Fable Tips

How To Beat Jack of Blades
To kill Jack you CANT use your sword you must use your bow.If you use your sowrd consider yourself sushi!You have to use your bow. Now when you start to fight Jack minons will pop up and Jack is a forcefield.(Don't Bother trying to hit Jack it'll be a waste of time) Waste those damn minons(with bow or sowrd)and then Jack'll come out of his forcefield and fight. Jack will send energy things at you so all you have to do is dodge them by rolling and hit him with a arrow.When you get him down about half-way in his life, stones will pop up and Jack will go in the air. He doesnt have a forcefield on this time and no minons come up so dont worry. When Jack is in the air he still sends out those blue waves and blue energy balls. But he also makes the ground shake and it does a hell of damage! So to avoid that you must and thats a MUST hide behind one of those rocks to dodge it dont try to take the damage even if you have full health it'll drop down to less than half! Anyway now that Jack is in the air he is infact easier to beat and his health doesnt go up! So just keep on shooting arrows at him and dodge that all the attacks and then your done. After Jack is dead you'll get your money and all that and you get his mask YAY! Then comes the big choice of the game. You either strike your sister down with the Sword of Aeons or you throw it in the vortex. If your good, Throw it in the vortex. If your bad kill your sister. Now if you kill your sister you get the Sword of Aeons and ya. After that.... the credits come in and there about 20mins long. Also you have to watch them what a boring thing! Whats worse is you cant skip them or you'll have to fight Jack of Blades all over again (I learned that the hard way) anyway have fun.

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