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Herald the Coming of the Indigo Child

The good:

-A storyline that puts you in the shoes of not only one, but multiple protagonists. You can not only be the hunter, but also the hunted.
-Use of the right analogue stick to give a more realistic feel to the characters actions when interacting with objects.
-A storyline that will keep you guess, and have you wondering.
-Interesting characters that can be easily related to.
-A cinematic chapter based system that will allow you to return to any previous point of the game, to replay at your own leisure.
-Music befitting of the environments encountered.

The bad:

-Horrendous camera angles that make some of the scenarios difficult to navigate.
-The final parts of the game seem a bit rushed and leave you wondering what just happened.


What would you do if the police were after you for a crime that you did not honestly commit? Your finger prints are all over the murder weapon, the victim's blood is upon your hands, yet you can not recall your exact actions or the events that led you to wind up in the situation that you are in.

This is the fate of Lucas Kane, an average man that leads an average life, working for a bank. Circumstances beyond his control have led him to commit a heinous crime that he will never be able to forget committing, and now time is against him as he tries to figure out how the events came to transpir...


Interesting and Innovative Gameplay

The good:

Fairly High Production Value, Great Cinematic Sequences, Great Score and Some Songs You Wouldn't Expect To Find For a Game, Refreshing Pace for the Jaded Gamer

The bad:

Some Camera issues, Character Movement is Awkward, Inaptly Labeled for it's Genre, Life System is Almost Unecessary, Probably Will Not Appeal to the Action-Oriented


If you're tired of conventional game play then this is the game for you. Right from the start you feel like you're in a movie. In fact, the game plays more like an interactive movie than it does a video game.

There are basically two types of control methods deployed in the game. For lesser action sequences you control your character much like the classic RPGs and point-and-click adventures with the joystick movements replacing the mouse button to give you more of an interactive feel. The only downside to this is that your character movements do not orient to the moving camera positions whi...

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