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FaceBreaker offers irreverent fun, immersive gameplay and eye-popping stylized graphics. In this in-your-face, arcade world full of ego-wielding characters, each boxer comes to life with unique attributes and distinct personal style. Add a little personal motivation to your fight by uploading a photo of your face to create a realistic likeness using Photo Game Face, and go toe-to-toe with a real-life friend or foe.

[edit] Features

  • FaceBreaker: Go from a couple of quick punches to unleashing the ultimate combos—ground, bone, sky, and face breakers—and enjoy the satisfaction of deforming your opponents face. Add insult to injury by bringing their head home to display in your Trophy Room.
  • Fighting mechanic: The core fighting mechanic was developed with three keys in mind—responsive, approachable, and layered. String together haymakers, face shots, and body blows, and find the right moment to drop a breaker to make your presence known.
  • Photo game face: Upload your face—or perhaps that of someone more notorious—and create a boxer with unique style to take into the ring.
  • New friends: If you're struggling to find friends in the real world, 12 outlandish characters await for you to play with and against.

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Just remember, you can't win unless you enter! Good luck.

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