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A very unique experience with plenty of moments to make you say

The good:

Open World, go anywhere, do anything as soon as you leave the Vault
Melee weapons and ranged weapons
13 skills to upgrade upon each level up
Switch freely between 1st and 3rd person with the press of a single button
Fantastic single-player experience
Brilliant dark and gritty atmosphere
A lot of Gray, much what you'd expect after a Nuclear war
Enemies re-spawn after a certain amount of time passes, allowing you to go back and kill them again and again.
Your own house to store your gear
Many many quests
Voice cast lead by Liam Neeson(Star Wars, Taken)

The bad:

Very buggy, so much so that in rare cases, people weren't even able to play the game.
Very stiff and outdated engine
Limited number of voice actors - you'll almost certainly find 7 or 8 people with the same voice


Fallout as a series is actually quite old. Although this is only game number 3(There have been spin-offs, however) the franchise reaches back to the brink of 20 years. This is the first game in the series made by Bethesda. Much hype and excitement was generated among the Fallout die hards when a new Fallout game was announced. At a time when First Person Shooters were beginning to dominate the sales, there was a fear amongst the faithful that Fallout 3 would just be another mediocre FPS.

This wasn't the case. Far from it. Bethesda created a game with a good blend of First Person Shooter and...




The vault door groans to life and rolls open. You have just enough time to say a heartfelt goodbye before security is on your ass. A small tunnel lies ahead of you and at the end you can see light peering in through the doors cracks. You open it and step out into the world for the first time in your life. The sun is blinding. Your eyes aren’t use to the intensity of the natural light but they soon adjust, and you begin to make sense of your surroundings. You think you can make out an old radio broadcast tower against the horizon but it’s impossible to tell from this distance. You know you s...


Worth a Decade of Waiting

The good:

  • A lot of hours of gameplay.
  • Countless locations, armor, weapons, and enemies in the DLC's.
  • The choice of third-person or first.
  • The atmosphere is great. Bethesda did an excellent job of capturing the "post-apocalyptic" feel to the game.
  • The Karma System.
  • Very good graphics, especially the explosion graphics.
  • Bethesda did a good job of fleshing out the characters and factions.

The bad:

  • The story-line (as in the main-quest line, not in the expansion pack) itself is pretty poor in my opinion. It's basically Fallout 2's story-line but chopped up. Would have liked to see more originality.
  • Enemies can cross paths with the player at early levels and lead to his/her death. And because these enemies are very strong, it can be hard starting a new character in this game.
  • Obviously since there's some many NPC's in this game (and even more in the DLC's!) there would be one voice actor for a few characters. But in Fallout 3 you notice after a while that a lot of the men and women sound the same, with the exception of Three Dog.
  • I would have like to see more dark humor in the game.


Fallout 3 is in a class of its own. It is a phenomenal game and although it has some faults, this game is worth the buy and is one of the best games I have ever played.

Fallout 3 is a stand-alone game, you don't need to play the first two to understand what's going on. Although I would have liked to see some Fallout or Fallout 2 references, I guess it is a good thing that Bethesda did this.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia where the United States of America and the Peoples Republic of China have a Great War and, according to a character in Fallout 2, "7.54 billion people ...


I couldn't live without Fallout

The good:

In-Depth Gameplay
Great Detail and Graphics
Amusing and Entertaining
Endless Options of playing
A must-have Roleplay game
Great Soundtrack
Voiced NPC's
Neat connections to reality

The bad:

Some hard trophies
Somewhat scary (don't laugh!)
Bugs at some points


Well. I got this game for Christmas in 2008. I played through the first bit and never touched it. Scared the living hell out of me. But I picked it up in about July, and I can't stop playing it. Here's why.

Starting off, the game will feel odd and foreign to you. But over time, you get used to every part of it. My first point is the in-depth gameplay. This game goes above and beyond. There are ton's of ways you can take out enemies, ways to play the game, skills to expertise, and choices to make. Throughout the game you can choose different weapons, different tactics and different choices. W...


The Post Apocalypse Cut Short


If Bethesda has ever had a project in the works that could rival the multi-award winning behemoth that is The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Fallout 3 is it. The previous titles in the series hadn’t been as anticipated or well known as the third instalment, in fact a great majority of post-Oblivion Bethesda fans probably hadn’t heard of Fallout. The first two instalments of the series were still RPGs, but more of the conventional kind; its trademarks being the turn based combat and the Birdseye view over the character. However, Fallout 3 is the same as previous titles at heart but adapted to a...


The RPG Game You're Looking For

The good:

Fallout 3 is filled with a lot of good, but everyone sees it differently, and what I think is good about the game, others may think is bad (and vice versa):

  • The game has a pretty nice beginning. You start off the game as you are just being born. Your father delivers you, and you are then given the option to pick your name then. You then get the option to choose your appearance as you get older, so you decide how you look when you play the game, which is always nice.

  • Something that's really good about the game in my opinion is the fact that as your character gets older, he looks more and more like you set his appearance when he is a fully grown man. When you look at your character as a kid, you begin to notice that he is going to look just like you wanted him to look. I find this extremely clever.

  • The interactions with other characters in the game is brilliant. There are so many people you can speak to throughout the game, and you are given your own choices. I like games like this as in most games, you only really get to pick one storyline, or two if you're lucky.

  • The storyline is pretty long and doesn't tend to get boring. In fact, the more you play the story, the more you enjoy it.

  • As you progress, you can get yourself one follower and a dog (named Dogmeat) and they will both follow you everywhere you go and give you protection throughout the wastelands. It takes a little while to find some of the followers, but once you find them it really does help you progress through the game.

  • Karma is an excellent feature that is added to the game - from your own actions, you can be good, neutral or bad. For example; if you Megaton at the beginning of the game by defusing the bomb, you get good karma and you will be liked by most of Megaton. But if you decide to listen to the dude in the bar of Megaton and blow it up, you will receive bad karma. The karma in the game basically means, who will hate and who will like/love you.

  • Sometimes when you walk through the wastes, you see some battles betweem the likes of Raiders and the Brotherhood. You can see these battles from a distance, and it's just really good.

  • There is such a wide variety of weapons and a lot of them are really good because each has it's own strength and weakness. My personal favourite is the Fatman. The graphics are amazing when you shoot a Fatman nuke.

  • You will come across so many different enemies on your travels, and each has its strength and weakness (just like a gun). The most difficult character to fight is a Super Mutant Behemoth. There are only a handfull in the game, but they are really difficult. Deathclaws are really tough too, and there are a lot of them in random places, as well as a Deathclaw Cave.

  • You are given a certain amount of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck) points at the beginning of the game to set up your character's ability to help yourself during the game. This is a nice addition as you'll be skilled differently with each S.P.E.C.I.A.L. you pick.

  • Just like S.P.E.C.I.A.L., you are given Perks at the beginning too. But as you rank up each level, you get a certain amount of points to upgrade your perks. It's important you pick the right perks because it'll really help you complete and progress in the game.

The bad:

Like any game - there is some bad on it. But not much luckily enough.

  • Luckily enough, the game is as long as it is, because without the side missions and that, it gets very boring. Once you complete everything you need to do, you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. But as I said, the game is very long luckily.

  • The ending of the game came as a disappointment to me. I'm not going to ruin the game on you in case you haven't completed it, but it just disappointed me when I completed it.

  • This is something you'd either find good or bad about the game - you need to rest every so often or you won't be as strong as normal if you aren't well rested. I didn't mind this at the beginning, but as I played it more it annoyed me a little more.

  • Some of the enemies you fight are annoying. Not the tough enemies, but the little annoying ones that come in groups. They aren't easy to take out, but there are so many and they just seem to get in the way sometimes.

  • The radio on the game may seem annoying at the beginning, but it's really enjoyable after a while. It sort of gives off that GTA effect when you play it for long enough - you will find yourself liking any song, even if it's terrible.


I was given Fallout 3 as a Christmas present and I wasn't too sure what to expect from the game as it was the first Fallout I'd played, and I had never really been big about role playing games. The only RPG game I liked before Fallout was Final Fantasy VII. I had heard good things about the game and it turned out to be excellent.

When I started off, it was a bit weird but I expected that from my lack of experience with RPG games. The controls took a while to get use to but once I got use to it, it was really good. The game wasn't really like most other shooting games I had played, but I thin...

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