register in the central area of the room.
Snowglobe 5 - The StripFound in Vault 21, this one is a little tricky to get. You either need a good sneak skill or a lockpick skill of 50. If you don't have a good lockpick skill, pickpocket the room key from Sarah in the entrance room. Go down the stairs into the Vault and keep going straight until you reach a room with blackjack tables. Take a left and open the second door on the left with either the key or bobby pins. The Snowglobe is on the table beside the bed.
Snowglobe 6 - Nellis AFBOn a table in the museum of the Nellis Air Force Base.
Snowglobe 7 - Mt. CharlestonIn Jacobstown, go into the resort building, should be on the desk in front of you as soon as you walk in.