Fallout: New Vegas Tips

Companions: character type, location and perk info

ED-E (an eyebot/Fallout 3) - Excellent long range detection ability.
Location: Primm
Associated perk: Enhanced Sensors

Rex (cybernetic dog) - melee specialty with chance to knock down enemies
Location: The King's School for Impersonation
Associated perk: Search and Mark


Arcade Israel Gannon (male/scientist) - Ranged energy weapons expert, but low health will require equipping tougher armor.
Location: Old Mormon Fort
Associated perk: Better Healing

Craig Boone (male/ranged weapons expert) - Can detect enemies at a distance and spot enemies easily at night - very powerful at a distance, but slow fire rate means he'll take some damage if enemies get in close)
Location: Novac
Associated perk: Spotter

Rose of Sharon Cassidy, a.k.a. Cass (female/mid range+melee balance) - Your 'all rounder' capable of supporting in many capacities.
Location: Mojave Outpost
Associated perk: Whiskey Rose

Veronica (female/energy weapons specialty) - Excels in mid range energy weapons and can repair items with her portable repair bench perk. With stronger energy weapons she'll easily take down larger enemies, great starter companion.
Location: 188 Trading Post
Associated perk: Scibe Assistant


Raul Tejada (male/ghoul, engineer) - Owns a repair shop and if upgraded can provide the "full maintenance" perk. Will not wear heavy armor, so it's recommended you keep him at range.
Location: Black Mountain
Associated perk: Regular Maintenance, upgrades to Full Maintenance

Lilly (female(?)/supermutant grandmother) - Sturdy tank character, excels at melee and is average with ranged weapons.
Location: Jacobstown
Associated perk: Stealthgirl