Indigo Prophecy review
Herald the Coming of the Indigo Child

The good:

-A storyline that puts you in the shoes of not only one, but multiple protagonists. You can not only be the hunter, but also the hunted.
-Use of the right analogue stick to give a more realistic feel to the characters actions when interacting with objects.
-A storyline that will keep you guess, and have you wondering.
-Interesting characters that can be easily related to.
-A cinematic chapter based system that will allow you to return to any previous point of the game, to replay at your own leisure.
-Music befitting of the environments encountered.

The bad:

-Horrendous camera angles that make some of the scenarios difficult to navigate.
-The final parts of the game seem a bit rushed and leave you wondering what just happened.


What would you do if the police were after you for a crime that you did not honestly commit? Your finger prints are all over the murder weapon, the victim's blood is upon your hands, yet you can not recall your exact actions or the events that led you to wind up in the situation that you are in.

This is the fate of Lucas Kane, an average man that leads an average life, working for a bank. Circumstances beyond his control have led him to commit a heinous crime that he will never be able to forget committing, and now time is against him as he tries to figure out how the events came to transpire, and who really committed the crime.

The game plays out like a movie in that not only will you follow the perspective of the murderer, but you will also follow the story through the eyes of two of the investigators as well as a few other characters that play pivotal roles in the events that lead up to, and transcend the opening death of the game's storyline. Playing as Lucas Kane, you need to figure out what was behind his actions when he made the ritualistic killing. Playing as Carla Valenti, a single police detective, you need to piece together the evidence left behind by Lucas to try and capture him.

The way the game plays out makes for an interesting challenge as some events are timed and require you to figure out where to go and what to do before you get caught. During these timed events, the screen will split to show whatever it is that is coming to end your game. For example, Lucas must hide all evidence that would point to him committing the crime after it's been committed and escape, when a police officer who is dining in the dinner, leaves his bar stool and heads to the bathroom to relieve himself.

Action sequences are controlled with both analogue sticks where you will be required to match input sequences in a timely manner to be successful. There are also times where you will need to utilize the L1 and R1 buttons either to keep the a bar at a certain level, or to continuously mash them to avoid being drawn into a conflict that would lead to the demise of the protagonist.

The environments are fully fleshed out in 3D and most objects can be interacted with. This is conducted by utilizing the right analogue stick and pushing it in the direction indicated on the screen. An example would be slowly pushing the stick up to stand from a seated position. Or swaying it in an arc, back and forth to move a mop that will clean up blood stains. Interacting with the game like this makes the situations seem more real and it makes the player feel as though they are actually there.

Heart throbbing music compliments the timed sequences of the game, adding a sense of urgency in knowing that if you don't complete a set task in time, it will be game over. The music tempo will start out slow, and soon rapidly increase in pace to a critical point indicating that there is no time left. Various musical tracks from largely unknown artists also compliment the various scenes of the game from characters interacting with their loved ones, or relaxing at home.

Characters are governed by an anxiety system which spells a game over if it falls below a certain level. To keep a character sane, one needs to not only interact with various objects throughout the game, but also say the right things to the right people to avoid a backlash from them, and thus a deficit to the character's sanity level.

All in all, this game is a great game that I would recommend is played at least once, to experience the storyline and the thrill of the game.

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