Fable Tips

Some Demon Doors and How to Open Them
Location: Heroes' Guild
Item: Elixir of Life, Tatto card and books.
Solution: Use the Lamp (which is in the 'Other' of your Items) and show it in front of the door.

Location: Greatwood Gorge
Item: Wellow's Pickhammer
Solution: The door wants you to do evil deeds. You can choose to do one of the following:

A) Be 100% evil.
B) Murder people in front of it (people from town or mercs are the best
C) Eat 10 Crunchy Chickens in front of it.

Location: Rose Cottage
Item: Will User's Bright Suit
Solution: Give the door a gift. Even a cheap one like a rose.

Location: Greatwood Caves
Item: Ebonblade Cutlass
Solution: Take a combat test that will test your combat multiplier. A physical shield is something that will make this a whole lot easier.

Location: Darkwood Marshes:
Item: Will User's Dark Suti
Solution: Take a combat test and face a horde of Hobbes.

Location: Barrow Fields
Item: Will Master's Elixir
Solution: Be fat. Eat over 20 apple pies or red meat to get fat quick.

Location: Grey House
Item: The Axe of Ronok
Solution: Marry Lady Grey of Bowerstone.