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Good or Evil? You choose your own path.

The good:

I love how you can choose to be good or evil. The graphics are impressive. I really love the storyline, rescuing family and defeating the man who killed your father.

I love raiding the treasure chests, and how customizable the hero is, I personally love the ponytail. I find it fun to disguise myself as one of Twinblade's bandits or one of the guards, there are lots of armor set possibilities, I find the dress is the funniest.

You can even save 2 separate profiles at one time, one for good and one for evil. I find the boasting quite fun, but they should have more boasts available. Even the marriage system is diverse, you can marry as many people as you want whether they are male or female.

The bad:

Quests, if there is a quest where you can choose to do the good thing or the bad thing, once you choose one you can't change your side. I had a good alignment and I chose the evil quest, and I was unable to change my chose, this really bothered me.

The demons doors riddles are quite confusing, I needed help from walkthroughs to figure out what I was supposed to do. It would have been nice to choose the brother or sister as the playable hero, since I am a girl. I find the timed missions a little too difficult, for example rescuing Maze's friend, you have defeat a horde of enemies before the time is up, its almost impossible since your outnumbered even if the guards helping you make it that far.

In Hook's Coast, after you get through the barrier, you have to fight Maze and its almost impossible to damage him at all, let alone defeat him. Collect the Hero Dolls quest is almost impossible without walkthrough help, it does not have in game clues as to where the dolls can be found, unlike regular quests.


A great game for RPG lovers, and adventure lovers alike. The fighting style can be annoying at times, as enemies tend to attack from behind, when you attacking another enemy, but the protection spells make up for that.

I'd recommend this game to friends for sure. The storyline really tugs at the heart, with ups, downs and betrayal. The wide range of fighting skills make any fight fun and easy. The man who attacks you home and family, he just makes you want to make him pay for all your suffering and how he hurt your family. Alignment, even though in teh beginning your required to do 3 good de...


Extremely good game

The good:

-Very good graphics
-The soundtrack is interesting
-You end up looking really cool
-Choice between good/evil paths
-Choice DURING game whether you want to be a wizard, archer, warrior, or combination of them
-Very open ended
-Surreal AI responses according to alignment
-Interesting storyline
-Ability to own houses and rent them out
-Ability to live in houses with a wife or husband
-Normality in towns makes you feel like you're a powerful warrior, not just some normal looking guy that kicks ass
-Ability to kick chickens
-Gameplay is fun, fast-paced, and favors all play styles from melee to ranged physical combat to magic to rogue etc.
-Lots of secrets and features to keep you busy when you're bored of the main quest
-Ability to keep playing after you beat the game
-Interesting quests to keep you going
-User-friendly gameplay; easy to control

The bad:

-Graphics sometimes are unreal during cut scenes
-Gameplay can sometimes be boring to the impatient because of repetition
-Extremely short main quest


Fable is a very good game for the fantasy action RPG genre. Although there's only about 7-10 hours of gameplay into the main quests, there are some fun side quests and lots of things to keep you busy during the game and after you beat it, such as marrying as much as you want, owning houses, earning money, uncovering all the secrets, and more. The difficulty in the game isn't extremely easy but it isn't extremely hard.

One of the coolest things in the game that's noticed on a subconscious level is that being in towns really makes you feel like you are a Hero, in the game's terms. Everyone ar...


Outstanding game, one of the best around.

The good:

Fable has a very captivating plot line and gives a player the ability to follow that line whenever they see fit to. Being able to complete side quests that help you build stats and acquire improved abilities as well as being able to customize you player. Make him a powerful wizard or a brutish force to be reckoned with, its up to you.
With the different combinations of hair styles/tatoos to go along with armor/weapons/magic, this game gives you multiple possibilities to customize a character.

*Sweet weapons/armor
*Captive story line
*Option of leading a good or evil life
*Interaction with other characters
*Ability to own houses & stores
*Smooth graphics

The bad:

Even though the story line is captivating, it is short. Once you feel like you're finally getting somewhere with the main story, it ends just as quickly as it began. This in combination with the lack of weapons and armor that was "supposed" to be in the game before the release is a bit of a let down. But the lack of a couple weapons and a long story line shouldn't stop anyone from playing.


Fable is by far one of the best games I've ever played. The free open range to move allows you to go where ever you want at whatever time you want to, there is no direct line of action that you have to take. The graphics are excellent as is the game play (once you get used to it). To me, the best thing about this game is its original purpose. How do you want to live your life? For good, or for evil? Whichever way is chosen affects the next outcome in the game and how you are perceived by other characters in the game.

Yes the creators of Fable had to take some stuff out of the game to ge...


Overated Fantasy

The good:

A sim sort of thing.

The bad:

Too short.
Unoriginal Storyline.
Can't walk anywhere but where you have to go.
Enemies are too easy.
Graphics aren't to good.


Difficulty: Very Easy.

Fable is a highly detailed simulation/RPG in which you start as a character in their teens. The choices you make effect not only the character but the world they live in. As your character ages, their appearence, reputation, and personality become a reflection of their past experiences.

Length: Okay, no offence, but this game is wayyyyy too short. The game's length should be much longer, replay value is not too good because after you finish the game it just loses it's already bad value. There couldv'e been sidequests. I like sidequests because they make games longer. Th...


A So-So Game

The good:

Great Graphics!
Make Choices of your Own to be good,evil,or neutral.
Realistic: Age,Marry,Buy a house,Etc
Good Side Quests
Challenging(Those who like playing hard challenging games)
Can Continue playing after you beat it.

The bad:

Very Short!
Gets boring for a while during the game,and after you beat it.
Small Amount of Weapons
Challenging (Those who hate really hard games)
Boring,not exciting storyline.


It's about a regular boy, (You name him) and he's living peacefully in his town when suddenly, it got invaded by bandits. The bandits killed all the villagers, including his parents. The bandits also kidnapped his sister. He is the only one who survived, but then he met a strange but powerful man who took him in to the guild. He trained there for years until he grew old enough to explore the world. You can now explore different kinds of lands and go on different side quests. Some quests can raise your good, or bad level depending on the quests. You choose your destiny.

The game is okay to p...


Great Game

The good:

.Great Graphics
.Side quests
.Pick to be good or evil
.Buy a house
.Every thing is spoken

The bad:

These don't make the game any less fun there just little things that you notice:

.Repetitive occasionly
.Mouths don't look realistic when talking
.Same old glitch- arms going into walls
.Un-origonal storyline
.Most of the voices sound the same and they say the same things over and over
.Poeple laugh at you for no reason =(


This game is very good. When I first started off I didn't like the graphics but they grew onto me and now I love them. There are lot's of little things that make this game even more amazing such as Fishing, Buying a house making your character look nicer ect. There are trophies to be one and your reputation to be built. You can do lot's of different things such as be nice to the people, tease them, take there things, give them things and it keeps going on.

There is also voices for everything so you don't have to read what comes up =D

The bad news =(
This game can get repetitive but you can do ...

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