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Indigo Prophecy FAQ/Walkthrough

by Deadmeat X   Updated to v1.20 on
This walkthrough was originally written for Indigo Prophecy on the PC, but the walkthrough is still applicable to the PS2 version of the game.
                             V E R S I O N   1.20

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                 A K A     T H E   I N D I G O   P R O P H E C Y

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|)   0   (|                Table of Contents               |)   0   (|
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0    Table of Contents                   TOC0

1    Introduction                        INT1

2    The Boring Stuff                    TBS2
   a   Legal Note                          LGN2
   b   More Work By Me                     MWB2
   c   Contact Information                 CTI2
   d   Version History                     VHT2

3    Game Basics                         GAB3
   a   Story                               STR3
   b   Characters                          CHA3
   c   Controls                            CTR3
   d   Moving Around                       MOV3
   e   Interacting                         INT3
   f   Health			           HEA3
   g   Action Sequences                    ACT3

4    F.A.Q.                              FAQ4

5    Walkthrough                         WLK5
   a   The Murder			   MUR5
   b   Investigation		   	   INV5
   c   The Day After			   DAY5
   d   Confession			   CON5
   e   Police Work			   POL5
   f   Alternate Reality		   ALT5
   g   Reconstruction			   REC5
   h   Tyler & Kate			   TYL5
   i   Lost Love			   LOV5
   j   Hide and Seek			   HID5
   k   Friendly Combat			   FRI5
   l   Debriefing (Carla)                  DEC5
   m   Debriefing (Tyler)		   DET5
   n   Agatha				   AGA5
   o   Questions & Bullets		   QUE5
   p   Double or Quits			   DOU5
   q   The Storm			   STO5
   r   Dark Omen			   OME5
   s   Face Off				   FAC5
   t   Back to Agatha			   BTA5
   u   Happy Anniversary!		   HPP5
   v   Bloody Washing			   BLO5
   w   Confrontation			   CFT5
   x   Captain Jones Is Really Upset       CJI5
   y   Fallen Angels			   FAL5
   z   Soap, Blood & Clues		   SBC5
   aa  The Fugitive			   FUG5
   bb  Janos				   JAN5
   cc  Meeting Kuriakin			   MEE5
   dd  Mayan Secrets			   MAY5
   ee  The Clan				   CLA5
   ff  Danger & Obliquity		   DAO5
   gg  Fate On Russian Hills		   FRH5 
   hh  Child's Play			   CSP5
   ii  Checkmate!			   CHE5
   jj  The Pact				   PAC5
   kk  Jade				   JAD5
   ll  Frozen To The Bone		   FRO5
   mm  Where Is Jade?			   WHE5
   nn  Bogart				   BOG5
   oo  Revelation			   REV5
   pp  Final Countdown			   FIN5
   qq  Epilogue				   EPI5

6    Appendices				 APP6
   a   Endings				   END6
   b   Bonus Card Locations		   BON6
   c   Extra Life Locations		   LIF6

7    Closing Time                        CLO7

     |)                       QUICKSEARCH KEYS                         (|
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     |)  In this busy life we lead, we can't waste a single second.    (|
     |)  That's why God created Quicksearch keys (with a little help   (|
     |)  from yours truly). See those 4-character codes behind         (|
     |)  each chapter? Hit [Ctrl] + [F], and enter this code. Then     (|
     |)  simply hit the Search button, and before you can say "What    (|
     |)  button?", you'll be right where you want to be. It's magic.   (|
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|)       (|                                                |)       (|
|)   1   (|                    Introduction                |)   1   (|
|)       (|                                                |)       (|

	Once every while, a game comes along that's completely new, and 
different from anything you've ever played. The Indigo Prophecy / Fahrenheit 
is such a game, combining adventure elements, old-style arcade button bashing, 
and a plot worthy of a high budget horror/thriller movie. 

	The dark and mysterious storyline puts you in the shoes of four 
different characters, each with their own background and goals. With these 
four people, you have to uncover a dark secret.

	As said, the gameplay is a combination of adventure elements, which 
lets you choose your own path through the storyline, and arcade-like button 
smashing, thereby combining thinking with skills in way that you've never 
seen before.

	Fahrenheit isn't an easy game, and that's where I come in. This FAQ 
will give you a good idea of how to get through the game, what different paths 
you have, how your choices influence the story, and how to find secrets.

	I will not try to walk you through the action sequences where you have 
to press buttons in a certain order. Whether or not you pas these tests 
depends solely on your keyboard skills, and no amount of text I write can 
improve that. If you're really stuck in an action scene, try lowering the 
difficulty, or swallow your pride and get someone to help you.

	I hope you find this FAQ useful. I've tried to make it as complete as 
possible, but with a complex game like Fahrenheit, the chance that I've missed 
something is really big. should you find anything, don't be afraid to mail me. 
Check the Contact Information section further down for details.

Have fun,

Evert "Deadmeat X" van Aart

|)       (|                                                |)       (|
|)   2   (|                 The Boring Stuff               |)   2   (|
|)       (|                                                |)       (|

	If this FAQ had been on TV, this would have been the moment to 
go to the bathroom or to get another beer from the fridge. Unless you're 
really looking for my contact information or the version history (although 
I can't think of any good reason why you would), it's perfectly safe to 
skip this chapter.

                            a. Legal Note
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    LGN2

     |)                          LEGAL NOTE                            (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)  All rights reserved. No portions of this FAQ may be copied,   (|
     |)  edited, and/or published on any site other than  (|
     |)  without the author's written permission. The author's a nice  (|
     |)  guy though. If you want to put this work on your site, just   (|
     |)  me an email, and I'll most likely give you my blessings,      (|
     |)  unless your site is really ugly or your first name is Dave.   (|
     |)  This FAQ is for personal use only. Publishing of any parts    (|
     |)  of the document for commercial use is prohibited and illegal  (|
     |)  if you don't have my permission. Copyright by Evert van       (|
     |)  Aart, 2005 and counting.                                      (|
     |)                                                                (|

                           b. More Work By Me
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    MWB2

Did you enjoy this FAQ? No? Then you won't like my other work either:

                         c. Contact Information
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CTI2

	Since this FAQ is still 'work in progress', I'll happily accept any 
and all contributions from you, my readers. Did I miss something? More 
options, actions I didn't see, Bonus Cards I didn't find? Or maybe you have 
a bit of trivia for me to entertain the audience with? Send it in! I feel I 
have the obligation to verify every addition, so it will take a few days before 
I will actually add it to the FAQ. By helping me, you will receive a reward 
most mortals can only dream of - you'll get mentioned in the Credits section 
of this FAQ!

	Please note, I'm working as hard as I can. In fact, I'm devoting 
nearly all of my free time to it at this point. However, that isn't a whole 
lot of time, so it may take a while for me to complete this. Sending me mails 
like "Get to work you lazy slob!" won't help anyone. Also, please don't send 
contributions to parts of the game I haven't covered in the guide yet.

	Got a technical problem with your game? Well, I'm no tech support, so 
I probably can't help you. However, I'm collecting solutions to technical 
problems from you, the readers. So, if you had a bug / crash / whatever, and 
you solved it, feel free to email me with the problem and the solution. Help 
your fellow gamer out.

And a couple more notes:
- I don't always reply to e-mails, out of sheer laziness. I read every 
    e-mail that I get, but sometimes, I'm too lazy or in too much of a hurry 
    to reply. If you don't get a reply, don't send me the mail again.
- Please don't add this address to MSN. I will remove anyone I can't 
    identify from my list.

Alright then, here's my address:

evert.vanaart (at) gmail (dot) com

                          d. Version History
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    VHT2

- September 29. Today, I'll submit the first version to It's 
    far from finished, but i feel that already, it adds something to the 
    current guides available. The first four scenes are done, and pretty much 
    all of the basic stuff is here too. Not a bad start.

- October 2. Added a total of 7 chapters. More to come tomorrow. The next 
    week is a kind of holiday for me, so I expect to get a large part of the 
    walkthrough done before the end of the week. 

- October 8. "These days turned out nothing like a had planned", to say it 
    in the words of Powderfinger. Hardly did any writing, I was temporarily 
    out of motivation. Today, I added a pretty awesome description of how to 
    get a perfect composite sketch, thanks to David Baker. Though I promise 
    nothing, I hope to write some more tomorrow.

- October 12. I should stop making promises like that. Anyway, added three 
    more scenes. Next update ETA: When I feel like it, dammit.

- October 19. More chapters! Woohoo!

- October 20. What's with all the enthousiasm? No less than 5 chapters added. 
    I feel the most difficult chapters to write are behind me, so things 
    should begin to speed up now.

- October 22. Updated all the way to Meeting Kuriakin.

- October 23. Almost done, just seven more easy chapters to cover!

- October 25. Walkthrough is done! Will add the endings later on.

- October 30. Done and done. This will be the last major update. Added the 
    Endings, and removed the utterly useless Bonus Listing. Also, some minor 
    corrections in the walkthrough.

|)       (|                                                |)       (|
|)   3   (|                    Game Basics                 |)   3   (|
|)       (|                                                |)       (|

	All the basic stuff, like controls and storyline, can be found in 
this chapter. Some parts have been taken from the official manual.

                                a. Story
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    STR3

 You're in a trance.  You pick up a knife 
 and stab a man you have never met before. 
As you come around you realize what you've 
 done. The police will come. There's only 
          one thing to do - run.           

                                  As an ordinary IT manager working in the 
                                  city,  there isn't a clear answer to why 
                                   you've suddenly become a murderer. All 
                                   that's left is the weapon in your hand 
                                  and a strange symbol carved into your arm. 
                                     But this isn't an isolated incident: 
                                    others are killing total strangers too.

   Now you have to discover the truth 
 before you loose your mind or get caught 
    by the police. But you've got an 
  advantage: you can take on the role of 
four key characters to help you understand 
  what's going on and link all the signs 
 together. become Lucas Kane the murderer, 
   one of two detectives, or Marcus Kane, 
        Lucas's brother and priest.

                                      Look at everything from a different 
                                       perspective. Tackle everyone in a 
                                     different way. Play as each character 
                                    and you'll discover  just what's behind 
                                                these murders...

                               b. Characters
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CHA3

  L U C A S   K A N E

  Fahrenheit's main character - an average 
  IT manager, who suddenly turns into a murderer. 
  But Lucas knows he wasn't in control when 
  he did it. All he can do is try to discover 
  the truth before he gets caught by the police.

                        C A R L A   V A L E N T I

                        Nobody challenges Carla, the NYPD detective 
                        in charge of the Doc's Diner murder. Initially 
                        she puts the brutal murder down to the work 
                        of a psychotic mind. But the ritual pattern 
                        left behind makes her look further than the 
                        obvious suspect.

  T Y L E R   M I L E S

  NYPD detective Tyler is troubled by his 
  relationship problems and long working 
  hours. He's more than ready to wrap up 
  this case immediately. That is, until 
  Carla takes things one step further. 
  This murder isn't going to be solved easily.

                        M A R C U S   K A N E

                        Marcus hadn't heard from his brother Lucas
                        for two years. And now he comes to him 
                        with blood stained hands. As a priest, 
                        he's torn between doing the right thing 
                        and his family ties. Is blood thicker 
                        than holy water?

                              c. Controls
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CTR3

	These are the default controls for the PC version. As I don't own 
the PS2- or XBox-version, I can't say what the controls for those versions 
are. You can edit all the controls in the Options menu. I'll discuss the use 
of all these buttons in more detail in the next sections. Should you still 
need more help, try playing the game's tutorial.

M E N U   C O N T R O L S

  Arrow Keys		Highlight option / Change settings
  Enter			Select option
  Backspace		Cancel / Back

G A M E   C O N T R O L S

  Arrow Keys		Move character
  Left Mouse Button	Swing camera (hold and move)
  Right Mouse Button    Switch / turn camera (hold and move)
  Mousewheel		First person view
  Space			First person view
  Numpad 1		Reset camera
  Numpad 3		Display mental state
  Right Shift 		Run
  Enter			Switch character / PDA mode
  Escape		Pause menu
  Right Ctrl		Display PDA

A C T I O N   C O N T R O L S

  Arrow Keys		Left action buttons
  Numpad 2/4/6/8	Right action buttons
  Left/Right Arrow	Stamina meter action buttons

     |)                      NOTE TO LAPTOP USERS                      (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)  Even though Fahrenheit runs smoothly on a good laptop,        (|
     |)  there's one problem: most laptop keyboards don't have a       (|
     |)  numeric part. As you can see above, you need the numeric      (|
     |)  keys for the action scenes. So, if you're using a laptop      (|
     |)  (like me), you have to change the settings first, or you      (|
     |)  won't be able to do a single action sequence. Personally, I   (|
     |)  changed the keys for character movement to the WASD keys,     (|
     |)  and assigned the arrow keys to the action buttons on the      (|
     |)  right side.                                                   (|
     |)                                                                (|

                            d. Moving Around
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    MOV3

	In Fahrenheit, you control your character with the Arrow Keys 
(default). The control mode is the so-called 'character-relative' movement 
mode, which means that all directions are seen from the eyes of your 

M O V E M E N T   K E Y S

  Up		Walk forward
  Left  	Turn left
  Right 	Turn right
  Down  	Turn around 180 degrees

	Pressing the Run key (Default - Right Shift) will make your character 
run instead of walk. Instead of using the Up arrow (or whatever key you've 
bound walking forward to) to walk, you can also press the left and right 
mouse button at the same time to make your character walk.

	There are three basic camera modes, all can be accessed by pressing 
and holding down one of the following mouse buttons, and then moving the mouse 
around. At all times, you can press Numpad 1 (default) to reset the camera to 
its starting position.

C A M E R A   M O D E S

  Left		Free-look - The camera will remain in the same position, but 
		  you can look around by moving the mouse.
  Right         Rotate - By moving the mouse left and right, you can rotate 
		  the camera around your character. This isn't allowed in 
 		  every scene. If you're not allowed to move the camera 
  		  freely, clicking the right mouse button will often change 
		  the camera angle.
  Middle	First Person - Allows you to look through the eyes of your 
		  character. You can't turn around all the way, but this mode 
 		  is really useful if you want to take a close look at 
		  something. The Spacebar also activates the first person mode.

                            e. Interacting
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    INT3

	Fahrenheit uses a unique system to interact with objects and persons 
near you. Instead of simply using your keys, you have to use your mouse to 
select certain options. Even though it's pretty unnecessary, this system 
works pretty well. When you come near an item you can interact with, you'll 
see a symbol of this item at the top of the screen. Often, this symbol will 
also show what you can with the item. For example, a symbol of a bed with a 
downward arrow next to it shows that you can lie down on the bed.

	Next to the symbol at the top of the screen is a small oval. From the 
center, a white line leads in one of the four directions - left, right, up or 
down. You can activate the action depicted by the symbol by clicking and 
holding the left mouse button, and then moving the mouse in the direction 
of the white line. It may seem weird at first, but you'll soon get the hang 
of it. 

	Conversations work the same way. At certain points in the 
conversation, your character will have the option to reply. A set of 
replies will show up at the top of the screen. each reply has a keyword 
under it, summarizing the contents of the reply, and an oval next to it. 
Drag the mouse to the direction that fits the answer you want to give.

	Also, when you have to make a choice of reply in a conversation, a 
blue time bar will show up. If you don't select one of the dialogue options 
before the time runs out, the option that's highlighted in red will 
automatically be selected. Sometimes this means a clumsy reply, other times 
this will end the dialogue altogether. In this case, the little clock symbol 
next to the time bar will be red.

                                f. Health
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    HEA3

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

	An important aspect of Fahrenheit is Mental Health. Each playable 
character will  have a little meter, displaying how sane he or she is. 
Basically, actions that can damage the character's ego, upset him, or make 
him sad, will have a negative influence on your Mental Health. On the other 
hand, if you successfully complete a task, if you do something good, or if 
your character does or sees something that puts him at easy, your mental 
health will rise.

	Mental Health is measured on a scale from 0 to 100. Certain actions 
and events will influence the Mental Health by adding or removing 5, 10, 20 or 
even 30 points, depending on how serious the event is. Don't let the meter 
drop too low, this will make your character do stupid things, which will 
end the game. At any time, you can press Numpad 3 (default) to view the 
Mental Health bar. This bar will also come into view when you loose or gain 
mental health.


	Some Action Sequences (see below) will put you in potentially lethal 
situations. If this happens, you'll see several white circles at the top of 
the screen. Some of the circles will be filled with a white dot - these are 
your lives. Every time you fail a button combination during such an action 
sequence, you'll loose one life. if you loose them all, it's Game Over. You 
can get extra health by finding religious symbols.

                           g. Action Sequences
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    ACT3

	While the adventuring part gives your brain something to do, the 
Action Sequences are all about finger-work. There are two basic kinds of 

P H Y S I C A L   A C T I O N   R E A C T I O N

	This is the most common type. Basically, it's Dance Dance Revolution, 
but without the music, and with cool action scenes instead. You'll have to 
guide your character through several (sometimes dangerous) actions by 
pressing the right buttons at the right time.

	At the start of a PAR sequence, two pads will appear on screen. These 
are colored circles, with four sides - left (blue), right (yellow), down 
(green) and up (red). The left pad is controlled with the character movement 
keys - by default the arrow keys, although many people change this to the 
WASD keys. the right pad is controlled by the numpad keys by default. If 
you've got the movement on WASD, you might want to change the keys for the 
right pad to the arrow keys.

	Anyway, during the sequence, some parts of the pads will light up. 
Your goal is to press the corresponding key(s) as fast as possible. If you 
press the wrong key, or if you're too slow, you'll fail that part of the 
sequence, with different results - sometimes you'll die, sometimes you'll 
simply miss out on an extra cutscene. 

	Each sequence consists of a series of combinations. How many keys you 
need to press for one combination depends on the difficulty level you set. 
After each combination, you will see either "GREAT!" or "FAILED!", and then 
the result of this action. Not long after that, another combination will 
start - usually, you're warned by the words "GET READY!" flashing just before 
a new combo starts. Action Sequences can range from 1 to well over 20 

T R A C K   A N D   F I E L D

	At other times, a blue bar will appear on the screen. It will look 
something like a volume-control bar. This indicates a so-called 'Track & Field' 
action sequence. To pass this, you need to press two keys alternatively as 
fast as you can. Doing so will raise the meter. You usually need to get it 
as high as possible to pass the sequence. The two keys used are the keys 
for turning your character left and right.


	At times, you'll come across other Action Sequences. Usually, these 
are a variation of the two types I've listed here. I will explain them in 
more detail in the actual walkthrough.

|)       (|                                                |)       (|
|)   4   (|                       F.A.Q.                   |)   4   (|
|)       (|                                                |)       (|

	Here, I will try to answer all your questions. If you've got a 
question or a problem, I advice you to read through this section before you 
send me an email. There's a good chance that your question is answered here 
already. If it is, and you still send me an email, it will be redirected to 
the trash bin without a reply.


  Q - Fahrenheit? Indigo Prophecy? What's up with the double names?
  A - I honestly don't know. Fahrenheit seems to be the European name - since 
      I'm from The Netherlands, I'm going to stick with this name. In the US 
      of A, the same game is named The Indigo Prophecy. The difference is in 
      the sex-scene - in the American version, pretty much all nudity has 
      been removed or censored, while Europeans can enojy it in all its 
      pixellated goodness.

  Q - Your FAQ is awesome!
  A - Thanks.

  Q - Can my PC run this?
  A - Fahrenheit doesn't have any extreme requirements, most PC's should be 
      able to run it. Here's the minimum requirements from the official site.
	Operating System  	Windowsョ 98SE/Me/2000/XP
	Processor 		Pentiumョ III 800 MHz or faster
	Memory 			256 MB RAM
	Hard Disk Space 	Approx 2 GB Free
	CD-ROM Drive 		8x Speed
	Video 			32 MB SVGA video card
	Sound 			Compatible with Windowsョ 98 or higher
	DirectXョ 		DirectXョ version 9.0c or higher
     I would like to add "A good keyboard" to this list. Trust me, if your 
     keyboard has a giant response time, you'll get nowhere.

 Q - What's with the horrible ending?
 A - David Cage's dog ate the last 20 pages of the script.


  Q - Where can I find teh 1337 haxxors for the game?
  A - If you've acquired this game illegally (shame on you!), and it's telling 
      you to enter an original DVD, I suggest you look on for cracks. Don't tell 'em I sent you though.

  Q - My game crashes at startup, a Quantic Dream screen filled with 
      Hexadecimal numbers shows up and/or I get a message about a buffer 
      overrun. What's the deal?
  A - There seem to be various answers to this problem. 
      1. Try to just click "Ignore" when the Quantic Dream window pops up. 
         For some people, the game will resume, and the main menu will load 
         (in French).
      2. If you have Stardock Cursor XP (a piece of software that allows you 
         to change the looks of your cursor), disable or uninstall it. This 
         solved it for a lot of people, including myself. You may still need 
         to do step 1 though.
      3. Download all the latest drivers for your video card.
      4. Sometimes, mounting-software like Alcohol or Daemon Tools causes this. 
         If all else fails, try to uninstall this software if you have it.
      If nothing works, try contacting Atari's tech support.


  Q - I can't get past Action Sequences #X! Help!
  A - As you may notice, I don't try to walk you through these action 
      sequences in the walkthrough. If you really have trouble with one of 
      them, follow these three simple steps to victory.
      1. Improve your keyboard skills (got teh micro?)
      2. Lower the game's difficulty setting.
      3. Swallow your pride and ask your friend/brother/sister/ 
         mother/girlfriend/teacher to pass the scene for you.

  Q - I can't get a perfect sketch! Help!
  A - Although getting a good sketch is in no way needed to finish the game, 
        I've put a description for it in the walkthrough.

|)       (|                                                |)       (|
|)   5   (|                    Walkthrough                 |)   5   (|
|)       (|                                                |)       (|

	Welcome to the main part of this document. I will try to guide you 
through the game in the easiest way possible. A few pointers before we start.

- I will not try to walk you through Action Sequences. These are purely based 
    on skill. If you don't have the skill - sucks for you. 
- The walkthrough is as spoiler-free as I could get it. I won't give away 
    any big plot turns or anything, so don't worry about. However, reading 
    ahead of where you are in the game is never good - it will always spoil 
    part of the game in one way or another.
- The way I describe is, in my opinion, the easiest through the game. Of 
    course, you can make it harder for yourself - by depressing your character, 
    by skipping some elements. It's your choice, but if you follow my 
    walkthrough, you'll usually get to the end in one piece and as smoothly 
    as possible.
- At the end of each scene, I'll give a list of actions that will influence 
    your character's Mental Health. I advice you try to keep the Mental Health 
    as high as possible. Of course, you can also try to send him/her into a 
    depression, but that will soon lead to a Game Over screen.

	Ready? Then select "New Movie". if this is your first time playing, 
play the tutorial to get the hang of things. After that, a nifty cut-scene 
will throw you right into the action...

                             a. The Murder
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    MUR5


	You find yourself knee-deep in some very smelly shit. You've just 
killed a man in a diner's restroom, and there's a cop in the diner itself. 
After a couple of minutes, the cop will get up and go to the bathroom - you 
want to be gone before that happens. There's a couple of things you can do 
to put Lucas a bit at ease. 

- First of all, pick up the body, and drag it to the stall. You have to 
    complete a tiny Track & Field sequence to do so. 
- Now, look for the knife on the ground. Lucas will hide it somewhere - you 
    won't see where, you'll discover why in the next chapter. 
- Also, you can pick up the mop in the corner, and use it to sweep the floor. 
    You have to hold the left mouse button and move the mouse up and down 
    several times to do so. It isn't easy - often, the sweeping animation stops 
    as soon as you move the mouse down - but it can be done. It seems to help 
    if you move the mouse up and down really fast.
- Lastly, you can wash your hands at the sink. This is the most essential step: 
    if you rush out without washing up, the cop will immediately notice you, 
    and you'll have to run out the back door. So, save yourself the trouble, 
    and wash your hands. 
Once you've done these four things, you're ready to leave the restroom.

	Turn left as you exit the bathroom. Look for a table on the right 
with a plate of food on it. This is your table. You should see a bill. Unless 
you want to get Lucas into more trouble, I suggest you pay the bill (the 
dollar symbol that appears when you've looked at the bill). Now, you can sit 
down to eat and drink a bit, or you just leave the diner. If you've paid the 
bill, you can simply walk out the door, otherwise the waitress will give you 
some trouble about it. Once outside, turn right and right again, and enter 
the subway entrance you see. You can also get a taxi, but this will leave 
more traces.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	The only essential actions are paying the bill and washing your hands. 
You can skip all the other actions if you want - including hiding the body and 
the knife - but it's better for your mental health if you do them. Skip the 
mopping if it's taking too much time. There's a couple of other actions you 
can do to increase your Mental Health, but you don't have to do them.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +5  	Use the mop to remove the blood from the floor. Move 
     	  the mouse up and down while holding down the left mouse 
     	  button to do so 
 +5  	Drag the body to the empty stall	
 +5  	Hide the knife
 +5  	Wash up at the sink
 +5  	In the bathroom, there's a condom-vending machine  
    	  near the door. Look at it, and then hit it by
     	  moving the mouse from right to left a couple of
     	  times. Then, pick up the coin that drops
 +5  	Whether or not you've picked up this coin, use the jukebox near the 
          diner's exit for some relaxing music
 +5  	Sit down at your table, and drink from your glass	
 +5  	Sit down at your table, and eat some food	
 +5  	Pay the bill that lies on your table, and then leave 
 +10  	Take the subway home. The subway entrance can be found by going right 
          from the diner, and then right at the intersection. The entrance is 
          some 100 meters further, on the left side of the road
 +10  	Take a taxi home. To get to the taxi, turn right from the diner, and 
          then cross the intersection. The cab is parked on the left side 
          of the road

 -60    As soon as you discover the murder, your Mental Health will take 
          a steep drop. This can't be avoided
 -10   	Hang around in the diner for too long. The cop will go to 
          the restroom - shown in a split screen. The ten points will be 
          deducted if the cop gets up when you're still in the diner 
 -5    	Look out the restroom window
 -20   	Rush out of the restroom without washing up. You'll bump into 
          the waitress, and she'll draw the attention of the cop
 -5    	Talk with the patron with the hat
 -5    	Talk with the waitress
 -10   	Try to start a conversation with the cop
 -5 	Try to get behind the counter
 -5	Use the payphone near the restroom door
 -10   	Leave the diner without paying your bill

                            b. Investigation
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    INV5


	In this scene, you'll play with the two detectives, Carla and Tyler, 
as they try to solve the Doc's Diner murder. From the car, walk into the 
diner. Carla and the cop from the diner will have a short conversation. 
You'll have various dialogue options, but don't worry - in the end you'll get 
to ask them all. When you're done, walk over to the waitress, and interrogate 
her. Again, the order in which you ask the questions doesn't matter. At some 
point, Kate will hesitate. You can then choose to either cheer her up, or 
insist she keeps talking. This choice doesn't seem to matter much either - 
but options have the same effect.

	After the conversation, talk to the two policemen at the bar. Switch 
to Tyler, and talk to the two guys as well for a small Mental Health boost. 
For even more Mental Health, go behind the counter, and drink some coffee. 
This works for both characters. Now, go to Lucas's table, and investigate it. 
You can find various things, but the most important one is a book lying under 
the table. You can only find it with Carla. Also, check out the payphone in 
the corner as Carla for some more Mental Health. When you've seen everything 
in this room, go out the back door.

	There's a bum in the alley - you probably saw him in a small 
cut-scene at the end of the previous scene. Don't try to talk to him as 
Tyler, you'll get nowhere. However, being the sexist failure he is, the bum 
will gladly talk to Carla. A couple of conversation choices will lead to the 
desired result - you'll get some information on what the bum saw.  He'll give 
you a description of some person that came out of the back door - The Devil, 
according to the bum. One of the conversations that lead to this result is 
"You" followed by "Seen Anything". Now walk around the diner, and enter it 
through the front door again. Head into the restroom.

	Here, you can investigate the various objects around the room with
 both characters. Do so to get some vital clues. I especially recommend 
checking out the stall Lucas was in with Carla to find his blood on the 
floor. The main goal in the restroom, however, is to find the murder 
weapon. Since you didn't see where Lucas hid the knife, you'll have to 
search for it. It can be in three different locations. 

1. In the garbage can
2. In the water reservoir of the toilet in the rightmost stall. First, 
     flush the toilet. If the knife is in there, you'll hear a clang, and then 
     you'll be able to get the knife.
3. In a hole in the wall of the leftmost stall.

	You can only search in the first and second place with Tyler, and you 
need to control Carla to check the third place. When you've found the knife, 
you're ready to leave. Talk to your partner, talk to the two cops as Tyler to 
give them a list of clues, and then enter the car outside.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Before you can leave, you have to interrogate the waitress and find 
the knife. This is, however, the absolute minimum. I really recommend finding 
all of the other clues too. Talking to the bum won't really give you any 
real information, and will damage your Mental Health, so you can skip it if 
you want to.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +5	Go behind the counter, and interact with the coffee pot twice to 
          drink some coffee.
 +10	Find the book underneath Lucas's table
 +5	Interact with the payphone in the corner
 +10	Find the knife as Carla (in the leftmost stall)
 +5	Discover the blood on the floor in the stall where Lucas was sitting 
          in the very first cut-scene
 -5 	Talk to the bum. It seems all options lead to a small Mental Health 
          loss of 5 points, it doesn't even matter if the bums gives you the 
          information or not
 -10	In the alley, try to open the back door of the diner to get back 
          in, only to realize it only opens from the inside. Doh!


 +5	Talk to one of the morgue guys hanging at the bar
 +5	Talk to the other morgue cop
 +5	Drink a cup of coffee behind the counter
 +5	Use the payphone
 +10	Find the knife as Tyler, either in the garbage can, or in the 
          rightmost stall, inside the water reservoir of the toilet
 -10	Turn on the jukebox
 -10	Take a pee in the restroom
 -10	Try to talk to the bum. Since he recognizes you as a cop, he won't 
          give you any information at all
 -10	In the alley, try to open the back door of the diner to get back 
          in, only to realize it only opens from the inside. Doh!

                            c. The Day After
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    DAY5


	The day after is always worse than the day itself, right? You wake 
up on a blood stained bed, with ditto wrists. I don't mean to alarm you, but 
in about 5 minutes, a cop will come knocking on your door. You want to have 
hidden the evidence by then. So, get up. Like on many 'morning after's, the 
room will start spinning. Take the medicine from the table next to your bed 
to make it stop. Turn back to your bed, and interact with it two times to 
cover up the blood stains. It's no use to check out the wardrobe - you need 
to clean up your arms before you can get dressed.

	Exit your bedroom. As soon as you enter the living room, a phone 
will start ringing. It's your brother, Markus. After the conversation, walk 
into the kitchen. Open up the fourth kitchen cupboard from the left to find 
a Bonus Card (+5). Around this time, you'll suddenly be thrown into an Action 
Sequence. You have to complete one combination. If you get it right, Lucas 
will have a vision, showing a cop knocking on his door and discovering some 
incriminating evidence.

	Near the front door, there's a pillar. Next to it a blood-stained 
piece of clothing - you saw it in the vision if you get the Action Sequence 
right. When you look at the cloth, you'll get another vision. After that, 
pick up the piece of clothing, and head into the bathroom. Put the cloth in 
the washing machine. Now, I suggest you wash up, take a pee, and use the 
bandages from the medicinal cabinet. Then, return to your bedroom, and get 
dressed. You can do other things around the apartment - most of them simply 
affect your Mental Health. Review the list at the end of the chapter to see 
what you can do.

	At some during the last paragraph, the cop will have knocked on the 
door. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to answer the door. Get dressed 
if you hadn't done so yet, and then go back to the living room. Pick up the 
key from the kitchen table. Now, open the door. If you've followed the 
walkthrough up till now, you have hidden the clothing, covered up the blood 
stained sheets, and got dressed, so you haven't got much to worry about. 
First, admit it was you, and then allow the cop to come in.

	As said, if you've disposed of the evidence, the cop will leave soon 
enough, without too much suspicion. If you didn't, you'll have to complete 
some Action Sequences to prevent the cop from seeing it. If you screw up 
these too, it's Game Over. When the cop is gone, you can explore the rest of 
the apartment if you want - try to boost your Mental Health a bit. Also, go 
out onto the balcony. After the scene with the crow, turn left. A Bonus Card 
(+10) is cleverly hidden in the left corner of the balcony. now, leave the 

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Cover up the sheets, put the piece of bloody clothing in the washing 
machine, bandage your arms and get dressed. When the cop knocks, first admit 
it was you and then allow him to come in. Don't forget the Bones Cards - one 
in a kitchen cupboard, one on the balcony.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +10	Take the medicine from the bed table
 +5	Cover up the bloody sheets
 +5 	Answer the phone and talk to your brother
 +5	Drink some milk from the fridge
 +5	Drink a glass of water in the kitchen
 +5	Put on some music
 +5 	Put the piece of blood-stained clothing in the washing machine
 +5	Take a piss in the bathroom
 +10	Bandage your arms
 +10	Get the cop to leave without raising any suspicion

 -5	Examine the photo next to your computer
 -20	After bandaging your arms, you'll have to close the medicinal cabinet. 
	  Doing so will give you quite a startle, and will reduce your Mental 
	  Health by a pretty big amount
 -5	Read the newspaper at the front door
 -10	Turn on the TV

                             d. Confession
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CON5


	This is a pretty short and easy chapter. First of all, walk forward 
until you meet Markus. During the conversation that follows, try to maintain 
the peace between the two brothers. So, don't be too much of a critic as 
Markus, and don't react too aggressively as Lucas. when you get the choice 
between 'Convince' or 'Break Off', choose the first. At the end, Markus will 
offer you a crucifix. I suggest you take it - not only because it's the right 
thing to do, but also because the crucifix doubles as an extra life, which 
might come in handy soon.

	After the conversation, Lucas will get another vision, of a child 
falling into the water. However, there are complications. A time bar will 
start. You can now turn around and walk away, but this will greatly damage 
your Mental Health. Instead, I suggest you quickly run into the water. You'll 
now have to complete a series of 4 Track & Field Sequences to rescue the 
child. In case you forgot, it's the sequences where you have to press the 
left and right keys rapidly.

	When you've got the kid out of the water, Kneel down next to him, 
and attempt to revive him (the green line symbol). you'll have to pump his 
heart 4 or 5 times to succeed. Wait for Lucas to count to three, and then 
pump by clicking and dragging the mouse downward. Don't pump too early or 
too late or you'll fail 9resulting in a Game Over). If you've got it right, 
the word 'GREAT!' will appear. After a few pumps, the child will wake up. 
The policeman will let you go because of your courage.

B O T T O M   L I N E 

	Let the brothers be nice to each other. Don't respond aggressively, 
don't break off the conversation, and accept the crucifix. After that, I highly 
recommend you try to rescue the kid, unless your Mental Health is really high 
(and your own consciousness allows you to walk away).

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +10	Approach Markus in the park
 +20	Save the kid from drowning, and then pump his heart to revive him. 
          You have to do both - it seems to be impossible to walk away without 
          being arrested once you've dragged the kid out of the water

 -5	During the conversation, choose the 'Sick' option as Markus, and then 
          reply with 'Aggressive' with Lucas
 -10	When you get to choice to either convince Markus or to break off the 
          conversation, choose the latter
 -30	When the child falls in the water, walk away instead of saving him

                            e. Police Work
-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    POL5


	Tyler and Carla continue their investigation into the murder at the 
diner. You'll arrive at the Police Station as Carla. Greet the guy at the 
desk, and then go through the metal detector. If you want a Bonus Card, turn 
right as you pass the metal detector, and check in the dark corner for a +10 
card. Now, head up the stairs, and enter the main office. Walk to your 
office - a split scene will show you the way. Just before you enter the 
office, you'll be bothered by two people: A wuss named Jeffrey whines about 
some money Tyler owes him, and Garrett from Forensics says he has some test 
results for you.

	After this, enter your office. Drink some water from water cooler in 
the corner to calm yourself. For a bit of fun (and Mental Health), pick up 
the yoyo on the desk, and play around with it for a while. You first have to 
move the mouse down 4 times, then to the right twice, and then to the right, 
followed by a clockwise arc to the left side. After this, you'll start over. 
When you're done, pick up the phone to call Tyler. You can now switch to him 
if you want to, but I suggest you first use your PC. Go to your inbox. You 
have an email from Tommy, your neighbor, but the email you're after is the 
untitled one. Also, check the right drawer of your desk to find a Bonus 
Card (+5).

	Now, switch to Tyler. Get up. If you want to, you can first look at 
Sam, and then make love to her. Yes, it's a sex scene, and no, you won't see 
any skin, just some impressive shots of Tyler's furniture, accompanied by 
some moaning. To end the sex, switch back to Carla and have her use the 
phone again. Now, get into the shower as Tyler, and then get dressed. 
There's a third Bonus Card in the corner of Tyler bathroom (+10).

	As you enter the living room, examine Sam. Tyler will note she's 
sulking, because she's upset about something. Use the coffee cup on the 
counter to start a conversation. You can choose to be either tender and 
understanding, or a bit harsh and cold. It doesn't actually influence your 
relationship, but negative answers will dent Tyler's Mental Health. After the 
conversation, pick up your coat, give Sam a kiss, and then get out of there.

	As you arrive on the Station, follow the same path as Carla did to get 
to the office. Jeffrey will bother you too. I suggest you make a proposition, 
this will unlock a small mini-game later in the game. Enter the office. After 
the cut-scene, hang up your coat. You can drink some water, and you can play 
around with the basketball if you want to. Enter the main office again, and 
approach Carla and Garrett. You can now ask Garrett about the evidence you 
found. The order in which you ask the questions doesn't matter, you'll get 
to ask them all in the end.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Get to your office as Carla, and call Tyler. Don't forget to read the 
Kirsten mail before you switch to Tyler. Now get Tyler washed up and dressed, 
and get him to the Station. Talk to Garrett to end the scene.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +5	Drink some water in your office
 +5	Play with the yoyo for a while

 -5	As you enter the main office, you notice that Tyler isn't here yet
 -5	Get apprehended by Jeffrey as you get near your office
 -5	read the email about Kirsten

 +5	Look in the mirror
 +5	Examine Sam while she's sleeping
 +20	Make love to Sam
 +5	Take a shower
 +5	Urinate
 +10	Give a positive answer during the conversation with Sam. You'll have 
          to choose an answer twice, and each time, there's two positive and 
          two negative answers. The positive answers, like 'Tender' and 
          'Convincing' respect Sam's feelings. Treat your lady with respect, yo
 +10	Kiss Sam after picking up your coat
 +5	At the office, play around with your basketball
 +5	Drink some water at your office

 -10	If you chose to have sex, end it by calling with Carla
 -20	Pick a negative answer, like 'Firm', during the conversation with Sam
 -30	Leave without kissing Sam goodbye
 -10	If you didn't kiss Sam goodbye (see previous), she'll send you a 
          pretty bitchy email. Reading it damages your Health
 -5	Trigger the conversation with Jeffrey by getting near the office

                         f. Alternate Reality
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    ALT5


	This is the first scene with a fairly long Action Sequence. As you 
leave the toilet, first turn right to find a Bonus Card (+10) in the corner. 
Now, wash your hands (hygiene for the win!), and leave the restroom. You'll by 
in a big room at your bank, with 36 small workspaces. There's a coffee machine 
on the east wall, so go have a nice warm cup if you want some Mental Health. 

	Also, there's two Bonus Cards hidden in the workspaces. I found them 
in the 3rd workspace from the left on the top row (+5), and in the 2nd from 
the bottom and 2nd from the right (+10). However, I have a feeling that the 
locations might be random, so you may need to check all workspaces if they're 
not in the places I mentioned. If you can confirm that they're random, please 
email me.

	Now, make your way to the red dot on the map, and enter your office. 
Sit down at your desk. This will trigger an Action Sequence. If succeed the 
one combo, you'll hear Warren's thoughts about you. Now, look in the drawer 
to your right to find a crucifix (which means one extra life). Use your PC 
to give Lucas quite a scare. After this, Tiffany, your ex, will call. 
I suggest you allow her to come to your apartment, it's good for your 
Mental Health.

	After this phone conversation, a second Action Sequence will start. 
Again, it's just one combo, and it will give you another quick peek into the 
future. Whether or not you passed the sequence successfully, you'll be sent out 
to fix a workstation. In the big room, walk to the red dot. As you come near 
it, you'll have another vision. Approach the red dot, and fix the station. 
Now, the first long Action Sequence of the game will start.

	Start by running away to the left. This will trigger the PAR sequence 
(those colored wheels). You'll be dodging giant bugs for a couple of 
combinations. after a while, one bug will grab you from behind, and you have 
to complete a fairly easy Track & Field sequence to escape his grab. You'll 
then have to complete some more PAR sequences. When you get to the elevator, 
just randomly mash some buttons, and you'll have passed the scene. Remember, 
the situation in this Action Sequence is quite dangerous, so if you fail a 
combination, you'll loose a life.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Get to your office, complete the two short Action Sequences, allow 
Tiffany to come to your place, and then complete the big Action Sequence. 
It's not really difficult, but it'll give you a fair idea of things to 
come. If you can't pass this scene, lower your difficulty setting now.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +5	Wash your hands in the restroom
 +5	Drink some coffee from the machine at the east side of the room
 +10	Answer 'Yes' when Tiffany calls you

 -5	Pass the first Action Sequence to hear Warren's thoughts
 -5	Look at the picture in your left drawer
 -20	Use your PC, and get quite a scare
 -20	Pass the long Action Sequence

                          g. Reconstruction
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    REC5


	You'll find Carla at the morgue. in this really short chapter, you 
have to complete a total of four Action Sequences to make Carla understand 
what the coroner is saying. If you do right, you can discover the 
following facts.

- The victim didn't see the killer until the last moment
- He fell, and damaged his skull
- The victim saw something surprising before he died
- The killer was left-handed

	Afterwards, the coroner will mention a similar case...The Kirsten 
case! Can you feel the plot thicken? Well, time to see what Tyler's doing.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Complete four pretty easy PAR sequences.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +10	Pass an Action Sequence. Carla will understand what the coroner is 
          saying, and draw her own conclusions from it
 -10	Fail an Action Sequence. Carla won't understand the facts

                           h. Tyler & Kate
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    TYL5


	Another short scene, and one that causes a lot of frustration. You 
have to make a composite sketch of the killer using a piece of software. 
Afterwards, the game will tell you if you did awful, decent, or good, by 
showing you a percentage. Thanks to David Baker, I managed to get the highest 
possible score: 75-100%. The results of getting a good sketch aren't that 
drastic, so you may as well try to nail it. I'll now quote the description 
David Baker sent me, with a few additions here and there.

	If the description below isn't enough, I've also provided a screenshot 
of the near-perfect sketch at the following URL:

     |)		                  H E A D                              (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)  The correct head is medium wide and tall, with pronounced     (|
     |)  ears and slightly shaded cheeks. There are five other heads   (|
     |)  that are incorrect:                                           (|
     |)    1. Narrower with unshaded cheeks                            (|
     |)    2. Wide and round, very large ears, and a pronounced        (|
     |)         and dimpled chin                                       (|
     |)    3. Narrow with an earring on the left ear                   (|
     |)    4. Square head with thin ears                               (|
     |)    5. Long and narrow head with a square chin                  (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)                           E Y E S                              (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)  The correct eyes are large and look almost sleepy with        (|
     |)  pronounced irises, the right one drooping slightly. The eyes  (|
     |)  are slightly lower and further away from the nose than the    (|
     |)  other eyes. There are seven other eyes that are incorrect     (|
     |)    1. Squinting eyes                                           (|
     |)    2. Eyes with rectangular glasses                            (|
     |)    3. Normal eyes with slight bags underneath them             (|
     |)    4. Eyes with oval glasses                                   (|
     |)    5. Squinting eyes with the right one drooping               (|
     |)    6. Normal eyes with slight bags underneath them, the left   (|
     |)       iris more pronounced than the right                      (|
     |)    7. Normal eyes                                              (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)                          M O U T H                             (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)  The correct mouth has well-defined lips in a relaxed          (|
     |)  position with a shadow under the lower lip. There are five    (|
     |)  other mouths that are incorrect:                              (|
     |)    1. Frowning lips with a shadow underneath the lower lip     (|
     |)    2. Snarling mouth                                           (|
     |)    3. Light lips pursed together                               (|
     |)    4. Weird crooked mouth                                      (|
     |)    5. Very wide mouth that is horizontal                       (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)                 N O S E   &   E Y E B R O W S                  (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)  The correct eyebrows are medium thickness, curving downward   (|
     |)  towards the bridge of the nose. the nose is slip and only     (|
     |)  clearly defined at the bottom. There are five others that     (|
     |)  are incorrect:                                                (|
     |)    1. Thick eyebrows that angle straight down towards a        (|
     |)         wide nose                                              (|
     |)    2. Eyebrows with points in the middle and wide nose         (|
     |)    3. Thick, horizontal eyebrows with a wide nose              (|
     |)    4. Thin horizontal eyebrows that turn downwards at the      (|
     |)         edge of the face, with a pointed nose                  (|
     |)    5. Very thin, circled eyebrows with a slim nose             (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)                           H A I R                              (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)  The correct hair is short, slicked back, and comes to a point (|
     |)  in the middle. There are five others that are incorrect:      (|
     |)    1. Short and curly                                          (|
     |)    2. Longer and parted on the right                           (|
     |)    3. Dreadlocks                                               (|
     |)    4. Short flat-top                                           (|
     |)    5. Balding                                                  (|
     |)    6. Longer, unkempt, and unparted                            (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)                      F A C I A L   H A I R                     (|
     |)                                                                (|
     |)  No facial hair. All of the other options have some sort of    (|
     |)  facial hair and are incorrect.                                (|
     |)                                                                (|

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Try to make it match as much as possible, but only if you don't mind 
making things harder for Lucas. I you want to go easy on both sides, change 
one or two of the above things to something that looks alike, you'll probably 
get 50-75%.

                             i. Lost Love     
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    LOS5


	In case you're wondering - yes, this is the chapter where you can see 
a sex-scene, as long as you have the European version. I'll get to that. 
First though, get out of the chair. You can do several things around the 
apartment, and most of them boost your mental health. You can try watching 
TV. It'll mention the accident in the park, and then they'll show the 
composite sketch. This might decrease your Mental Health if you got over 50% 
on the sketch.

	You can also play some guitar, or beat the shit out of your punching 
bag. I suggest you do both - not only are they a good practice for the more 
difficult Action Sequences later on, but they also restore some Mental Health 
when completed successfully. If you fail three combinations while playing or 
punching, Lucas will give up. When you're done playing, check out the fourth 
kitchen cupboard from the left to find a bonus Card (+5). Yes, it is in the 
same spot as the other one, and no, it doesn't matter if you found the first 
one or not.

	Try to boost your Mental Health as much as possible - refer to the 
list to see what you can do. Now, go to your bed, and lie down for a nap. 
Soon, Tiffany will wake you. Answer the front door. Now, if you want to have 
sex with her, you have to follow the steps listen below. Even if you're not 
some pervert who gets off on digital sex, I'd still suggest try to 'score'. 
If you fail, this will greatly damage your Mental Health, and you want as 
much as possible for the next couple of chapters.

- Ask her if there's any news.
- Choose the 'Glass' option, then walk to the kitchen. Pick up the glass and 
    bottle from the counter, pour a glass, and give it to Tiffany.
- Now you need to find her stuff. There are two small boxes with her initials 
    on it in the apartment. One is in the corner left of the phone, the other 
    is left of the PC in the bedroom.
- When she asks about you, can have four options - Sincere, Reassuring, Cold 
    and Aggressive. Choose one of the first three.
- Become all sentimental.
- Ask her if she's alone.
- She'll now ask you to play the guitar for her. Turn on the amp, and pick up 
    the guitar. The Action Sequence that follows is the same as before - one 
    song, two colored wheels, three chances to screw up.
- If you successfully complete the sequence, you can kiss her
- Let's get down and dirty! If you're playing the USA version, you won't see 
    much. If you're a proud European, you actually have to do a little 
    'thrusting' action sequence. Oh noes, my sensitive soul! Don't worry 
    Americans - thanks to your frustrated soccer moms, you won't have to see 
    any of this poorly animated filth. Your souls are saved!

	Afterwards, whether you had sex or not, Lucas will doze off, and wake 
up after a while. Leave the bedroom. There's a crow on the chair. Leave the 
apartment to end the scene.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Take a nap, flirt with Tiffany, and enjoy a little sex scene. In case 
you're wondering - Yes, I am against the kind of censorship seen in the 
American version. The sex-scene, though pretty graphic, was absolutely no 
worse than you see in the average Hollywood movie, but because it's in a 
game, it's suddenly really evil. Hey USA, can you spell hypocrisy?

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +5	Put on some music
 +10	Play one song successfully on guitar
 +10	Beat the hell out of your punching bag
 +5	Drink some milk from the fridge
 +5	Have some gin from the bottle in the kitchen
 +5	Urinate in the toilet
 +10	Use the medicin next to your bed
 +10	Take a short nap (before Tiffany comes)
 +5	Give Tiffany a drink
 +5	Become sentimental with Tiffany
 +10	Successfully play the guitar for Tiffany
 +30	Have sex with Tiffany. Score!

 -10	Turn on the TV, and wait until they show the sketch. You'll only 
          loose Mental Health if you did well on the sketch
 -5	Examine the picture next to your PC
 -20	Try to kiss Tiffany before you've played guitar
 -30	If you kiss her too soon, Tiffany will leave
 -20	After playing guitar for her, tell Tiffany to leave
 -20	Wake up from the dream sequence (can't be avoided)

                          j. Hide and Seek
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    HID5


	This chapter contains some annoying elements. You'll start out at a 
graveyard. Walk down the path, and turn the camera so that you can see to the 
right of Lucas. After a while, there's a short path on the right with a Bonus 
Card (+10) at the end. Pick it up, and get back to the main path. Turn right, 
and keep walking down the path. To the right, you'll see Markus waiting for 
you. However, first walk straight ahead, until you come to a dead end. Pick 
up the crucifix (extra life) from the grave to the right of this dead end. 
Now, go to Markus, and put the flowers on the grave. This will, for some 
reason, trigger a flashback scene.

	Watch the cut-scene. When the brats are gone, walk forward a little. 
You'll get a vision, in which the hangar goes up in flames. If you complete 
the little Action Sequence that starts successfully, you'll also see how you 
can sneak past the guards. Now, you need to save those kids! It's no use 
talking to the guard at the front, he won't believe you. Instead, go to the 
rightmost end of the fence, behind the tower. Approach the net that's 
hanging over the fence, and climb up. You have to use your mouse movement 
to climb - just click and drag it in the right direction. Some people seem 
to have trouble with this, but it's really not that hard once you got the 
hang of it.

	When you drop down on the other side of the fence, look to the left. 
Off in the distance, there's a big rock near the next fence. You need to get 
to that rock. Time your movement carefully, so you'll avoid the two 
patrolling guards. It's best to run if both guards in the area you're in are 
at the edge of the field. When you get to the rock, crawl through the hole 
in the fence nearby. Now, hide behind the boxes. From time to time, a truck 
will drive past from the left to the right. When a truck comes, walk up 
behind it, and then follow it, keeping the truck between you and the guard. 
Keep walking next to it until you're halfway between the first hangar and 
the second one. Then, walk straight towards the red cross on the map. If you 
get caught, leave the cover of the truck sooner or later, depending on what 
guard saw you.

	When you get to the red cross, enter the hole in the wall. Lucas 
will now warn Markus of the danger. You now need to find all three other 
kids, otherwise you'll loose a big amount of Mental Health. The little brats 
can be found at the following locations.

1. From the start, walk straight ahead. You'll see a wall of boxes in front 
     of you. Run to the left, and around this wall. On the backside of the 
     wall, you'll see one loose panel at the bottom. That's where the first 
     kid is.
2. Go up the stairs and walk to the end of the path, you'll find the 
     second kid.
3. At the bottom of the stairs, there's a part of an airplane. Check behind 
     it to find the last brat. Lie to him to get him out of the hangar.

	When you've got them all, a cut-scene will start, and after that, 
you'll be warped back to the present. Markus will give you the address of 
some expert on the occult.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Talk to Markus. Climb over the fence on the right side, run to the 
left, crawl through the hole in the fence, walk behind the truck, get inside 
the hangar, and find the kiddos.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +10	Save all the kids in the hangar
 -30	Fail to save them all

                           k. Friendly Combat
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    FRI5


	It doesn't matter who you select to play the chapter as - it comes 
down to the exact same thing anyway. At the start, you first need to warm 
up. Use one of the machines, and complete the (quite annoying) Track & Field 
sequence to complete the warm-up. Each characters needs to do two warm-ups to 
be ready for the fight. If you want, you can make your characters drink a 
little to increase their Mental Health. Check in the corner behind the ring 
to find a Bonus Card. Now, when you've done two warm-ups with each character, 
approach the ring, and start the fight. It's a pretty straightforward PAR 
sequence, but it's good training for the harder stuff later on.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Warm up, and win the fight.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +5	Drink some water
 +10	Complete the warm-up
 +20	Win the fight


 +5	Drink some water
 +10	Complete the warm-up

                         l. Debriefing (Carla)
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    DEC5


	The scene will start with Carla and Tyler getting questioned by 
their boss. It doesn't matter much what you answer. After a couple of 
questions, you're free to go. Carla and Tyler will each go their own way 
from here. I'll first describe Carla's path. 

	You have to find some information on the mysterious Kirsten case. 
Start by walking straight forward. At the dead end, you'll find a Bonus Card 
(+10). Now, return to the start, and walk down the corridor. When you get to 
the gate, first use the light switch to the right, and then head through it. 

	Now, a rather annoying sequence will start. You have to make Carla 
breathe normally. You can do so by alternately pressing the left and right 
movement keys. If you don't press any key, the meter will move to the right 
end of the bar. You have to try to keep it in the middle, by tapping the keys 
in a steady tempo. If you tap them too fast, the meter will go to the left 
side of the bar, and that isn't good either. If the meter reaches either 
side, Carla will give up and run back out. You can move forward, and change 
your direction by holding down the right mouse button.

	In front of you is a small basement with several file cabinets. The 
cabinets are placed in rows of four. On the first and he last cabinet of 
each row, there's a wheel that allows you to move the cabinet next to it, 
thus creating pathways for Carla. Start by turning the rightmost wheel. Head 
through the newly formed path. At the next row of file cabinets, first turn 
the wheel on the left, followed by the one on the right. You should now have 
created a path towards the central area with the computer terminal.

	The terminal doesn't have any power, so you'll need to find a 
switchbox first. Facing the terminal, turn left, and head through the path 
between the two file cabinets. The switch is on the wall behind the next row 
of file cabinets. First, turn the wheel on the right, and then the wheel on 
the left. This should create a path to a switchbox on the back wall. It's 
brightly lit, so you can't miss it. Use it, and then backtrack to the - now 
powered - computer terminal.

	Now, you have to find the right tape. It's in the section '1990-2000'. 
Facing the terminal, turn right, and turn the leftmost wheel on the row of 
cabinets here. Head through the path. It seems like a dead end. Turn the 
wheel to the left of you. a path opens up, but there's nothing for you in 
there. Instead, return to the computer, and turn the wheel on the left once 
again. Now, Turn the rightmost wheel on the same row, and head through the 
opening. Almost there - turn the wheel in front of you, and the section 
'1990-2000' will open up. Pick up the tape from this aisle, return to the 
computer, and use it.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Turn on the light, get to the computer, turn on the power (to the 
left), and find the tape (to the right of the computer, in the section 
'1990-2000'). Use it with the terminal to end the scene.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +20	Find the right tape

 -10	Fail to control your breath
 -30	Give up by leaving the basement - Tyler will do it later on

                         m. Debriefing (Tyler)
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    DET5


	As Tyler, you have to find out something about Lucas's book. Start 
by turning left (seen from Tyler's point of view), and follow the walkway 
around the corner, and to the end to find a Bonus Card (+20). Now, head down 
the stairs at the door, and walk to Takeo (the little Japanese dude). After 
getting his attention, you can complete a small Action Sequence, but the 
reward is absolutely useless. Choose 'expertise' when you have the chance, 
followed by 'insist'. The conversation will end, but as you walk away, Takeo 
will ask you to retrieve a book for him.

	Head to the table under the stairs. First, examine the book Takeo 
gave you. You should note that the author is named 'De Gruttola'. Put away 
the book, and now put Lucas's book on the table. you can zoom in on parts 
using the magnifying glass. Skip a couple of pages. On the page after the 
title page, you'll see some sort of stain in the upper left corner. Zoom in 
on it to discover a personal message from one 'M.K.' (Markus Kane). As you 
put the book away, a bookmark falls from it. Pick it up - it's an important 
clue, yo!

	Now, to find the missing book. Walk up the stairs. To the right of 
the main entrance, there is a table with a book on it. If you read it, you'll 
notice that the author of Takeo's book, De Gruttola, is connected to the 
number 1796. Head back to where Takeo is, and climb the small stage behind 
him. There's another big book on the table here. Reading it reveals the 
location of your book - the white section on the third floor. 

	Go to the third floor, and find the bookcases with a white square on 
them. Pick up a book from these bookcases, and give it to Takeo. Once you've 
recovered from the shock regarding his accent, ask him any two questions about 
the book. It doesn't matter much, as Takeo doesn't have much useful 
information anyway. After the conversation, head for the door. You'll find 
a Bonus Card (+20) on your way out.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Talk to Takeo, and pick 'expertise' follow by 'insist'. Examine both 
books on the table with the magnifying glass. Pick up the bookmark that 
falls from the Shakespeare book. Pick up the right book from the third floor, 
from a bookcase with a white square. Return to Takeo, talk about the book, 
and you're done.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +20	Find the small bookmark that falls from the Shakespeare book
 +10	Give the correct book to Takeo

 -5	Give the wrong book to Takeo

                              n. Agatha
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    AGA5


	Lucas arrives at Agatha's house. Walk up to the door - it's on the 
left after ten meters, and it's well lit. No-one answers when you ring the 
bell, and, like in every horror movie, the door isn't locked when you try it. 
Once inside, enter the door on the right. In this small kitchen, you can find 
a Bonus Card (+5). Return to the corridor, and go through the door at the end. 
Another empty room. There's another door on the wall to your left. Go through 
it to finally find the witch Agatha.

	After the conversation, get behind her wheelchair, and push it back 
to the corridor. Now enter the door on your left (seen from the front door). 
Hmm, scenic. Tell her about your misfortune. After two questions, it will 
seem like the visit is over. But, before you can leave, Agatha asks you to 
feed her birds. Pickup the seed from the lower drawer of the cabinet in the 
corner, and use it on three different cages.

	Now, the conversation will continue. When Agatha asks you to, push 
her to the living room. You now need to prepare for some sort of ceremony. 
To the left of the door to the corridor, there's a small cabinet. Pick up 
the candles from its lower drawer. Also, head back to the kitchen to find 
some matches. Once you've got everything, put and light three candles on the 
table. Next, close the curtains of both windows, and use the switch next to 
the door to turn off the light. 

	There's one last thing to do before you sit down: rob the elderly! 
Enter Agatha's bedroom (where you first found her). On the small table next 
to the bed, you can find a crucifix. Trust me, you want this extra life for 
the upcoming Action Sequences. Also, enter her bathroom (the second door in 
the bedroom), and pick up the Bonus Card in the corner (+20). Now return 
to the living room, and sit down next to Agatha.

	A long and ridiculously easy Action Sequence will start. The 
cut-scene that plays during the sequence will tell the story of what happened 
in the diner, and it will reveal a thing or two about the mysterious man who 
sat at your table. The plot is thickening! When you're done, Agatha will tell 
you to come back the next day.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Find Agatha, follow her commands, and then watch the cut-scene / PAR sequence.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +20	Successfully complete the Action Sequence

                       o. Questions and Bullets
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    QUE5


	We find Carla at a shooting range. Approach the last guy, and talk 
to him. Ask about the Kirsten case - in this and the following conversations, 
it doesn't really matter what you ask, you can get plenty of useful 
information. At two points, you will have to do a shooting gallery mini-game. 
It's pretty simple, and if you're playing this with a mouse, you should be 
able to get a good result without too much hassle. Not that it really matters 
whether you shoot well or not - it only slightly affects your Mental Health, 
and it doesn't do anything for the conversation. Keep asking questions until 
the chapter ends.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Ask questions, shoot, ask questions, shoot, ask questions.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

+10	Shoot well

-10	Shoot crappy

                          p. Double or Quits
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    DOU5


	Remember that wuss Jeffrey from the Police Work chapter? You could 
challenge him for a basketball game. Well, now's the time to serve him good. 
The whole chapter is one big PAR sequence, pretty much like Friendly Combat. 
At the start, you can choose to make of Jeffrey. Doing so will net you some 
Mental Health, but if you don't do it, Jeffrey will let you start. Just use 
your keyboarding skills, and you should get through this chapter with ease.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Pwn or be pwned.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +5	Make fun of Jeffrey
 +5	Score a few points
 +20	Win the game

 -5	Let Jeffrey score some points
 -20	Loose the game

                             q. The Storm
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    STO5


	You'll either love or hate this chapter - most people seem to be 
edging towards the latter. Pick up the phone to initiate a long series of 
Action Sequence, in which you'll be dodging nearly every piece of furniture 
in your apartment. You start with about 30 short PAR sequences, and from 
there, the so-called Track & Field sequences make their entry.

	At the end, you'll play as Markus for a bit. Run down the hall, and 
examine the first door on the right. Complete the short Track & Field sequence 
to kick down the door, and then run onto the balcony, and complete one more 
sequence to save Lucas.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Dodge! Dodge! Do- Oh my God where the fuck are the walls going?!? Aaaahhhh!

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +10	Save Lucas

                             r. Dark Omen
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    OME5


	Finally, another good adventuring chapter. You'll start with a 
cut-scene of Carla taking a shower. Don't worry if you've got the censored 
American version - you're not missing a whole lot of skin. When you gain 
control of Carla, first check in the corner of the bathroom for a Bonus Card 
(+10). Now, leave the bathroom, and walk through the bedroom, into the living 
room. Answer the phone. After the conversation, you can switch to Tyler if 
you want to, but I would suggest playing as Carla for just a bit longer. Go 
back to the bathroom and get dressed. You can watch some TV in the living 
room to pass the time.

	After a while, a guy will come knocking on the door. Hmmm, a 
good-looking guy knocking on the door of a girl late at night? Forget it you 
pervert, he's gay. The wine glasses can be found in the cupboard above the 
furnace. He'll then read your future through Tarot Cards. The future looks 
grim indeed. There's no way to avoid the Mental Health loss here, but don't 
worry, you can do some things to restore it afterwards (refer to the Mental 
Health list). When Tommy is gone, it's time to switch to Tyler.

	Let's see, what to make of this bookmark-thingie? Well, for the first 
and only time in the game, the internet is useful! Boot up the PC, and go to 
the web. On the rightmost tab, you'll find some stock numb- OMG! Now that 
Tyler 'Mister Obvious' Miles has finally figured it out, call up Carla. After 
the conversation, get out of your chair, pick up the piece of paper, and use 
it on the fax machine near the door. 

	Switch to Carla. Walk to the fax machine (next to the PC), pick up 
the paper, and leave your apartment. Remember Tommy saying he was dating 
some dude from a bank? Well, what are you waiting for? Ring his doorbell. 
Afterwards, go back inside and call Tyler. Now, as Tyler, pick up the paper 
from the fax machine, put it on your desk, and sit down. First turn on the 
lamp, and then use the piece of paper. Voila! At the end of the chapter, you 
can choose who goes to the bank the next day, but it doesn't matter, really.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	As Carla, answer the phone, get dressed, and have some 'fun' with 
Tommy. Switch to Tyler, look on the web, call Carla, and fax her the paper. 
As Carla, pick up the paper, and show it to Tommy. Call Tyler, and then, as 
Tyler, hold the paper to the light.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +10	Lie down on the bed
 +5	Have a pee in the toilet
 +5	Watch some TV
 +5	Eat some Chinese food from the kitchen counter
 +5	Open the door when Tommy rings the bell
 +5	Toast with Tommy
 +5	Ask Tommy about himself (choose the 'Tommy' option)
 +20	After you've made the discovery with Tyler, and faxed Carla the 
          bookmark, show the paper from the fax machine to Tommy, across the 
          hall from the apartment

 -5	During the conversation with Tommy, choose the 'Carla' option
 -5	During the conversation with Tommy, choose the 'Work' option
 -5	Pick the first pair of cards
 -5	Pick the second pair of cards
 -5	Pick the third pair of cards
 -10	Pick the fourth pair of cards


 +10	Go on the web to discover the origin of the piece of paper
 +5	Play around with the basketball
 +5	Fax the paper to Carla
 +10	Find the watermark on the piece of paper

 -20	If you walk around the office for too long, Tyler will yawn, and 
          you'll loose a significant portion of your Health

                             s. Face Off
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    FAC5


	Ooh, exciting! The plot finally brings the police to Lucas. You'll 
have some time before Carla or Tyler enters your office, so you want to get 
of some evidence first. Before you do anything, look in the right drawer for 
a Bonus Card (+10). Now get up. On the corner of your desk is a piece of 
paper...with a corner missing! Use it twice to hide it. Do the same for the 
book to the left of your PC. Like in the first scene, you won't see where 
you hide it. 

	Now listen up. As soon as Carla comes into your office, take your 
hands off the keyboard. You heard me. Take 'em off. You will fail all 
upcoming PAR sequences, and that's a good thing. Half of the sequences 
have absolutely zero effect, the other half will damage your Mental Health 
AND raise suspicion when you pass them. That's right, you get a penalty for 
doing something right. Oh Quantic Dream, you crazy game developers you! Just 
sit still. If you do nothing, Lucas won't react to the bugs either.

	Anyway, you should avoid raising suspicion as much as possible. 
Answer with 'Truth' rather than lying for the first couple of questions. When 
you're shown the composite sketch, joke about it. When the subject of your arms 
is raised, lie about it. When Carla asks you about the situation in the office, 
reply with 'No'. This should get you through the conversation without raising 
suspicion. Afterwards, Lucas will get up and go to the restroom.

	Now, as Carla, you can search for some evidence. Pick up the pen from 
Lucas's desk. Also, check the right drawer of his desk to find the Shakespeare. 
The piece of paper can be found in the box next to Lucas's desk. If it isn't, 
try the left-hand drawer of Lucas's desk. The location is random, so it might 
be in a third spot. When you've got these three things, wait for Lucas to come 
back. Carla (or Tyler) will now go away.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Hide the book and the paper. During the conversation, FAIL all Action 
Sequences, and choose the replies that don't raise Carla's suspicion. As 
Carla, pick up the pen, and find the book in the right-hand drawer.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

Carla / Tyler

 +5	Find Lucas's pen
 +5	Find the book in the desk drawer


 -10	Pass the first Action Sequence with the bugs
 -10	Pass the second Action Sequence with the bugs
 -20	Pass the third Action Sequence with the bugs

                           t. Back to Agatha
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    BTA5


	Time to find out what this witch really knows. Enter her house, and 
walk straight to the living room. Uh-oh. If you're low on Mental health, don't 
inspect the body, as it will cost you 30 points. Now, the police are on their 
way. You can simply leave through the window, but it seems Agatha left you a 
little surprise or two. The first can be found in her bedroom - A +10 bonus 
Card. Now, go into the room with the cages.

	You can inspect the cage opposite of the door. There's a piece of 
paper in there, but the cage is locked. Head into the kitchen, and pick up 
the knife that's on the table. Return to the cage, and pry it open with the 
knife. You can also find a key in the bag of seeds you used in an earlier 
chapter. Reading the note inside will slightly boost your Health. Now, return 
to the living room, and escape through the window before the cops get there.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Find Agatha, and escape. The part with the note is optional.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +20	Start of the chapter
 +10	Find Agatha's hidden note

 -30	Examine Agatha's body

                        u. Happy Anniversary!
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    HPP5


	You start off as Tyler. Walk to the oven, turn it on, then get some 
champagne from the fridge. After you've poured some in the glasses, Sam will 
appear. Put some music on. Now you'll have to dance with her. It's rather 
easy, and the results aren't that big if you screw up.

	The scene then cuts to Carla. This is where the fun starts - you have 
to combine all the evidence you found to identify Lucas. The difficulty of 
this part depends on how well you played as the police. Still, even if you 
didn't collect a single clue, you can't get stuck - Martin, the cop from 
diner, will help you out of you're out of evidence. Here's a list of the 
possible combinations.

- The two Shakespeare books. You can only do this is you've found the book in 
    Lucas's Desk in the Face Off chapter.
- If, at the end of the first chapter, you took a taxi as Lucas, check the 
    fax machine for a list of taxi destinations, and combine it with Lucas's 
    file (in the letter-inbox on Carla's desk).
- The fingerprints on the pen (on your PC) with those from knife (on Tyler's 
    desk). Only if you picked up the pen in Face Off.
- After you've examined the bank's employee file (Carla's inbox), the cop 
    from the diner will come in. Afterwards, pick up Lucas's picture (also 
    from the inbox), leave the office, and show it to McCarthy. This works 
    every time.
- If you've found the piece of paper in the Face Off chapter, you can now 
    combine it with the bookmark.
- If the sketch you made was good (75-100%), you can use it to find a link to 
    Lucas. First, memorize Lucas's file (in Carla's inbox), then link it to 
    the sketch, which is on the board next to Tyler's desk.

	I'm not sure how you can use the list of phone calls. If you do know, 
please send me an email. You need to link two clues to be sure. When you've 
got them both, call up Tyler to tell him the good news. As Tyler, stand up, 
and ignore your girl's bitching. You've got work to do!

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Dance! Then get serious, and combine the evidence you've found to 
find out that *gasp* Lucas did it! Who would have thought?

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +30	Complete the dance with Sam

 -20	Leave at the end of the scene


 +10	Find a link between two pieces of evidence
 +5	Show Martin Lucas's photo
 +20	Discover who the murderer is

 -20	Once every while, Carla will yawn

                          v. Bloody Washing
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    BLO5

A cut-scene! Easy for you to pass, easy for me to describe! Everybody wins!

                          w. Confrontation
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CFT5


	One of the coolest chapters. You'll start as Carla, who's about to 
charge into Lucas's apartment. Walk to the door - you should remember which 
one from The Storm - and bust it open. Ooh Lucas, I live what you've done to 
the place! Kick open the door to the bathroom and bedroom. Looks like you've 
missed him.

	The scene will then shift to Lucas, and you'll get to play a long and 
really cool Action Sequence. I'm not even going to spoil it - just enjoy, 
and good luck (in that order).

B O T T O M   L I N E

Take the red pill, Neo.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +30	At the start of the chapter
 -20	Discover that Lucas isn't in his apartment

                    x. Captain Jones Is Really Upset
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CJI5


	This chapter rocks, if only for its title. anyway, you have to answer 
three question from a really upset Captain. It doesn't matter who answers 
them, unless someone's really low on Mental Health (every time you let one of 
the cops answer, s/he loses 5 Health points).

B O T T O M   L I N E

Temper temper.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 -5	Give Jones an answer

                           y. Fallen Angels
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    FAL5


	This scene starts and ends with a conversation, but what you say is 
of little importance - just pick your favourite answer, and enjoy the 
storyline. The biggest part of this scene consists of a long and 
beautifully done Action Sequence, not unlike the one in Confrontation. You 
know what to do.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Angels suck balls.

                        z. Soap, Blood and Clues
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    SBC5


	Another 'investigation' chapter, although not nearly as good as the 
other ones. Approach Tyler. When he's gone inside, talk to Garrett at the 
door. Just ask a few questions, it doesn't matter much what you pick. Now, 
enter the place. There's a couple of spots interest for both characters - the 
dead man, the dead woman, the phone near her (Tyler only), the blood between 
the two bodies, the blood near the toolbox and the toolbox (Carla). Once 
you've seen everything with  both characters, you're ready to leave, but 
not before you've picked up the Bonus Card (+10) from the shopping cart.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Search the whole place with both characters.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +5	Check the blood on the floor near the toolbox
 +5	Examinate the corpse of the man


 +5	Examinate the corpse of the man
 +5	Examinate the corpse of the woman
 +5	Look at the payphone while sitting next to the woman's corpse

                         aa. The Fugitive
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    FUG5


	From the start, go straight ahead to the first intersection, and then 
turn right. As you approach the place shown in the other frame, Lucas will 
have another vision. Uh-oh, the police are on your trail. To the right of the 
shop with the yellow sign, you'll see a fence that's blocking off an alley. 
Before you interact with the fence, walk across the street, and look around 
the sidewalk to find a Bonus Card (+20). Now, cross the street again, and 
climb the fence. You have to use the same technique you used in the 
Hide & Seek chapter. Good luck.

	After climbing over two fences, you'll see two policemen to your 
left. The policemen are shown in a separate frame. Wait until they stop 
looking in your direction, and then dash across the open area. You should 
remain unnoticed. On the other side, climb the drain pipe in the corner. 
It's the same climbing technique you used before, you should know how to do 
it by now. 

	At the top, move along the narrow ledge. At three spots, you have to 
complete a small PAR sequence to avoid falling off. At the end, climb down 
the drain pipe, and over the next fence. Approach the right-most window, and 
try to open. You have to complete a ridiculously long Track & Field sequence 
in order to get it open. when you've got it, climb into your ex's apartment.

	Now, there are a couple of things you can do to boost your Mental 
Health. First, lie down on the bed. When you get back up, a PAR sequence will 
start. If you complete it, you'll see Tyler looking under the bed. Now, leave 
the bedroom. Go to the kitchen. In the second cupboard from the left, you can 
find another Bonus Card (+5). In the cupboard to the right of that one is some 
food. If you want to boost your Health even further, eat and drink some from 
the fridge.

	Enter the bathroom. You can find an extra life in here. It's not 
visible from the default camera point, but if you just walk around a bit, 
you'll find it. Go back to the living room, and watch some TV. Be sure to 
watch it to the end - there's some important information to be seen! Avoid 
using the answering machine, as it will only damage your Mental Health.

	After a while, Tiffany will come in. You'll then need to hide from 
the police. If you completed the PAR sequence earlier on, you know that 
hiding under the bed isn't a good idea. Instead, hide in the closet in the 
living room. When Tyler is in the apartment, you have to complete a bunch 
of Action Sequences to avoid being found. You can screw up once or twice, but 
it will seriously damage your Mental Health. If you complete it successfully, 
Tyler will leave. Phew.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Get past the horrible climbing parts, then enter Tiffany's place. 
Boost your Mental Health, and watch TV. When Tyler comes knocking at the 
door, hide in the closet in the living room, and complete the PAR sequences 
to keep him off your back.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +10	Force open the window
 +10	Lie down on the bed
 +5	Eat something from the rightmost cupboard
 +5	Eat a sandwich from the fridge
 +5	Drink some milk from the fridge
 +10	Watch TV

 -5	After the first two fences, you'll encounter the crow again
 -10	Fail to climb up or down one of the drain pipes
 -20	Listen to the message on the answering machine
 -10	Fail one of the PAR sequence when Tyler is searching around

                             bb. Jason
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    JAN5


	Creepy stuff right here, as well as a very obvious reference to 
Silence Of The Lambs. When you're inside, walk straight ahead until you come 
to a dead end, where you can find a Bonus Card (+10). Return to the previous 
intersection of hallway, and now go left (right seen from the entrance). Walk 
up to the guy here to enter Janos's cell.

	In case you forgot, this is the guy that killed Kirsten. Walk up to 
the table, and start the conversation. At the start, choose 'Kirsten' 
followed by 'Not Crazy' to get him to talk about the Laundromat. After that, 
it doesn't matter much what you ask, you'll get all the information you want. 
When you're done, leave the cell.

	Oh crap, this doesn't look good. As soon as you regain control of 
Carla, you'll see two messages: "Walk!" and "Breathe!". Remember the scene 
in the basement of the police station? good news, you can do the whole 
breathing-sequence again! Start by walking straight ahead, keeping your 
breath meter in the middle by pressing left and right.

	As you exit the first corridor, a madman will walk past you. Stop 
walking and breathing, until Carla says it's safe. Now turn left (by holding 
down the right mouse button), and follow this corridor. After some ten meter, 
another crazy will walk right past you, so once again, stand still and stop 
breathing. Almost there! Walk straight ahead. When the light comes back on, 
run straight ahead, to the door, where Barney will save you.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Talk to Janos, get him to talk about the Laundromat, and then escape 
an asylum full of crazy killers. 

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +10	At the start of the chapter
 +10	Get Janos to talk about the Laundromat
 -20	When the lights go out

                        cc. Meeting Kuriakin
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    MEE5


	At the start, turn left, and check in the corner to find a Bonus Card 
(+5). Now, go talk to the professor. Start by saying you're from the NY Times. 
If you fail the little PAR sequence that follows, reply jokingly to avoid 
raising suspicion. Now, ask whatever you want about the case. The professor 
will explain a lot, meanwhile guiding you past two museum pieces.

	At the second museum piece, he asks you who you really are. Reply 
with the truth, and then show him your arms to win him over. follow him out 
the back door. Now, you're attacked by several cars, so it's time for another 
Action Sequence. Yay! Unfortunately, the professor won't survive (heart 
attack), so it would seem you're once again on a dead end...oh wait.

B O T T O M   L I N E

	Ask the professor about the Mayan rituals, then convince him to help 
you, and then dodge some cars in the parking lot. One of my favorite chapters.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +20	Get the professor to help you

 -20	After the Action Sequence.

                          dd. Mayan Secrets
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    MAY5


	At the start, you'll have opportunity to ask the Oracle two 
questions. It doesn't matter much what you choose, just pick the option 
you're most interested in. After this, you'll have to complete an 
Action Sequence in order to escape a pissed off panther. It's easy and more 
repetitive than some of the earlier sequences, so you should have no 
problem with it.

                            ee. The Clan
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CLA5


	Oh great, an 'interactive' cut-scene. Excuse my sarcasm for a 
second, but how does pressing some buttons during cinematic scene consist 
of revolutionary gameplay? Meh, just play the scene and judge for 

                       ff. Danger & Obliquity
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    DAO5


	One of the last awesome scenes in the game, unfortunately. You'll 
start as Lucas. Get up from the bed. At this point, you can switch to Carla, 
but this will only complicate things for yourself. Instead, walk to the 
phone, and use it to call Markus. 
	As Markus, choose to pick up the phone (instead of talking with the 
stranger). Run towards the door in front of you. Inside your office, pick up 
the phone. You now need to convince Markus to close the door. Choose the 'No 
Time' option to do so, and then quickly lock up the door. Return to the phone 
to end Lucas's part.

	You'll now control Carla. Kick in the door Tyler is standing next 
to, and get ready for some nudity (if you live in Europe). Hmm, looks like 
it's the wrong door. Search the corridor to find another door labeled '369' 
(its location is random). Open it.

	When Carla and Tyler are gone, you'll once again take control of 
Lucas. Walk to the ringing phone, and answer it. Looks like things just keep 
getting worse and worse for our hero. Well, no time to waste - You've got a 
damsel in distress to save!

B O T T O M   L I N E

	As Lucas, use the phone. As Markus, run to your office, and pick up 
the phone. Pick the 'No time' option, then lock the door, and go back to the 
phone. As Carla, kick in the door of 269, then find the REAL 369, and open 
the door. Back as Lucas, answer the phone.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +30	Manage to save Markus from the Oracle
 +20	Hide from the police

 -60	Fail to save Markus
 -20	Answer the phone at the end of the scene


 +30	At the start of the scene
 -30	Discovering that Lucas is gone

                       gg. Fate On Russian Hills
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    FRH5


	Lucas to the rescue! Run to the rollercoaster at the back of the 
park. Once there, get into the control booth, and throw the switch. Get into 
the cart that appears, and pull down the safety bar. When you get to the top, 
you need to cross a narrow beam to get to Tiffany. To do so, you need to hold 
down the up button, and meanwhile manage to keep the meter in the center by 
pressing left and right. It's sort of like Carla's breathing game, only more 
difficult. When you get to Tiffany, untie her.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Get up the coaster, cross the beam, and untie Tiffany.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +20	Untie Tiffany

 -XX	At the end of the chapter, you'll loose all Mental Health except 
          for 5 measly points	

                          hh. Child's Play
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CSP5


	Another stealthy mission, and a difficult one too. Start by getting 
out your bed and waking up Markus. Climb out of the window. You'll need to 
follow the yellow line on your map, meanwhile avoiding guards and search 
lights. Start by heading left, towards the wall. When the light is on the 
other side, quickly follow the wall towards the corner. Head to the big 
rock next to the wall, and wait for the light to pass. When it does, start 
walking around the rock. When you're halfway past it, a separate frame will 
pop up, showing tow guards. Stop moving, and wait until they're looking at 
each other, then continue, and go back to the wall. 

	Now, follow the wall until you come to a stack of boxes. From here, 
follow the yellow line to the leftmost barrack. When you're here, you'll see 
a small cut-scene, showing a guard that comes your way. Quickly dash back to 
the stack of boxes you came from, and hide behind them until the guard has 
passed. Now, head back to the barrack, and head east. When you approach the 
big open space between the two rows of barracks, another cut-scene will show 
a guard that you need to distract. 

	Walk back west. When you're at the end of the barrack, you should see 
a '!' icon. Use it to distract the guard. Now, quickly head back to Markus, 
and dash across the open area. Hide behind the rock, then switch to Markus 
and get him across too. 

	Almost there. Follow the yellow line between the two barracks. You 
will see a guard next to a pole, and you'll need to distract him. As Markus, 
walk around the barrack, to the second red cross on your map, and use the 
garbage can here. when you switch back to Lucas, wait until the guard has 
left, then climb up the pole, using the beloved climb technique you saw 
several times earlier. 

	Now, you have to climb across a wire, avoiding the spotlights. Press 
left to move forward. To get past the lights, wait until they move forward, 
then move to the edge of the light. As soon as the light start to move back, 
climb forward as fast as you can. When you get to the end of the wire, slide 
down the pole. Now, it's simply a matter of avoiding the few remaining 
spotlights, and getting to the red cross on your map. Once there, open 
the door, and head in.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Follow the yellow line, dodging and distracting guards as you go.

                           ii. Checkmate! 
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    CHE5


Another semi-interactive cut-scene. Enjoy.

                            jj. The Pact
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    PAC5


	Not much action in the chapter, but there's a main plot twist to 
compensate it. As Carla, walk up to the grave with the flowers, and look 
down. Now, when Lucas shows up, you can react either Trusting or Wary. 
This only has impact on your Mental Health. Also, the PAR sequences in 
this scene don't have any essential rewards. You can ask Lucas whatever 
you want. At the end of the scene, you will automatically create a pact.

B O T T O M   L I N E

Talk to Lucas until the scene ends.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +10	React to Lucas with 'Trusting'

 -10	React to Lucas with 'Wary'


 +10	At the end of the sequence

                              kk. Jade
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    JAD5


Another 'press buttons to watch cut-scenes' chapter. Yay.

                       ll. Frozen To The Bone
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    FRO5

W A L K T H R O U G H 

	Things aren't looking good for humanity. After a short while, Tyler 
will ask Carla what's on her mind. You can now either lie or tell the truth. 
The first lowers your Mental Health, the second boosts it, but other 
than that, there's no real consequences. Afterwards, Sam will come in. 
Walk up to her. You can now choose to either follow her to Florida, or 
stay with the police. Choose whichever you want - this is the last you'll 
ever see of Tyler anyway.

B O T T O M   L I N E

To major choices, and they both don't matter.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +10	Tell Tyler the truth

 -10	Lie to Tyler about Lucas


 +20	Join Sam, and leave for Florida

 -XX	If you choose to stay, you'll loose all Mental Health but five points

                          mm. Where Is Jade?
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    WHE5


	This is an important chapter, since you can influence your ending 
here. I should note that nothing you do in this chapter will exclude some 
possible endings - in other words, the final choice is made in the last 
chapter, and that's when you'll choose your ending. For information on how 
to get each ending, read the 'Endings' part in the Appendices.

	Anyway, enter the building. In the big hallway, there's a lot of 
doors. Finding Jade here can actually be quite a pain, but luckily you've got 
me to tell you that you should enter the last door on the left. Inside, you'll 
find Jade. Pick her up, and leave the room. When the Oracle arrives, quickly 
exit through the fire exit.

	A cool fight scene will follow. Actually, when I say 'cool', I mean 
'stolen from various other games and movies', but that's not the point. Beat 
the Oracle, or loose on purpose (for a certain ending). You'll end by running 
along the side of a building (what the fuck?), and then you'll disappear into 
some small room.

	Another major turning point! Give the child to Agatha if you want, 
it's your choice. Now for a friendly warning...If you enjoyed the plot up to 
this point, turn the game off after giving the kid to Agatha or keeping it to 
yourself. Quit the game, deinstall it, forget about it...

You're still here? Alright, but don't say I didn't warn you...

B O T T O M   L I N E


	What. The. FUCK. is an Artificial FUCKING Intelligence doing in a 
game about the OCCULT and about MAYAN RELIGION?! 

Seriously, fuck you David Cage. Fuck you.

M E N T A L   H E A L T H

 +10	Find the Indigo Child
 +10	Refuse to give the kid to Agatha

 -10	Loose the child to the Oracle
 -10	Give the brat to Agatha

                            nn. Bogart
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    PAC5


	But wait, it gets even better! Remember that bum from behind the 
diner? Well, I guess they ran out of time to create new characters at Quantic 
Dream, because he's back. And not only that, he's also leading a big 
underground organization. Follow the black hobo until you come to the camp. 
If you saved Markus earlier on, he'll also be here. Sit down next to Bogart, 
and ask him whatever you want.

	Now, Lucas will go to bed, and you'll control Carla. There are two 
trains to the left of the fire. One door will contain Lucas, one has the 
Indigo Child (if you saved her), one has an Extra Life, and the last one 
has a flashlight lying on a box. At the back of the area, there's an old 
radio. Examine it. It needs to pieces to work - batteries and an antenna. 

	You can get the batteries from the flashlight in the train. For the 
antenna, go to the start of the area. Shielding off the 'base' from the rest 
of the platform is a makeshift wall of greenish metal plates. Check one of 
these plates to find an iron rod. Use both items on the radio. Hmm, only five 
points lost...Carla doesn't seem to care a lot about the apocalypse. You can 
restore these five points, plus another five, by warming yourself at the fire. 
Now, go to where Lucas is sleeping, and lie down next to it.

	Right, you thought that, at this point, you had seen all stupid plot 
twists, right? Well, guess what buddy, you're wrong. One kiss and...Aaahhhh, 
my eyes! Let's take two second to mourn the death of a potentially good 
story-line before we move on.

B O T T O M   L I N E

See? Told ya you should have uninstalled the game while you could...

M E N T A L   H E A L T H


 +5	Warm your ass at the fire
 +20	Oooooooohhhh

 -5	Learn that everyone you ever cared about will be dead in a few days


 +10	See Markus
 +10	Aaaaaahhhh

                           oo. Revelation
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    REV5


Simply get out of bed, exit your room, and listen at the next door.

                         pp Final Countdown
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    FIN5


	The last chapter isn't all bad (at least it's better than the corny 
song with the same title...), but it can't right the wrongs of the previous 
chapters. First off, complete a long Track & Field sequence to get to the door 
of the hangar. Once inside, you will have to fight certain and people, and 
the outcome of those fights determine the ending you'll get. refer to the 
'Endings' chapter further down for details.

                            qq. Epilogue
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    EPI5

	And that's that! Congratulations on beating Fahrenheit / Indigo 
Prophecy. Enjoy one of the three endings. If you want, you can go back to 
check out the other endings, you can replay it on a different difficulty, or 
you can unlock some bonus stuff. Either way, I'm out of here. Thanks for 
reading, and maybe till next time!

	By the way, I apologize for the criticism and the language of the 
last few chapters. I was pretty much fed up with the game and, to a lesser 
extent, this FAQ. Plus, the shitty ending really ruined a lot for me. Direct 
all hate-mail to

|)       (|                                                |)       (|
|)   6   (|                    Appendices                  |)   6   (|
|)       (|                                                |)       (|

                                a. Endings
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    END6


	Fahrenheit has three possible endings. The first point in the 
game where you can influence the ending is the 'Where Is Jade' chapter. 
Note that nothing you do in this chapter is final - no matter what you 
do, you can still get all the endings in the final chapter. In other 
words, your choices in the 'Where Is Jade' chapter only influence the 
lay-out of the final chapter, but they don't block out certain endings.

	Understand? No? Alright, simply answer these questions, and go to 
the corresponding walkthrough for the final chapter to read how to get the 
ending you want. So, if you want the 'good' ending, and you didn't give 
Jade away, go to description 'ac' to read what you should do in the final 
chapter. The descriptions are below the questions.

	One last thing, I'm not going to spoil the endings for you in detail. 
The short answers to the first question should give you a pretty good idea. 
Read the 'Endings FAQ' on GameFAQs for a full description.

	Now, answer these questions, and then scroll down to find the 
walkthrough of your choice. Enjoy the ending.

>>>  I want the following ending...
     a)  Both clans are defeated
     b)  The Orange Clan wins
     c)  The Purple Clan wins

>>>  In the chapter 'Where is Jade?', I...
     a)  Lost the girl to the Oracle
     b)  Gave the girl to Agatha
     c)  Didn't loose the girl, she's with me at the start of the final chapter

Here are the descriptions for the situation you picked:

aa	-  Hit the soldier with the piece of metal on the floor
	-  Defeat the Oracle
	-  Defeat the AI

ab	-  Defeat the AI
	-  Refuse to give Jade to the Oracle

ac	-  Defeat the Oracle
	-  Defeat the soldiers
	-  Defeat the AI

ba	-  Hit the soldier with the piece of metal on the floor
	-  Loose to the Oracle

bb	-  Defeat the AI
	-  Accept the offer to save Carla

bc	-  Loose to the Oracle
	-  As Carla, simply let the timer run out

ca	-  Hit the soldier with the piece of metal on the floor
	-  Defeat the Oracle
	-  Loose to the AI
	-  As Carla, simply let the timer run out

cb	-  Loose to the AI
	-  As Carla, simply let the timer run out

cc	-  Defeat the Oracle
	-  Defeat the soldiers
	-  Loose to the AI

                         b. Bonus Card Locations
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    BON6

	In this chapter, I'll give a list of all the Bonus Card, where/when 
they can be found, and their value. Bonus Cards can be found throughout the 
game. Usually, they're pretty well-hidden, somewhere the camera doesn't 
reach, or hidden inside something. Gathering these cards will allow you 
to unlock special bonus materials (covered in the next chapter).

1.    Scene	The Day After
      Value	+5
      Where	In the fourth kitchen cupboard from the left

2.    Scene	The Day After
      Value	+10
      Where	On the balcony, hidden in the left-hand corner

3.    Scene	Police Work
      Value	+10
      Where	As you enter the Police Station (with either character), walk 
                  through the metal detectors and turn right. Search the dark 
                  corner to find the bonus Card

4.    Scene	Police Work
      Value	+5
      Where	In the right-hand drawer of Carla's desk

5.    Scene	Police Work
      Value	+10
      Where	In a corner of Tyler's bathroom

6.    Scene	Alternate Reality
      Value     +10
      Where	In the toilets, near the wall opposite of the mirrors

7.    Scene	Alternate Reality
      Value	+5
      Where	In the third workstation from the left of the top row. This 
                  might be random

8.    Scene	Alternate Reality
      Value	+10
      Where	In another workstation - In the second row from the bottom, 
                  the 2nd one from the right. This might be random

9.    Scene	Lost Love
      Value	+5
      Where	In the fourth kitchen cupboard from the left

10.   Scene	Hide and Seek
      Value	+5
      Where	At the start, walk down the path, until you see a short path 
                  with the Card to the right

11.   Scene	Friendly Combat
      Value	+10
      Where	In the corner behind the boxing ring

12.   Scene	Debriefing (Carla)
      Value	+10
      Where	At the start, walk straight ahead, until you come to a dead end

13.   Scene	Debriefing (Tyler)
      Value	+20
      Where	As you enter the shop, turn left (camera right), and follow 
                  the second floor walkway, around the corner, and to a dead 
                  end. You can see the card from the start if you enter first 
                  person mode and look to the left

14.   Scene	Debriefing (Tyler)
      Value	+20
      Where	After giving the right book to Takeo, it will be on the floor 
                  in front of the stairs that lead to the exit

15.   Scene	Agatha
      Value	+5
      Where	Inside the kitchen

16.   Scene	Agatha
      Value	+20
      Where	In Agatha's bathroom (next to her bedroom)

17.   Scene	Dark Omen
      Value	+10
      Where	In the corner of Carla's bathroom

18.   Scene	Face Off
      Value	+10
      Where	In the right-hand drawer of Lucas's desk

19.   Scene	Back to Agatha
      Value	+10
      Where	In Agatha's bedroom

20.   Scene	Soap, Blood & Clues
      Value	+10
      Where	Inside the shopping cart

21.   Scene	The Fugitive
      Value	+20
      Where 	Across the street from the first fence you need to climb

22.   Scene	The Fugitive
      Value	+5
      Where	Second cupboard from the left in Tiffany's kitchen

23.   Scene	Janos
      Value	+10
      Where	Straight ahead from the start, at a dead end

24.   Scene	Meeting Kuriakin
      Value	+5
      Where	At the start, turn left, and check in the corner

25.   Scene	Epilogue
      Value	+200
      Where	At the end of the credits

                         c. Extra Life Locations
 -==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-==-    LIF6

	Some Action Sequences place you in situations that are potentially 
lethal. If you fail a combination during such a sequence, there's a good 
chance that you'll be killed. Luckily, you can have several lives - up to 6 
at max. When you're out of lives, it's Game Over. You can replenish your 
lives by finding crucifixes. These can be given to you, or you can find 
them in well-hidden spots.

1.    Scene	The Park
      Where	At the end of the conversation, accept the crucifix from Markus

2.    Scene	Alternate Reality
      Where	In the righthand drawer of Lucas's desk

3.    Scene	Hide and Seek
      Where	Instead of turning right to meet Markus at the start, continue 
                  down the path until you come to a dead end. Check the grave 
		  to the right of this end to find a crucifix

4.    Scene	Agatha
      Where	On the small table next to Agatha's bed

5.    Scene	The Fugitive
      Where	Inside Tiffany's bathroom. Hard to find, but you should get 
                  it if you walk around the bathroom for a while

6.    Scene	Bogart
      Where	In one of the trains. You can't see it, but you can get it 
                  by walking around the train

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|)   7   (|                  Closing Time                  |)   7   (|
|)       (|                                                |)       (|

Alas, all good things must come to an end. I hope you enjoyed my first FAQ 
in quite a while. I know I had a good time writing it. Before I go, there's 
some people I have to give credits and/or thanks to.

In random order, the people who have contributed to the FAQ:
- David W Baker
- WorldLife331
- Glitchkreig
- Ciaran
- Richard Moore
- Elvor
- Conor Farrell
- Troy
- Halvor Kolsrud
- Mamouzellos Giorgos

- Michael Remollino, for his excellent Endings FAQ.

- CJayC, because GameFAQs is still awesome.

- Quantic Dream, for making an moderately original and entertaining game.

- Myself, for writing this.

- You, the reader, for bothering to read this last bit.