Fable: The Lost Chapters Tips

Skorm's bow, my A**
For all you Archer's out there, there is a better bow than Skorm's. You can get Skorm's bow after doing Wasp Queen, and the next quest. This is a good choice early on in the game, but once you can get 3 mana Augmentations, you will want the master bow. Plant the 3 mana augmentations in it. This will let you spam Slow Time, Physical Shield, and Multi Shot forever without ever needing another mana potion again. You "could" do this with slotting 5 mana augmentations in the frying pan, then loading up the master bow with silver augmentations (one shot kill on white balverines even at minimal power level... heh), but then why bother ever getting a melee weapon? If you're a pureist, jsut stick with the master bow and 3 mana augmentations. If you can't kill EVERYTHING without getting hit with slowtime, you should pack up your x-box, and take it back to the store for being too *bleep*ed to use it. On occasion, you will be in a close range fight with multiple AOE users, this is why we have physical shield up (and your only excuse for getting hit). Multi shot with a master bow is deffinately not as powerfull as the same with Skorm's, but then you have to watch your mana with Skorm's, and you don't my way. This is also good for mages: slot 5 mana in the frying pan, 3 in the master bow, and you almost can't run out of mana (you can if you are simply spamming every spell one after another, but in actual use, you can't run out).

It's deffinately worth the extra 2-3 shots it takes to drop a boss with a master bow over skorm's bow for the freedom from potions. Finally, Skorm's bow just looks gay.