Fable Tips

Freeze Time
You need: Assasian Rush,Spade,Some Money, Guile to steal.
So go to the lookout point and go to the gate going into bowerstone North. Then assasian rush through the door. While in the loading screen hold the down arrow. this will put you back to the lookout point. After all this, go back to bowerstone north and guess what?! time is frozen and all the shops are for sale. You can steal from the shops. to steal from the clothing shop, hit the owner so he looks away and steal. to steal from the weapon shop, sleep in a bed 2 times and his weapons will be out. so time is frozen, houses are for sale. now strength. just go behind a guard and beat the shit outta him. DO NOT FLOURISH. if you flourish you wont be able to hit him again. For money, sell what you stole or the houses. one flaw.. dont keep it frozen for a long time.. it will go all slow and shitty. so then dig with your spade anywhere to unfreeze and get out of the town so you wont have to pay the fine.