Fallout: New Vegas FAQ/Walkthrough v0.40 - CEmAN4
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Fallout: New Vegas FAQ/Walkthrough

by CEmAN4   Updated to v0.40 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Fallout: New Vegas on the XBOX360, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the XBOX360 version of the game.
Fallout: New Vegas Walkthrough
By: CEmAN4 (ceman04 at yahoo dot com)
Last Updated: October 26, 2010

Version History:

0.40 - Main Quest finished for 1 faction + some side quests

Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
2) Controls
3) Walkthrough (Main Quests)   
4) Side Quests 
5) Companions
6) Miscellany
7) Achievements
8) Copyright


1) Introduction

Welcome to Fallout 3: New Vegas. Not really, but what I'm saying here is that
these games play very similarrily so if you have played Fallout 3, you'll be
able to jump right in and enjoy New Vegas. 

Set in the Mojave Wasteland in Nevada, you are a courier delivering a package
to New Vegas. However, things don't go as planned and you'll have to do many
different quests to get back on track. Throughout the game, you are presented
with many choices about who you want to side with and against. The two largest
factions are the NCR, The New California Republic, and Caesar's Legion, a 
brutal faction who are considered "bad" in the Mojave wasteland.

In the end it is up to you how you want to play.

Please note that this guide is currently under construction and at this time,
the main quest for one faction is done as well as a few side quests. More and
more will be added in the coming days/weeks so stay tuned.


2) Controls

Start - Pause
Back - Wait
LS - Move
LS (click) - Toggle sneak
RS - Look around
RS (click) - Pick up/drop items
D-Pad - Hotkeys
LB - Toggle 1st/3rd person
LT - Aim/Block
RB - V.A.T.S. Menu
RT - Attack
A - Activate Objects
X - Reload Weapon
X (hold) - House weapon
Y - Jump
B - Pip-Boy 3000
B (Hold) - Activate Pip-Boy light


3) Walkthrough (Main Quests)

Welcome to the guide itself, for my run through, I will not be playing on
hardcore. What is hardcore? It's a new way to play Fallout exclusive to
Fallout: New Vegas.

In hardcore mode, you will have to eat, sleep and remain hydrated. Any damaged
limbs can only be healed using Doctor's Bags or by visiting a doctor. In 
addition, stimpaks only heal over time and not instantly. Ammunition is given 
weight, requiring you to closely monitor your inventory at all times. You can 
still fast travel in hardcore mode, but only if you won't die from hunger or 
dehydration in the time it takes to fast travel somewhere.

Hardcore can be toggled at any time in the options menu (after you choose your
character at the beginning of the game that is) but if you want the 
achivement for beating the game start to finish with it on, well obviously you
won't want to turn it off.

My opinion: In reality, hardcore mode really does not drastically change the 
game or make it much harder. Hunger and sleep don't increase very quickly and
dehydration can be eliminated by a quick drink from a sink or other water 
source. Ammo weighs very, very little except for obvious larger items such as
missiles. The only challenging part may be managing health as stimpaks do not
heal instantly, but over time. If anything, I consider hardcore to be a minor
annoyance to my enjoying of free roaming throughout the wasteland. I guess you
could try playing on very hard with it on for the ultimate challenge, but I
would rather enjoy the game than do that.


So the game starts off with NCR Ranger giving the business to some guy. Then
we meet various factions in the game until we finally come to you. You'll find
that you're tied up and then shot in the face. Game over. Well not really. 

Ain't That a Kick in the Head


1. Walk to the Vit-o-Matic Vigor Tester.
2. Use the Vit-o-Matic Vigor Tester.
3. Sit down on the couch in Doc Mitchell's living room.
4. Follow Doc Mitchell to the exit.

Reward(s): Pip-Boy 3000

You  wake up in a room with Doc Mitchell. He'll tell you to take it easy 
and then shortly after, you pick your name. The default is Courier but you can
change it to whatever you like. Afterwards, you get to adjust all the physical
features of your character including gender, skin color, hair, etc.

Once you select your physical features, you finally gain control of your 
character and get to move around. Your goal is to head over to the Vit-o-matic
machine and select your SPECIAL stats. Before doing so however, search around
Doc's house for useful items.

You can find a Doctor's Bag at the foot of the bed you were in, a Med-x on the
cart near the chemistry set, and on the rusty shelving near Doc Mitchell, you
can find many more health items. There is also a gun case with a laser pistol
and some ammo for it. Go ahead and take that. 

In the main hallway of his house, you can find eight caps on the book shelf 
along with some relatively worthless pre-war and burned books. The rest of the
worthwhile items are down the hall and on the left. On the metal shelves, 
there are three Buffalo Gourd Seeds, the footlocker below contains three bobby
pins, there is an ammo box on the bottom shelf, and two first aid kits along
with some random food items.

Now that you've pretty much looted the Doc's house, go ahead and use the 
Vit-o-matic machine. 

This is where you choose your SPECIAL stats. Each stat starts with five and
you are given five more to distribute. You can take away from others if you

The following are the stats and what they affect:

Strength - Melee, unarmed, inventory weight, damage, weapon efectiveness

Perception - Explosives, lockpick, energy weapons, accuracy, compass range

Endurance - Unarmed, health, resistance, survival

Charisma - Barter, speech, companion nerve

Intelligence - Science, repair, medicine, skill points

Agility - Guns, sneak, speed, action point regeneration

Luck - All skills, critical hits, enemy mishaps

Feel free to modify any way you wish. There is really no bad character that
can be made. For my playthrough I'm going:

S - 8
P - 5
E - 7
C - 1
I - 9
A - 6
L - 4

Follow Doc to determine your traits. Sit on the couch and answer the questions
any way you wish. You will be able to choose your stats anyway. Lastly, you 
get to pick up to two perks. Each perk has an upside and a downside. I chose
Kamikaze for the increased AP and Trigger Discipline for the accuracy. Again,
choose any you two (or none) that you want and continue on.

After that, Doc let's you leave and gives some items to start off with 
including a 9mm pistol, some stimpaks, and finally a Pip-Boy 3000 so you can
manage all of your items, quests, stats, etc. At this point you are given the
option to turn hardcore on. If you do so, you can turn it off at any point but
will not be able to get the achievement unless you complete that game with it


They Went That-a-Way


1. Find the men who tried to kill you.
2. Inquire about your delivery assignment with the administrator of the
Mojave Express in Primm.
3. (Opitional) Talk to Victor in Goodsprings about your rescue.
4. Find Primm's larman to get information on where your attackers went.
5. Head to Novac through Nipton. Ask around Novac about your attackers.
6. Find out from Manny Vargas where the Khans were headed.
7. Intercept the Great Khans at Boulder City.

Reward(s): 1100 exp

Start of by doing the quests: Back in the Saddle (search SQG1), By a Campfire
on the Trail (SQG2), and Ghost Town Gunfight (SQG3).

So now that Goodsprings is safe, you can continue on the main quest to Primm.
Primm is a few minutes south of Goodsprings.As you leave the Goodsprings area,
you are given one last chance to change your character.

As you enter Primm, you will be stopped by an NCR Trooper. Talk to him and 
learn about what's happening in Primm. After you talk to him, head through 
their camp to speak to Lieutenant Hayes.

Now head into the other side of Primm and defeat the enemies there. You will
find the survivors in the Vikki and Vance Casino near the center of the town.
You'll find out inside that you need to find the lawman in Primm who has been
captured and is currently held in the Bison Steve across the street.

Search My Kind of Town (SQP1) and once he's rescued, you can continue.

Continuing back on with the main quest, you need to continue heading south
until you come to Nipton. Upon entering Nipton, you'll meet a crazy guy who
has just won the "lottery." Now just like when you entered Primm, you will
encounter the other main faction of the game, Caesar's Legion. You can get the
side quest Cold, Cold Heart (SQCL1) here.

Back to the main quest, head through Nipton after speaking with the Legion
members and head northeast towards Novac by following the road. Once in Novac,
head into the T-Rex and up the stairs to talk to Manny Vargas. Manny will give
you the quest Come Fly With Me. He also has more information you can speak to
him about, including his old friend Boone. 

Wait where you are until nighttime and Boone will be there for nighttime duty.
Talk to him and complete his short quest, One for My Baby (CQ1) and then he 
will join you. Boone is an excellent companion and you'll want him if you're 
going to do the mission for Manny.

Instead of heading to the REPCONN facility, head into Manny's room in the 
motel (it's on the ground floor). Simply read his terminal for his journal.
There is no hacking required and you don't lose any karma. It saves a lot of 
time and the quest Come Fly With Me can always be completed later.

Boulder City is just a few minutes northeast of Novac. Once you arrive, head
towards the quest marker and speak with lieutenant Moore. He needs you to
go into the ruins and get his men back. 

Search Boulder City Showdown (SQNCR1).

While doing Boulder City Showdown, you will complete They Went That-a-way.



1. Confront Benny at The Tops Casino.
2. Search the Strip for the man who shot you.
3. Recover the Platinum Chip

Reward(s): 1100 exp

Now you finally get to deal with Benny. But first, you have to travel to his
casino in New Vegas.

New Vegas is a few more minutes to the Northwest. To get into the New Vegas
Strip, you must first pass through Freeside. Once at the gate you will be
stopped by some Securitrons. At this point you must either have a science
skill of 80, 2000 caps, a passport, or the will to kill the securitrons 
outside the gate. I reccomend the money.

At this point, you probably don't have the money or science skill so turn
around and head back down to the King's School of Impersonation. Talk to
Pacer and get an audience with the King with either 60 speech or 50 caps.
Speak to the King and get your 50 caps back and then the next quest will
start. Search G.I Blues (SQF1)

So now that you can get into the strip, you can continue on your way to 
finally deal with Benny.

As soon as you enter the strip, you will be approched by Victor who tells you
that Mr. House would like to see you and adds a quest.

You will want to talk to a guy near the entrance about weapons you can sneak
into casinos. Buy what you please and then continue on towards Benny's casino.

Enter the casino and surrender your weapons (or don't) and then go find Benny.
Talk to him and you'll find out he wants to talk about it and invites you to
stay in the Presidential suite and he'll be in shortly to talk. You can do 
that and he'll get away only to be captured later by Caesar's Legion, or you
can kill him here and now to take the Platinum Chip. If you attack him here, 
be ready to fight a lot of enemies.

Once the dust has settled, loot Benny for the Platinum Chip.




Now this part is very important. After you have the Platinum Chip, you will 
want to make more save files to revert to as you are going to begin the
end-game quests for whatever faction you choose. If you don't care, go ahead
and continue, but bewarned that once you finish the game, you cannot continue
and must either revert to an older save or start a new game.

You can side with:

Mr. House
Yes Man (Independent)

Mr. House Endgame Quests

The House Always Wins, I


1. Talk to Mr. House at the Lucky 38
2. Go to the basement of the Lucky 38
3. Observe as Mr. House upgrades Securitrons.
4, Return to Mr. House

Reward(s): 660 exp

You actually receive this quest once you enter New Vegas, but ignore it until
you have the Platinum Chip. Simply head to the Lucky 38 and head to the
penthouse to speak with Mr. House.

You have a few choices when talking to him, including extorting him for
one thousand caps (or more with 50 barter), keeping the chip, or giving it to
him right away. After you choose, you will head to the basement to see a
demonstration of the upgraded Mk II Securitrons. Look on the table right there
for a 9mm submachine gun and pistol, as well as some ammo. The submachine gun
can be sold for a nice price.

After witnessing the new powers of the Securitrons, you will head back up to
the penthouse and the quest will be complete


The House Always Wins, II


1. Use the Platinum Chip to open the secret bunker at Fortification Hill.
2. Enter the secret bunker.
3. Upgrade Mr. House's secret Securitron army.
4. Report back to Mr. House for further instructions.

Reward(s): 605 exp

Immediately after the first parts ends, continue talking to Mr. House by 
asking what comes next. He will inform you that you must go to Fortification
Hill. To do this however, you must go through the Legion camp. Luckily, you
will have received a pardon by Caesar after leaving The Tops Casino and 
dealing with Benny.

Travel to Cottonwood Cove (don't bring a companion such as Boone as he will 
shoot any Legion on sight). Cottonwood Cove is in the Southeast corner of the
map so the closest place you probably have is Novac. From Novac, it is just a
few minutes travel southeast. The path down is one large hill and at the top
are the coyote mines, so you'll know you are in the right place.

Talk to the guy on the dock and travel on the ferry. At the Fort, your weapons
and the Platinum Chip will be taken. Don't worry about the Chip as you will
get it back soon enough. Head up to hill to the north and into Caesar's main
camp. Caesar's tent is the nice looking one to the west.

Speak to Caesar and ask how you can serve him. He'll tell you about the bunker
and he'll want you to take the Platinum Chip, open the doors to the bunker, 
and then destroy whatever you find in there.

Go to said bunker and insert the Platinum Chip into the console. At this 
point, your weapons will be returned to you. Go down into the bunker and find
out what's inside. (Note that while in the bunker, you will be gaining 1 rad
a second. Be prepared to counter this if you are going to be in there long).

Surprise! It's Mr. House on another monitor. Speak to him and you'll find out
that he has a whole Securitron army stored there. You will also learn that the
bunker's defenses are still active. 

Head down into the bunker kill the protectron there. Go forward into the next
room and you will find three terminals on the wall. These are the security
systems. The protectrons can be shut off if you have a science skill of 75 and
you can hack the hard terminal. The turrets can be shut off by hacking the 
average terminal. Lastly, the sentrybots are already off so you're fine there.

Head back out of the room and continue through the bunker. The first door on
the right can be opened if you have a repair of 60, otherwise it will be
broken. Continue straight into the next room and kill the two protectrons.
If you didn't disable the turrets, you'll have to take them out as well.

The next area is a generator room and there are about 5 or 6 protectrons in 
in there. After taking them out, you will be done with enemies and can 
proceed to the control room. Once you upgrade them, return to Mr. House at
the Lucky 38 and tell him what's up.

(Note: You can also speak to Caesar again right here to do part of the Render
Unto Caesar Quest. Talking to him will grant you some quick experience and 
you don't have to actually do the rest of the quest.)

Once you return to Mr. House, the quest will be complete.


The House Always Wins, III


1. Convince the Boomers to support Mr. House
2. (Optional) Netralize the Boomers by killing the tribe's leaders.
3. Inform Mr. House that you've won the Boomers' support.

Reward(s): none

So now you have to head to Nellis AFB which is northeast of New Vegas. The fun
part? You are fired upon by artillery strike as soon as you enter their area.
You may want to have a healthy supply of stimpaks if you can't find a safe
route through to the base. Also, if you are playing on hardcore, you
definitely do not want to bring your companions along as they will die.

The strategy that worked for me was to run straight across and follow the 
railroad tracks until you reach the fence around the base. (You'll also want
to make a save before you attempt to cross. If that wasn't obvious yet.)

Once you reach the fence, you're safe and they won't attack you anymore. 
Follow the fence until you reach the main entrance to the base and they will
then take you to their leader.

At this point, you will need to finish the Volare! quest if you want to enlist
the aid of the Boomers. Search Volare! (SQB1)

Now that you have completed the quest and have the Boomers on your side, you 
can return to Mr. House.


The House Always Wins, IV


1. Investigate the Omertas and stop them if their plans oppose Mr. House's
2. Inform Mr. House that the Omertas have been neutralized.


This quest starts at the same time as the quest How Little We Know (SQO1). 
Do that quest first. When that quest is done, you can return
to Mr. House with the news that the Omertas have been neutralized.


The House Always Wins, V


1. Wipe out the Brotherhood of Steel by destroying its underground bunker.
2. Inform Mr. House that the Brotherhood's bunker has been destroyed.


After learning about where the Brotherhood of Steel is, head to the Hidden
Valley. When you enter their bunker, they'll capture you and take all of your
stuff. Don't worry as you'll get it back as soon as you start a quest for
them. Search Still in the Dark (SQBS1)

Once you complete the first part of Still in the Dark. You will need to 
pickpocket three keycards from Elder McNamara, Head Paladin Hardin, and Head
Scribe Taggart. Be sure to save before each attempt.

For McNamara, you can easily do it while he's sitting in his chair. Taggart
is also quite easy to take from. Hardin can be pickpocketed while he is in his

Once you have the three keycards, head to the self-destruct terminal and 
obtain the password. Activate the actualy self-destruct sequence on the blue
terminal and then be ready to fight your way out. 

Kill the guards next to the Elder and take one of the keys so you'll be able
to leave the bunker, otherwise you'll have to have 100 lockpick. Once you have
a key, get the hell out of there.

Now that you've escape the Brotherhood, you can return to Mr. House to report
that they are dead.


The House Always Wins, VI




If you are not on good terms with the NCR, this quest will automatically fail
when it is assigned. (You can still get the achievement).

The House Always Wins, VII


1. Go to the El Dorado Substation and install the override module.
2. Report back to Mr. House.


The final House Always Wins quest is finally here. It is also quite an easy
one too. Travel to the El Dorado substation and plant the override chip.

There are some NCR guarding the station but you can either kill them, or use
a stealth boy and sneak in and plant the chip and then sneak out.

Now that the chip is planted, you can go back to Mr. House. No long quest to
do this time.


The House Always Wins, VIII


1. Return to Mr. House when you're ready to fight the battle for Hoover Dam.


This quest appears if you tell Mr. House there is other stuff you wish to do
before you start the end of the game. Otherwise, there is nothing to the 


All or Nothing


1. Go to the Control Room in Hoover Dam and install the override chip
2. Activate the eastern power plant to power the Securitron Army.
3. Exit out to the east side of the Dam.
4. Head to the Legate's camp and deal with the Legate and Caesar's Legion.
5. Deal with General Oliver and the NCR
6. Return to Mr. House with news of your victory.


This is the final quest in the game, and if you've committed to it, there's no
turning back now. You'll start off in Hoover Dam and you'll come to some NCR
who will be attacked by some Great Khans.

Let them battle and then soon after, the Legion will start attacking. Progress
down the dam and you will be attacked a few times by a group of Legion 
members. Evetnually, you will come to the door you need to enter, but not 
before you are attacked by Legionaries from the front and the back.

Once they are dead, head inside. Head up the elevator and then to the door
guarded by two NCR heavies. They won't let you in unless you can pass a speech
check (75). You'll have to kill them to enter. Just plant the chip in the 
console and you're good to go.

Now Mr. House needs you to activate the Securitron army. Continue through the
dam killing any enemies and then into the generator room to activate the

Now you have to leave and head east towards Legate Lanius' camp. The next
part leading up to the camp is similar to the beginning of the mission as
you will encounter a few waves of Legion soldiers. You will also have some
help in the form of Securitrons, so this part is much easier.

Once you are in the camp, head through, killing any enemies you come across
until you come to Legate. He is the last enemy and can be kind of tough, but
not really. Hopefully you picked up some good weapons on your way in like
the anti-materiel rifle or the super sledge. You also can bypass the fight
if you have 100 speech.

Once Legate is dead and all of the Legion in the camp are dealt with, head
back towards the gate. Once you get to the gate, the NCR will blast through
and you will talk to General Oliver. Talk with him and tell him that he should
leave. You will fail unless you have 100 speech so order the Securitron army
to take him and his men out. Back off quickly and let the Securitrons do the
work as the NCR will open fire on you.

With that, the game will end, and the ending sequence will roll.

4) Side Quests

More will be coming soon.

NCR Side Quests

Boulder City Showdown (SQNCR1)


1. Meet with Jessup, leader of the Great Khans in Boulder City.
2. Negotiate for the release of the NCR hostages.
3. (Optional) Bribe the NCR troopers into letting the Great Khans escape.
4. Return to Lieutenant Monroe and inform him that you've worked out a deal
with the Great Khans.


Speak to Jessup and he will instantly recognize you as the courier that he
and Benny had killed. He has information about Benny's whereabouts and you
will complete the They Went That-a-way quest.

Continue speaking with them to deal with the current quest to free the
hostages. A speech of 45 can settle the proble peacefully for both sides.
If not you can bribe the NCR or you can free them guns blazing. Your decision
although the Great Khans will not like you for killing their men.

If you successfully do the speech check, you'll need to return to Monroe and 
tell him. At this point you can still betray the Great Khans if you'd like to.



Brotherhood of Steel Side Quests

Still in the Dark (SQBS1)


1. Speak to Elder McNamara
2. Deal with an NCR Ranger who is camping in one of the bunkers of Hidden
3. Return to Elder McNamara with news that the ranger has been dealt with.
4. Speak to Elder McNamra in the command room.


This quest starts when you enter the Brotherhood of Steel's bunker in Hidden
Valley. Make sure to grab your equipment before you leave to deal with the 
Ranger. Head outside and to wherever the Ranger is.

Talk to the Ranger but do not tell him anything about the Brotherhood or you
will fail. When you are ready, simply kill him and then head back to the 
Brotherhood's bunker and to Elder McNamara.



Boomer's Side Quests

Volare! (SQB1)


1. Help the Boomers around Nellis.
2. Return to Pearl.
3. Speak to Loyal about the Boomer's plan to raise the bomber from the bottom
of Lake Mead.
4. Attach the ballast from Loyal to the B-29 at the bottom of Lake Mead.
5. (Optional) Talk to Jack about getting a rebreather to swim to the bottom
of Lake Mead.
6. (Optional) Jack needs some parts from a pressure cooker to finish his 
7. Return to the shore near the tow winch and use Loyal's detonator to float
the B-29 to the surface.
8. Return to Loyal to let him know the B-29 is up from the bottom of the lake.
9. Let Pearl know your job is done.

Reward(s): 440 exp, Boomers Flightsuit, Boomers Helmet

The Boomers are looking for help. The first place I reccomend going to is the
Boomer Museum to the Northwest. In there, you can talk to Pete and listen to
all he has to say. This will help you gain a lot of fame with the Boomers. 
Simply agree with what he has to say and do any of the speech checks if you

Now that he's out of the way, go to the hangar to the east and talk with
Loyal. He will give you a quest to fix the solar array. (SQB2)

After speaking to Loyal, head to the southwest to the Nellis Medical Station
and help Argyll. With a medicine of 40, you can help him out. Examine the
patients, and with a medicine of 40, 50, and 60, you save the patients without
having to do anything else.

After healing the patients, leave and head southeast to where you should
eventually come across Raquel. Talk to her and learn of the ant problem at the
solar array. She will also give you the quest Ant Misbehavin' (SQB3)

Now that the ants are dead, you should actually be able to return to Pearl
and not have to do the final quest to gain their help. When you do speak to
Pearl, she has one final mission that the Boomers need your help with and she
wants you to speak to Loyal.

Head back to the hangar and speak with Loyal to find out that the Boomers are
going to attempt to raise the crashed B-29 from the bottom of Lake Mead. Tell
Loyal that you'll help and then inquire about breathing underwater. He'll tell
you Jack has been working on a contraption so you can breath underwater. Make
your way to Jack and ask him about it. He says he needs parts from a pressure
cooker and then it will work. Alternatively, you can bypass this with a 
science skill of 45.

Take the rebreather and head to Lake Mead. Simply swim down and attach the
ballast underneath each wing. You'll be able to see an outline of where the
ballast needs to be attached. Afterwards, head to the shore and detonate the
ballast and you'll be good to go. The detonator will beep when you're in the
right spot.

Simply return to Loyal and tell him that the plane is up and then proceed to
Pearl's to finish the quest.


Sunshine Boogie (SQB2)


1. Find spare array parts.
2. Repair the broken solar array panels.

This quest is started by speaking with Loyal in the hangar at Nellis AFB. If
you have a repair of 65, you can go and fix the array right now, otherwise you
will have to go to Helios One and salvage parts. (Repair of 20 required).

Helios One is just north of Novac and is controlled by the NCR. You will also
get the quest That Lucky Old Sun here also.


Ant Misbehavin' (SQB3)


1. Restart the 2 array generators, the reset the main power breaker.
2. Kill all ants in the generator room.
3. (Optional) Loyal may have something to help with the ants.
4. (Optional) Place Loyal's sonic generator on the ant mound.
5. (Optional) Activate the sonic emitter.
6. Return to Raquel and let her know the generators are running again.


Speak to loyal about what he can do to help. With a science of 50, you can
solve the problem with the sonic emitter right away. Now that you have the
sonic emitter, head to the solar arrays.

Inside, kill the ants with a normal gun. Head to the ground floor and place
the emitter on the ant mound. Afterwards, activate the emitter to kill all of
the ants.

Now that the ants are dead, activate the two generators, and then flip the
main power switch to finish up. Head back to Raquel to finish the quest.


Young Hearts (SQB4)


1. Find Jack's love interest.


Speak with Jack in the hangar at Nellis AFB to activate this quest. You will
need have a speech of 35 or the confirmed bachelor perk to start it though.



Freeside Side Quests

G.I. Blues (SQF1)


1. Hire a guard named Orris near the northern gate of Freeside.
2. Follow Orris to the south gate and watch for any suspicious behavior.
3. Return to the King and report what you've learned about Orris.
4. Go to the O.ld Mormon Fort and question some injured locals about their
5. Return to the King with your findings.
6. Head to one of the Squatter camps in Freeside and learn why NCR soldiers
have been entering the area.
7. (Optional) Talk to Julie Farkas ans see if the followers know anything
about the situation.
8. (Optional) Talk to Major Elizabeth Kieran, and mention Julie Farkas if 
she's reluctant to help.
9. Ask around the Squatter camp to find a lead regarding why NCR soldiers are
in Freeside.
10. Invesitgate rumors of free food and water being handed out nightly in the
northwest part of Freeside.
11. Return to the King and inform him of the NCR supply drops.
12. (Optional) Inform the King that the NCR previously sent an envoy to 
discuss distributing supplies to Freeside.
13. Head to the train station in northwest Freeside and try to negotiate with
the NCR.
14. Return to the King and let him know the situation with the NCR has been

Reward(s): 1650 exp

Head to the northern gate of Freeside and speak to Orris. Hire him for the 200
caps and follow him to the south gate. He will take a detour and then kill 
four thugs with only three bullets. You can call him out on it with an 
intelligence of 6. You can examine the bodies on the ground with a medicine of
30 and find out they are actually still alive. You can follow Orris to the end
now or return to the King and tell him what happened.

Now the King wants you to go over to the Old Mormon Fort and talk to some
people about how they were attacked. Speak with the guys and find out they 
were attacked by some guys and that one of their names was Lou Tenant. The
guy means lieutenant obviously so that leads to the NCR. Return to the King 
and tell him what you found out.

Now that the King has given you more stuff to do, head back to the Mormon fort
to talk to Julie Farkas. She will then tell you to talk to her friend 

Head out of the Fort and to the South/Southeast and then into the squatter
camp to the northeast. Talk to the missionary there and tell him you are an
NCR citizen and then pass his quiz. The answers are: Tandi, Shady Sands, and
two-head bear.

Travel down the street northwest and then turn southwest near the ruined 
highway and continue down the street until you reach the Ruined Store. Talk
to one of the guys and five the password or speech check (30) to get in.

Talk to her inside and learn that the NCR has tried to communicate with the
locals but their envoy was beaten. Return to the King and tell him what's up.

When you enter the school, Pacer will pay you to keep your mouth shut about
what you found out. Do whatever option you please. A barter of 50 can get 
more money out of him. Afterwards, inform the King and you'll learn there's a
situation between Pacer and the NCR. Head to the marked area to deal with the

Talk to Elizabeth and diffuse the situation and then head back to the King to
finally complete the quest. Speak to the King again and ask about your favor.
You can:

Join the Kings
Get a fake passport
Get 1000 caps

The second is probably what you want unless you are really close to 2000 caps
and want to get into the strip that way.


Caesar's Legion Side Quests

Great Khans Side Quests

Goodsprings Side Quests

Back in the Saddle (SQG1)


1. Talk to Sunny Smiles in the Prospector Saloon.
2. Meet Sunny Smiles behind the Prospector Saloon.
3. Shoot 3 sarsaparilla bottles outside the Prospector Saloon.
4. Follow Sunny.
5. Kill the Geckos at the well.
6. Talk to Sunny Smiles.
7. Kill the Geckos at the other wells.
8. Talk to Sunny about your reward.

Reward(s): 50 caps, 50 exp

So now that you're situated, head out from the Doc's house and outside into
Goodsprings. Head to the Prospector Saloon and head on in. Sunny will 
immediately talk to you once you enter. Tell her you were looking to help out
and then meet her out back.

Outside, she will give a Varmint Rifle and some ammo and tell you to shoot
some of the sarsaparilla Bottles. Shoot three of them and the Sunny will talk
to you. At this point, you can end the tutorial or follow her to clear up the
water supply from some geckos. Following her will give you some caps so you 
might as well do that.

Follow her a little while to the first supply. Kill the two geckos there and
then you have the choice to continue helping or end right there. Continue on
and clear out the other wells.

By helping out Sunny, the town will change their opinion of you and you'll
become liked. After finishing the third well, you have one more thing to learn
from Sunny or you can end the tutorial.


By a Campfire on the Trail (SQG2)


1. Find a Broc Flower and Xander Root.
2. Use the campfire to make Healing Powder.
3. Go and meet Trudy at the Prospector Saloon.

Reward(s): 50 exp

So now that you've helped Sunny clear the wells, she wants to show you how to
make stuff at campfires. Xander Root can be found on the south side of 
Goodsprings next to the school building. The Broc Flower is a little north of
Goodsprings in the Goodsprings Cemetary.

Once you get both ingredients, head back to Goodsprings Source to speak with
Sunny. She will show you how to make stuff at campfires and will instruct you
to make Healing Powder with the ingredients you just brought back. After doing
so, Sunny wants you to introduce yourself to Trudy at the Prospector Saloon.
Head back there and do so.

Inside, Trudy will be arguing with a man named Joe Cobb. At this point, you 
help Trudy deal with Joe, or you can talk to Joe and help him. If you want to
help Joe, you can meet with him later. Talk to Trudy and learn that a man
named Ringo is hiding out in town and Joe was looking for him.


Ghost Town Gunfight (SQG3)


1. Talk to Sunny Smiles about fighting the Powder Gangers.
2. Return to Ringo and let him knokw that Sunny Smiles has agreed to help you
fight the Powder Gangers.
3. (Optional) Enlist the help of Trudy.
4. (Optional) Concince Chet to open his store's stock to the town.
5. (Optional) Acquire Easy Pete's dynamite.
6. (Optional) Acquire additional medical supplies from Doc Mitchell.
7. Return to Ringo  when you're ready for the gunfight with the Powder 
8. Join up with Sunny.
9. Defeat the Powder Gangers.

Reward(s): 100 caps, 

After speaking with Trudy, you can fix her radio for her if you have a 20
repair skill and she will give you 50 caps. If your barter is 20, you can get
an additional 25 caps.

Head outside and go west up to the abandoned gas station and head inside to
speak with Ringo. After speaking with him, the quest will officialy show up.
Head back to the Saloon and talk to Sunny and she will immediately join you.

With either a sneak or speech skill of 25, you can convince Trudy to help out.
Easy Pete sits right outside the door of the Saloon and can be convinced to
help with an explosives skill of at least 25. Chet is in the general store
right next to the saloon and can be convinced with a barter skill of 25. Doc
Mitchell will help you if you ask him.

Once you have everybody you want, head back up to Ringo and tell him that you
are ready to fight.

Head down towards the saloon as that's where the fighting will take place. 
There are six enemies including Joe Cobb. You probably want to focus on 
taking out the guys with guns first as the others have melee weapons.

Loot the bodies once you've dealt with them. You'll also notice that 
Goodsprings now idolizes you while you are hated by the Powder Gangers. If
you come near any Powder Gangers, they will attack on sight.



Primm Side Quests

My Kind of Town (SQP1)


1. Primm's Deputy has been captured by the Powder Gangers in Bison Steve and
needs to be rescued.
2. Beagle has been rescued from the Bison Steve. Talk to him about protecting
the town.
3. Beagle wants a new sheriff for Primm. He suggested an ex-sheriff at NCRCF
and the NCR as potential candidates.


Inside the Bison Steve, there are a few enemies and the only one that is any
real threat is the leader. Dispatch them and then head over to Deputy Beagle
to free him. You can coax the information out of him with a 40 speech or
follow him outside where he'll tell you.

The easy terminal can be hacked next to the entrance/exit to open the locked
door right next to it. Inside, there are some supplies worth taking.

Once outside, talk to him and get your information. You'll learn the man you
are looking for is heading to Novac through Nipton. You also learn that Primm
needs a new sheriff. He suggests two possible candidates. One at the NCRCF or
the NCR itself.



Omerta Side Quests

How Little We Know (SQO1)


1. Talk to the receptionist in Gomorrah about Omerta activities.
2. Talk to Cachino about suspicious Imerta activities, perhaps someone else in
Gomorrah knows how to find him.
3. Check Cachino's room or his person for some proof of his behavior. Perhaps
someone has a key to his room.
4. Cachino's Journal should have enough proof to get him talking.
5. Talk to Troike about mysterious gun shipments.
6. Find out what kind of work Clanden does for the family.
7. (Optional) Kill Clanden.
8. Clanden has been taken care of, and won't be able to help the Omertas
anymore. Cachino should be informed.
9. Go to Cachino and the Omerta bosses to meet with them and take them out.

Reward(s): 440 exp


This time, there isn't much traveling needed as the place you need to go is
already on the Strip. Go inside and talk to the receptionist and find out what
you need to know. She'll tell you to go talk to a man named Cachino. You'll 
find out he's not too friendly.

Cachino's suite has a hard lock so if you don't have 75 lockpick, go to the
receptionist and ask for a key. She'll give you one for 300 caps (or free if
you have 55 barter), or if you have 8 strength, she'll let you have a key.

With the key, go to Cachino's room on the suites level and steal his diary.
The diary is in the desk in his room. Afterwards, head back down to the main
floor and confront Cachino. You can get 100 caps from him, more with 60 
barter, and information from him.

He will tell you about he Family's plans and about two guys named Troike and
Clanden. Talk to Clanden first. He actually doesn't have anything to say now
so head back to Cachino. Cachino will tell you to kill him. 

Head back to Clanden and kill him. You can also pickpocket Clanden's room key
and then take the snuff tapes from the hidden safe behind the dresser in his
bedroom. Once you have dealt with Clanden, head back to Cachino.

At this point, you no longer need to deal with Troike so tell Cachino you're
ready to meet with the bosses. Follow Cachino to the room and then sit down
on the couch. And listen to the conversation. Once you are done conversing,
you have to attack and kill them. Once they are dead, the quest will be 




5) Companions

*Coming Soon*


6) Miscellany

*Coming Soon*


7) Achievements

I'm assuming these are also the same as the trophies and steam achievements.

Ain't That a Kick in the Head (10)
Complete Ain't That a Kick in the Head.

All or Nothing (15)
Complete All or Nothing.

Arizona Killer (20)
Complete Arizona Killer.

Artful Pocketer (15)
Pick 50 pockets.

Blast Mastery (15)
Cause 10,000 damage with Energy Weapons.

Caravan Master (30)
Win 30 games of Caravan.

Come Fly With Me (20)
Complete Come Fly With Me.

Crafty (15)
Craft 20 items.

Desert Survivalist (15)
Heal 10,000 points of damage with food.

Double Down (10)
Play 10 hands of Blackjack.

Eureka! (15)
Complete Eureka!

For the Republic (30)
Complete For the Republic.

G.I. Blues (20)
Complete G.I. Blues.

Globe Trotter (25)
Discover all snow globes.

Hack the Mojave (15)
Hack 25 terminals.

Hardcore (100)
Play the game from start to finish in Hardcore Mode.

Jury Rigger (15)
Repair 30 items.

Know When to Fold Them (10)
Win 3 games of Caravan.

Lead Dealer (15)
Cause 10,000 damage with Guns.

Little Wheel (10)
Play 10 spins of Roulette.

Love the Bomb (15)
Cause 10,000 damage with Explosives.

Master of the Mojave (25)
Discover 125 locations.

Mod Machine (15)
Install 20 weapon mods.

New Kid (10)
Reach 10th level.

New Vegas Samurai (15)
Cause 10,000 damage with Melee Weapons.

No Gods, No Masters (15)
Complete No Gods, No Masters.

No Tumbler Fumbler (15)
Pick 25 locks.

Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal (10)
Recruit any companion.

Old-Tyme Brawler (15)
Cause 10,000 damage with Unarmed weapons.

One Armed Bandit (10)
Play 10 spins of Slots.

Outstanding Orator (15)
Make 50 Speech challenges.

Render Unto Caesar (30)
Complete Render Unto Caesar.

Return to Sender (20)
Complete Return to Sender.

Ring-a-Ding-Ding (25)
Complete Ring-a-Ding-Ding.

Stim-ply Amazing (15)
Heal 10,000 points of damage with Stimpaks.

Talent Pool (20)
Complete Talent Pool.

That Lucky Old Sun (20)
Complete That Lucky Old Sun.

The Boss (30)
Reach 30th level.

The Courier Who Broke the Bank (30)
Get banned from all the Strip's casinos.

The House Always Wins (30)
Complete The House Always Wins.

The Legend of the Star (20)
Complete The Legend of the Star.

The Whole Gang's Here (25)
Recruit all companions.

They Went That-a-Way (25)
Complete They Went That-a-Way.

Up and Comer (20)
Reach 20th level.

Veni, Vidi, Vici (15)
Complete Veni, Vidi, Vici.

Volare! (20)
Complete Volare!

Walker of the Mojave (10)
Discover 50 locations.

Wild Card (30)
Complete Wild Card.

You Run Barter Town (25)
Sell 10,000 caps worth of goods.

You'll Know It When It Happens (20)
Complete You'll Know It When It Happens.


8) Copyright

This guide is copyright ゥ of Tom Stevens and may not be reproduced or 
redistributed in any way without consent.

Only GameFAQs may use this guide. All others must request permission.

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