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Fable review
Good or Evil? You choose your own path.

The good:

I love how you can choose to be good or evil. The graphics are impressive. I really love the storyline, rescuing family and defeating the man who killed your father.

I love raiding the treasure chests, and how customizable the hero is, I personally love the ponytail. I find it fun to disguise myself as one of Twinblade's bandits or one of the guards, there are lots of armor set possibilities, I find the dress is the funniest.

You can even save 2 separate profiles at one time, one for good and one for evil. I find the boasting quite fun, but they should have more boasts available. Even the marriage system is diverse, you can marry as many people as you want whether they are male or female.

The bad:

Quests, if there is a quest where you can choose to do the good thing or the bad thing, once you choose one you can't change your side. I had a good alignment and I chose the evil quest, and I was unable to change my chose, this really bothered me.

The demons doors riddles are quite confusing, I needed help from walkthroughs to figure out what I was supposed to do. It would have been nice to choose the brother or sister as the playable hero, since I am a girl. I find the timed missions a little too difficult, for example rescuing Maze's friend, you have defeat a horde of enemies before the time is up, its almost impossible since your outnumbered even if the guards helping you make it that far.

In Hook's Coast, after you get through the barrier, you have to fight Maze and its almost impossible to damage him at all, let alone defeat him. Collect the Hero Dolls quest is almost impossible without walkthrough help, it does not have in game clues as to where the dolls can be found, unlike regular quests.


A great game for RPG lovers, and adventure lovers alike. The fighting style can be annoying at times, as enemies tend to attack from behind, when you attacking another enemy, but the protection spells make up for that.

I'd recommend this game to friends for sure. The storyline really tugs at the heart, with ups, downs and betrayal. The wide range of fighting skills make any fight fun and easy. The man who attacks you home and family, he just makes you want to make him pay for all your suffering and how he hurt your family. Alignment, even though in teh beginning your required to do 3 good deads, you can still do some bad deeds towards your evil alignment, just don't get caught.

I love the fact that your appearance also changes depending on your alignment. If your evil enough you start to grow horns, if your good enough enough your hair changes to blond to white and you have a halo above your head.

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InsanityS Nov 9, 09
Kinda surprised you gave it full marks considering you wrote up a fair chunk in the bad section.
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Mother Ranma Nov 23, 09
I'm a fan of the game, though it has its bad points.
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