Fable Tips

Get all the money you want!
To be very good at Fable is about being smart but you won't get any evil points, but you will make alot of money$$$ and you will own everything you want in Albion!

To own any house, you must have money, so you start from the basic area and move up as you get richer. . . Go to Oakvale wait until night time, wait until all the residents of one house are home, wait until no guards or anyone else is around, then you smash the door down walk in quickly pull out your weapon, hold left trigger and kill them quickly, then run out of the house quickly. . . .and wait outside the house to make sure no one comes by the house . . . if a guard turns up, you go to the guard and talk to him until the dead bodies inside the house disappears, then a FOR SALE sign comes up and you then buy the house and rent it out with upgrades on the house as you play. You can own any house, pub, and shops.

The pub owners you can only kill the owner(who are usually two people, plus the game table guy - kill them in the morning as everyone is not at the pub and are working, so only the pub owner is in the pub, but you must be fast and look out for the guards. . .timing is everything.

As you play the game even if you get caught when you do kill a house owner or a pub owner, a For Sale sign always shows up and you buy it before they kick you out of their town or you leave town. Don't worry about the evil points because when you return after 3 days to collect your rent they usually forgive you, but they don't forget! so to be in a town's favour - you . . . .
be good to the locals, eg.buy their all their goods from the pub, drink with the locals, give heaps of presents to the girls but don't marry any of them.

To get the shop owners, buy them beer and get them drunk, then kill them without raising suspicion, you will own every house from oakvale to bowerstone, knotsglade to hook's creek which the rent comes in at around $20,000 all up!

Good luck and be a good property investor!