Fable Tips

Get Evil quick!!!
If you want to be really evil do this.
1.Go to Lookout Point
2.Kill the villagers there(and the title dude if you already have a title you like)
3.Go into the Heroes` Guild
4.Go right back to Lookout Point and kill the villagers again
5.Repeat this about 15-25 times
I know this for a fact because i tried it with my character "Evile",and he is 100% evil:)
This will also help you get into a demon door at Greatwood Gorge if you open it there is Wellos Pick hammer when you get it,it has two piercing aug`s on it(you can also murder 3-4 ppl in front of the demon door or eat 10 crunchy chicks in front of it)
So Have fun being EVIL bye