Fable Cheats

the REAL easy money
Everyone seems to say that a great way to make money is to buy a house in Oakvale and play around with trophies or whatever, but my method is much faster.

First, make a lot of money at the card pairs table. You'll need around 250,000 gold. It'll take you forever, but it's worth it.

Second, go to Oakvale and KILL THEM ALL!! *evil laughter* Everybody must die, even the bard and the card table guy. You will see that every last building in all of Oakvale is up for sale, even the inn (which is worth a lot in rent). At this point the guards will prolly be trying to kill you, so Slow Time is helpful. Run through town and buy ALL the buildings. NOTE: Have all the money with you, cuz if you leave town for a while, the houses go back to being owned and you have to find and kill them again.

Third, you need to leave town and wait the 8 minutes for your fines to disappear. Go back to town and go to the inn and sleep for about six days. (Now that you own the inn, you can sleep there for free.) Run through town, pick up all your rent money, return to the inn and sleep for three days and repeat.

Fourth, get lots of money with Oakvale rent and repeat the process with Knothole Glade. Now you can run through both towns picking up rent, return to Oakvale and sleep, and go through both towns again. Then go to Hook coast and repeat repeat the process. With maximum level trophies in the marital homes, I make over 50,000 gold every three days when I run through the three towns playing the evil landlord. Each run takes about 3-4 minutes to complete, but as far as I've found, this is the fastest and easiest way to make money. AND IT NEVER STOPS COMING!!!!

Warning: I've noticed that after doing this, people don't really follow me when I tell them to, even if I restore my alignment to pure good. I'm not sure why.......=)