Fable Tips

Easy Money...Again
This cheat is kinda easy.
when you just started a new game , as soon as you can leave the guild and go on an adventure you must head for bowerstone.
in the inn there is this game which is very easy.
give the man all your money and finish the game you will receive a doll.
repeat this until you have about 30.000 money.
then go to oakvale town.
kill some villagers and start buying houses and shops.
once u bought all the houses you can get, rent them and sleep for 3 days.
now u have more money and you can even buy yourself more houses and increace your collectable rent.

*note i would recommend to buy the houses on the left side of oakval first,because these are cheeper. (those houses near the beach with that weird gohst)
*also note that i would recommend to buy the shops where you can buy recources and weapons as last because they dont give a lot of money.