Fading Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough v2
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Fading Hearts FAQ/Walkthrough v2

by Philman777   Updated on
Table of Contents
1.Spells and Spell Books
2.Hints and Tips
3.Walkthrough 1
4.Walkthrough 2
5.Walkthrough 3
6.Credits and Ending statements

Spells and Spell Books
1.EX Heal
 2.EX Barrier
 6.Magic Blast
 7.Final Strike
 筆agical Little Disruptor Volumes 1,5,6
 紐oyal Guard Life Volumes 1,5,7,11
 謬emporary Princess Volume 1

Hints and Tips

There are about 10 endings to this game (that I managed to find). I was able to get 7 in the first run through. I won't point out days of scenarios for several reasons. 
Simply put, even if you do the exact same thing, each playthrough things can happen differently. It has a strong "randomization" mechanic. Such as Ryou gaining magic. 
Earliest was March 12 and latest was April 16. Also due to this feature you need to be wary of the actions of both female friends, Claire and Rina. To my dismay I 
didn't pay attention the first few playthroughs... let's just say I couldn't get the happy endings I desired. There are many instances of scenarios (dialog included) 
being flipped and for the purpose of getting the endings in the order I have laid out I will have you save at every important branch. It is possible at different 
brances to get previous endings, and to prevent it I won't tell you to save, I'll just give you the appropriate answer.
For achievements, none are given until you complete the game. I will tell you here how to get them since you will have 
time for some in each run. (Storyline ending achieves will not be named here since you will have them if you do as I have listed)


Save fellow IT worker

Simply buy the "Guide to Databases" book on the first sunday of any playthrough and read it only when you dont have spell books to 
read. (Since the quicker you read spell books seems to effect when he learns magic.) after you learn "Databases 3" go to "Clear Sky 
Bank" and level Database. It's the bottom choice. Get it to level 3 and the bank will be saved. This must be done on/by April 3 or 
bank will crash.

Met Mystica and Secret of the Forest

This is a tricky one. Sometimes she shows up right away others she doesn't. As stated previously this game "randomizes" events. 
Easiest way to do this is in a run that you intend to do secret of the forest. (Since you will need to be in the forest alot anyway) 
Try going to the forest on the first available day. You will have to endure atleast one fight, or possibly two. (I once got three 
but had to reload save since at start you can only handle 2 fights.) Save before you enter the forest. (or after each monster fight) 
If you are lucky you will move only once or twice before she appears. Tell her you promise not to return to the forest, and she will 
make herself known. Complete. You could also say Don't promise since with secret of the forest you will need to return several times.
For the secret you will need to wait til you have EX Heal(to play it safe), EX Barrier, Focus, and Magic Blast. You will also need 
atleast 24 points in Personal Strength. (I will explain later on about Personal Strength but from now on we will call SP.(Strength points))
You will have to return constantly to the forest and just keep exploring.
Sometimes the monsters will increase in level before you have a chance to level and as you consume SP your magic weakens. (Once again I will explain later)
The earliest I managed to find it was late march when you start getting Shadow dogs. So make sure you take time to level up your magic!! 
(Simply put... kill monsters) It can take and entire morning, noon, or night to find and even then it is not always possible to find. Went through one 
run, and never found it. Once you find it turn the dial. Once should be enough but I liked to play with it.

Broke the bank

Don't help out the bank.

Discover the secret of Alex and Discover the secret identity of Player

You can't do 6 without 5. Here's the rundown. At the start of the game tell Rina no to dating her. Make sure to talk to Sophia about Alex. 2 days 
later Rina will give you a very expensive computer. Later that day or next go to the Cosplay Cafe and either read a book (if you have one to read on you 
thats a spell book) or hang out. After you talk to Alex he will want to see it. After he sees it he notices a message from player. It's not him and he 
understands Ryou's situation and wants to find "Player's" identity. Meet up automatically in a few days for a scene. (Alex's secret complete) Visit 
Cosplay Cafe atleast once and you will find "Player's" identity.

Sophia Chatter

Simply talk to Sophia when the yes/no options appear and say yes. This happens about 3 or 4 times.

Face yourself

Get a Glitched ending and either reload a current save or start a new game. With the first chance you get visit the park at night.

Saved Claire

You can only get this with a true Claire ending or CG ending. With all my runs of the game focusing on bad endings, I actually managed to get this CG 
twice. I'm not 100% on what you need since I treated her poorly in the bad ending playthroughs. Most of the time I will NOT get this CG. Incase you 
don't get this CG in a bad playthrough I will have a Good Claire playthrough listed.

Truth/Source of darkness

Though they are two different achieves they are tied in to the same events. Makes sure you talk to Sophia everytime you get a chance to (for her achieve), 
Then make sure you dispell Mystica (which you need to use dispell about 15 times). The next evening you will appear in the park with Mystica. Kill the 
boss by attacking only. (Don't worry for some reason the boss can't hurt you.) Then watch the story unfold.

Another Rina

Basically an ending were you are forced to be with Rina after turning down Claire. PLEASE!!! If anyone manages to get and keep this let me know. I crash 
every time I Finish her bad ending.
Key pointers!!!!
Personal strength points (or SP) have about 7 different uses(Revision 7-31-2013)
1) to strengthen magic 2) refill magic during battle 3) better luck in relationship conversations 4) energy needed for final strike's use 5) refill mp 
and hp while sleeping 6) 15 or more SP seems to help, while resting, to reduce a greater amount of stress 7) is needed to work on your computer
To better explain it magically if I have 30 SP max and 15 SP current my magic will be at 50% strength. (Approximately, haven't figured out true 
percentages but its close enough.)
(Revision 7-31-2013) For the purpose of work and stress if you fall below half of max SP both your productivity and ability to reduce stress lessens.
You sometimes have more time than you think. The non-ending achievements can almost all be obtained in one run except for the bank ones obviously. 
Just need to be good at managing time.
Cardio and strength (physical) does not need to be worked on at all. (atleast I haven't found a need for it) Magic only needs to be raised if 
you are going for secret of the forest.
REVISION: Since I have recieved emails on this, I will place this in here. 1. As stated this game has a strong randomization feature. 
Therefore each playthorough WILL be different to one extent or another. 2. For phone calls for Rina's good ending and for the bad endings 
only call in March DO NOT make any phone calls in April. For bad endings call Claire ONLY ONCE and no more then call Rina in March til you get 
her to ask you if Claire can be saved... Say "Yes" then you are done with phone calls. Once again to due the randomization feature of the game 
reguardless of what set of endings you are looking for always talk to Mystica atleast once. (This seems to help out some key story points due 
to the randomization... not sure why but seeing Mystica in action or atleast getting to know her aids in recieving her letter (even though 
I have gotten it without talking to her.)) Also as dumb as it seems... Talking to Sophia can also prevent Mystica's letter. Don't know why but 
it does. (But once again it's not all the time, but for safety ignore Sophia and meet Mystica atleast once for first walkthrough.) (made 7-22-2013)
(Revision 7-31-2013) I have been doing Rina and Claire good endings and tried to get a good comment on money. It's not stated but for the bank - databases
and level to 3, for the game company - programming/optimization and level to 5 or 6, and for social media - SEO and get it to atleast 4. This should enable
you to get a good comment for money with Alice and Mimi. (Also make sure you get and fully read the books for the 3 before you start them, or you will not 
progress much with each attempt. For stress keep 80 as the max. To be safe only stay at the Cosplay Cafe when you need SP which you shouldn't let fall below 15.

Walkthrough 1

Note: I will not tell you to read, work, etc. for anything thats "extra". Just make sure to read all spell books ASAP. You start with Magical Little Disruptor 
Volume 1. Also any Achievements you wish to go for choose that at the start. It will make each playthrough easier on you. Make sure to visit either the park 
and rest or bubble shop and rest for dream sequences. Lastly make sure you save to Timeline after the credits. (Otherwise you won't keep the achievements.)
1.When Rina asks you to be her boyfriend say no.
2.When Rina is at your apartment and worried about Claire don't run after her. All you do is lose SP, and gain stress.
3.When Claire mentions Rina "Tell her" what Rina told you.
4.Side with Rina against Claire.
5.First chance you get (most likely March 13) Call Claire THEN call Rina. Don't know about anyone else but it made a difference for me.
6.Pick "Taro" then "Tapioca pearls" when Claire says again tell her "yes". (it makes her mad) Then tell her to stop going out. She should then storm out of the 
shop without paying. Leaving you with the tab.
7.Rina comes late. "Forgive her". From this point on every night check the "Call list" but only call Rina NOT Claire. It will prevent you from getting any bad 
endings if you don't ignore Claire. In one date event Rina asks if Claire can be saved. Say yes. If done right you should run out of call chances for Rina before April.
8.Love letter should come by April, save before you answer. We will call this (Save #1), and don't touch this (or any numbered) save. Now answer "No" so you don't 
meet this girl. Claire should ask you out after school. She is now all psycho. Save again (Save #2). Say "Good-bye Claire." You die. We will call this (Ending #1).
(Revision 7-31-2013) In the off chance Claire doesn't go striaght to being psycho and asks you out instead tell her "No" or "I'm sorry, Claire." which ever 
negative response you are given. In the last few playthroughs I have done I noticed sometimes she waits for a response others she does not. Once again I'll label 
it part of the randomization mechanic.
9.Reload (Save #2) and use "Final Strike" (hopefully you took my advice in tips section and read all the spell books as quickly as possible so you have it). 
Claire dies, but its not the end. (Once again hopefully you took my advise and rested at the park or bubble shop to see the dreams so you have 30-31 SP.)
10.You go home. You're mourning but there is a knock on your door. IT'S A SHADOW BEAST!! Use Final Strike to kill it in one blow. (Though I never missed, 
feel free to save before you continues but in a slot 10 or below.) Do this for a total of 7 times and you should escape the city. (Ending #2)
11.Reload save #1. Agree to meet.
12.It's Mystica! Wow, you lucky dog! Save here (Save #3) Tell her "I refuse", then "I can't promise that" and finally "never".
13.Now save after you enter the fight. (Save #4) Here you use dispell til your mp runs out. (Usually 15 times does it though.)
14.You should succeed to see a nice twist. (save #5) Say yes (but this is not this girl's true ending even though you get the CG.)
15.Next night meet Mystica in the park. Go to the boss fight and just attack. (Don't worry the boss can't harm you.) Sophia appears (only if you talked to her first)
16.Remember Psycho Claire? No? Well she's back!! Regardless of what you say the outcome is the same. Claire dies and you are with Rina as your girlfriend. (Ending #3)
17.Reload (Save #5) Say "no". Redo the boss fight.
18.You see Claire (Save #6) Say "I'm Sorry, Claire" and you Claire and Rina, are just friends. (Ending #4)
19.Reload (Save #6) and say "yes" to Claire. (Ending #5)
20.Reload (Save #4) Just attack Mystica. You are knocked out.
21.You wake up in a cabin and Mystica is your kidnapper!!! the first option is "try to escape", second doesn't matter, third "try to escape", Don't read manga (for speed), 
and don't accept what Mystica is doing. (statement is "I still can't accept it.") No to manga again (speed).
22.Reappear elsewhere and when you meet Claire, "I'm sorry, Claire". (Ending #6)
23.Reload (Save #3) (yes that far back) Tell Mystical you WILL stay away from Rina.
24.Claire should ask you out again and say "YES" (if she doesn't the outcome is the same... just don't say no or you will get a previous ending). She now needs time before 
she talks to you but when she does... (Ending #7)
That's all for this run!!!

Walkthrough 2

There are 3 more endings but I was unable to get them all in 1 run. I'll give endings 8 and 9 here.
Ending 8... Call Claire often and ignore Rina. (and put Rina down when you can) Placate Claire a bit when talking to her. During the first call date DO NOT TAKE Taro and 
Tapioca at all. It makes Claire happy for you to switch up. All you need to do from there is ignore Rina and hang with Claire and be VERY understanding. She will ask you 
out (Save #1) say yes and you save Claire with Claire's CG for her happy ending.
Ending 9...Reload that save and tell Claire "I'm sorry" and you are forced to be with Rina. Sadly after Alice and Mimi stop talking the game crashes... so I can never 
keep this achievement.

Walkthrough 3

Ending 10... Rina's True Ending. Pay attention to both girls, but a little more to Rina. (So that you get the love letter before Claire asks you out.) Say yes to letter 
and fight Mystica. Dispell Mystica than tell her Yes to a relationship. Fight boss. Talk to Claire. (you should have only one option here.) Tell her Sorry. Since you 
paid enough attention to Claire she should be happy you and Rina are together. Like Claire's true ending You date Rina and Claire is still a friend.
(Revision 11-4-2013) To replace the other Revision which helped you find Rina's good ending. I tried to put it in as best an order as I could and make it as easy as I could.
Get both good endings in one run, and Sophia's storyline.
1.Say yes to Rina to be her boyfriend.
2.First chance you get go to park and say "Don't Promise" to Mystica. Then visit her
til you see the crying scene. Tell her you are there to "Fight Monsters" as well.
3.When you first hang with Rina tell her "Ofcourse" in the auto set-up date.
4."Don't run after her." (Rina) You won't catch her anyway.
5."Don't tell" Claire what Rina said.
6."Join with Rina."
7.If you so desire for the whole shadow storyline, talk to Sophia and every
possible time you are able.
8.Work up the levels by killing monsters so you can venture into the woods to find
the hidden castle. When you find it hit North, South, East, West, East, then it should send you home.
9.On March 13th at night Call Claire then Rina and make sure you do all of their calls
for this month but only continue with Claire's calls after March. During Rina's last date she should ask you if you think you can save Claire. Say "Yes" ofcourse, and stop 
calling Rina.
10.During Claire's date don't take "Taro" or "Tapioca". You need to change them both
to score points with Claire. Then choose "Don't say anything about it.", and make sure you never talk about Claire's boyfriend on any future date. (Always choose a 
different option, even if you end up talking about monsters.)
11.On Rina's first date "Forgive her", if you chose any other option than you are
forced to play Claire's route for a good ending. Once again DON'T CALL RINA PAST MARCH, or bad endings only.
12.All of Claire's phone dates should be done by the time you get Mystica's letter.
And do say yes to Mystica's letter.
13.Refuse Mystica 3 times to fight her, then Dispel her til she changes.
14.When the fight is over and the options appear save the game.
Claire's Route
15.Tell Rina "No".
16.Just attack the boss (no magic or Sophia may not appear (unless you need to heal
17."I would be happy with you Claire." Is the only option you need to chose.
You won her over. Now watch it unfold.
Rina's Route
18.Reload save, and choose "Yes".
19.Repeat #2 of Claire's Route.
20.Only one option here. "I'm sorry Claire."
Rina is won over. Enjoy.

Credits and Ending statements

Tried Doing "Player's" Advice several times to attract Tracy. Doesn't seem to work. If anyone manages this please let me know.
(Revision 7-28-2013) I read on Sakura River's Facebook page that they currently do not allow you to save Sophia. They "MAY" 
choose to do so at a later time via a patch, but haven't yet made that decision. I have yet to look into Tracy.
(Revision 8-5-2013) A statement i have received from Sakura River on their facebook page. "I should also mention that Fading Hearts 
is like 95% deterministic. The timing of events occurring is included. However, it's like how fighting games are deterministic. The 
turns are sliced so thin that nearly everyone will have differences. Even one change in timing anywhere can alter the entire sequence. 
Also... there's a story reason that players can probably guess at why "talking to someone" prevents that "letter" from coming sooner. 
You'd have to know what's going on with that story though.
Now, if someone could make a "Game Mechanic as Story Analysis"."
Therefore the events of the game are based on the players' actions, and can thusly prove delays/quickness of many sequences (or the 
prevention of sequences). Not as random as I thought originally. It also leads to the fact, If one event can prevent something, then 
another event should allow it once more. Therefore it makes it possible for many roads to lead to one major event.
(REVISION 11-30-2013) Sakura River is currently working on a patch for this game. As of right now I have no clue as to when it will 
come out but paths will be added. If it comes down to it I will rewrite the whole walkthrough, but hopefully it's only to add the extra 
paths towards the different endings. This is listed on their Facebook page.
All credits to the actual game goes to the creators and the making of the walkthrough goes to me Philip Nell. I don't mind others using 
it as long as they leave it unaltered, and willing to give me credit. I'm more than happy to add something and give you all the credit 
if you wish for me to alter it. Let's just say 50+ hours of one game just to make a decent enough guide is rather tidious, and it's 
nice to give credit where credit is due.
(Revision 7-31-2013) Just a friendly reminder you are more than welcome to email me with any questions on my walkthrough. Some of my 
revisions are based on those emails. I'll be more than happy to make a checklist or edit to a walkthrough (even walkthrough 2 which 
is the simplest 2 endings to get.) if you need extra help.
Copyright 2013 Philip Nell (sychar3@gmail.com)