Fable Tips

steppin up to balverines
Okay, so we all know that you can use a summon spell to gradually work a creature from the netherworld to your advantage. The way I did this was starting out with the wasp, using the wasp to kill a hobbe. From the hobbe, move up to bandits in and around the witchwood area and this and that. From the bandits, I was able to graduate to Balverine in the arena, from a regular one to a white one. I then unleashed the white balverine demon onto the two sets of golems. Worked like a charm! When it runs out, down a will potion and do it again. You can stand off to the side and let Whisper take all the damage. Sadly though when you kill the golums, they don't take on those forms. Later on, I WAS however able to switch from Balverine to JoB's minions in the archeologist quest. Schnoogen! Anyone else tried this strategy yet?