: : : : : : : Easy Stealing Without getting cought[ARENA AREA]

Fable Tips

Easy Stealing Without getting cought[ARENA AREA]
You can steal without getting cought in the arena area. Just World Save before doing the actual arena guest save before entering the arena. Skip the scene where the guard shows you the hall of heroes.
Make sure you have atleast 3-4 lvl in guille. Here in the arena is the only place where you can steal without committing a actual crime. The only thing you have to look out for is make sure that that guy who announce that you have to go in the ring isnt looking. If he is looking you wont be able to steal anything. Once he isnt looking you can steal everything you want. They have some very expensive stuff in the arena Like BRIGHT PLATE ARMOR. IF you are lucky you can steal the whole BRIGHT PLATE ARMOR for free. onces you stealed everything in there Sell everything back to the shop owner for some nice cash. Then hero save and reload the save game. Enter the Arena area and repeat the whole process.