Fallout 3 review
I couldn't live without Fallout

The good:

In-Depth Gameplay
Great Detail and Graphics
Amusing and Entertaining
Endless Options of playing
A must-have Roleplay game
Great Soundtrack
Voiced NPC's
Neat connections to reality

The bad:

Some hard trophies
Somewhat scary (don't laugh!)
Bugs at some points


Well. I got this game for Christmas in 2008. I played through the first bit and never touched it. Scared the living hell out of me. But I picked it up in about July, and I can't stop playing it. Here's why.

Starting off, the game will feel odd and foreign to you. But over time, you get used to every part of it. My first point is the in-depth gameplay. This game goes above and beyond. There are ton's of ways you can take out enemies, ways to play the game, skills to expertise, and choices to make. Throughout the game you can choose different weapons, different tactics and different choices. Whether it's deciding which body part to shoot off, which weapon you'll fire or swing, or how you'll plan your day, it's always a safe bet to say you'll have fun.

There are hundreds of weapons, and unique kinds. Whether you prefer an old fashioned revolver, or a combat shotgun. If you're going to sneak around with a silenced pistol, or barge in with a minigun (Yes, a minigun). Your choices you make will affect you later on. Whether it's killing a slave trader, or defusing a bomb, everything will come back to bite you in the butt. This all affects how you'll play. Some people may have to deal with reoccurring regulators, coming to set you straight. And others may live in a luxurious hotel.

The detail the creators put into this game is endless. There may be items you may sometimes not be tall enough to reach. This is where items come in. You can drop boxes of bullets on the ground, climbing them up to it. The physics in this game are simply amazing. At times you may be looting a Metro system. And you see a wooden box on the ground, flipped over. This is where you can grab the item and lift it. Maybe it will reveal a valued Mini-Nuke.

There are also some points that may make you laugh, smile, frown, or be frustrated. But this all adds to a perfect game. The creators did a great job adding things here and there to make it special. Maybe a reference to reality, or maybe just a profanity that makes you laugh. There are also endless ways to play. You can blow up a city, or save it. You can maybe live in a shack, or a hotel room. Another thing I'd like to add again about items. It is simply amazing, how you can drop an item, maybe a rifle, and put it on a bookshelf in your house. Maybe put a bowl of noodles on a table, or some medical supplies on your desk. It simply amazes me that they allow the freedom and creativity of this.

The game also features a neat thing. In-game radio stations. I'm not talking K-DST from Grand Theft Auto. But a radio station you may pick up and listen to. be it a violin soloist, or an American Freedom Fighters radio, it's always interesting. One radio station you'll encounter early on is Galaxy News Radio, or GNR. They play unique music from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. I personally love the music, and I honestly don't think the game would be the same without it.

However, there are downsides. I am going for all trophies, which I only have 5 left, and some are just ridiculously hard ones. But this is optional, and may not even affect you. I was scared for the first time playing this, but over time you adjust to the darkness, radiation, and creatures.

My last problem with the game is bugs. At times your game may freeze, or someone may go mute on you, or maybe even a random point of death. But if you do the #1 RPG Rule (Keep multiple saves!) then you should be fine.

Anyways. Thanks for reading this, and I hope I've helped you make a choice to buy this game!

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