Fable Cheats

Buying already occupied houses.
If you want to but a house that someone already owns, there are two things you can do. You can either get them to follow you out of town, and then kill them there.
And if they won't come with you when you use the follow expression, than you can do this:
1. Go into town, preferably at night.
2. Go into the house and give the owner(s) at least 3 beers (It is amusing to see them so drunk). This will stop them from calling the guards when you kill them.
3. Once you have killed the owners, the screen will automatically say the house is for sale. Go and buy the house, and then do what ever you want with it.
If you want to get rid of the evil points you gained from the murders, eat some tofu or go to the temple of Avon.
Two more tips: when you kill the owners of the house, make sure you do it where the guards can not see. (Unless you want to pay a fine or get kicked out of town). And if the doors are closed at night, just blast the door down and kill them quickly.