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01 The BEST way to make money
1: Max out your guile.
2: Buy out all the gems from every trader wandering/city.
3: Go to Oakvale
4: Sell all gems in your inventory, then buy them back, you make a great profit, like 600 per gem !!!
5: repeat steps 2-4 as needed

P.S. i made over 5,000,000 gold.
Another easy way to kill Twinblade
Another easy way to defeat twinblade is to get the teleport magic, then stand in front of him, and when he goes to stab you teleport behind him and hit him repeatedly in the back while he tries to pull out his swords. Continue doing this and he will be dead in no time, plus if your good you wont have a scratch for it.
Arguing Mercenaries
First off I can't believe no one on the web has noticed this. If you hire the mercenary at Twinblade's Camp and then the one at the Temple of Avo at the same time, they'll continually argue over who's the best! It's hilarious comic relief!!
Become Mayor of Bowerstone
When you have access to Bowerstone North,
talk to the man being held captive in the
holding cell. He will say Lady Grey
murdered her sister, and you need to find
the sister's ghost. He suggests you talk
to her boyfriend who hangs out by the demon
door in Barrow Fields. So go talk to him
and you'll learn that he flashes his lamp
3 times by the stables at the Grey House.
Do so by pressing wichever "F" button that
appears with the lamp 3 times while standing
on the path in front of the stables. There
will be a short cutscene. Follow the ghost
into the cellar and another cut scene will
begin. Pick up the letter the skeletal
corpse is holding. Lady Grey will appear and
ask you to hand over the incriminating letter.
Go talk to the man in the holding cell in
Bowerstone North again. Now talk to the
sheriff (has a different hat than the rest of
the guards). He gives you the option to be
mayor, seeing as Lady Grey exited stage left.
Go for it!
There are no responsibilities and you'll have
access to Lady Grey's mansion. There you'll
find a silver key and the legendary katana.
Okay what you do is this. After you have finished the Arena quest, go to bowerstone north. There will be a shop in the middle, go there. (You must have a high guile)

-Trade the shop owner
-click buy
-go to items
-go to gifts
-buy all the diamonds

(once you've bought the diamonds you can sell them back and then buy them again)


Once you've bought the diamonds he won't have any for about three days. (check the bottom to be sure) Make sure you have a house in bowerstone south. Go there and sleep for 3 days. Go back and do it again. I saved up till I had 300 diamonds and I made 200K EACH TIME I DID IT!!!
Big Time Exp.
First you will need Physical Sheild and a Bunch of potions. On the Quest befor you go to fight jack of blades when he is activating that Culis Gates there is an unlimited spaw off mass units. On thoses mass spawns you can use your Physical Sheild and never take damage so your combate multipler will never go down so you can get mass amount of general Exp. and get your combate multipler and use your ages of will, skill, or strenght to get alot of exp.
Boasting Tips
On most quest there will be boasting and do the boast no protection and without a scratch and any others (ex Arena) on Arena start the quest and then hero save while fighting wasps and then hero save and load it then you put your Equiptment on then you go fight and then youll notice theres Boast failed for without a scratch and fist fighter and no protection (Important, this will not work on the spare as many lives or kill all on Arena)

Happy Gamin Peppz

Defeating Twinblade
To defeat Twinblade (the leader of the Twinblade Bandits) easily, just keep rolling around by holding the middle mouse button and pressing the arrow buttons in the direction you want to move. This way you will be able to block almost every blow. Keep doing that and soon he will stick his blades in the ground and while he is trying to pull them out of the ground, go behind him and hit him. Do this over and over again and you will defeat the ex-Hero.
Die and dont lose your position
When you die you are put back to the last point where the game was saved so with this all you have to do is when your health is low save the game so if you die you will just go back to there but with full health
Easiest way to make money
To do this you must have a guile level with 3 or higher.
The best place to start off is the guy in south Bowerstone right next to the entrance. First buy all his potions then sell it back to him. You dont even have to stop talking to him, just repeat the same order and you can have as much money as you want!
easy way of making money
another easy way of making money is to buy houses and rent them, at night go into peoples houses and kill who ever is in there and then you can buy the house buy as many houses you can and rent them then go to sleep for couple of days and then go collect the rent slowly slowly you get more and more money, dont buy shops they cost alot and you dont get much money. I am a millionare because when i go to sleep and then go collect the rent i get almost 50,000 its realy easy job and you get alot of money. its not the best way to make money, but thats a way to make money too
Easy Way to Get 'Skorm's Bow'
Step1: Go to the traders in the Darkwood camp and sacrifice them (if you want to get other people that's OK too).

Step2: Go to the Hero's Guild and get as many apprentices to follow you and sacrifice them (it will take some time to get them to the Chapel of Skorm, but don't teleport to Darkwood! You will lose your devotees.)

Step3: Go to the Temple of Avo and get the bodyguard there and sacrifice him. By now you should get Skorm's Bow. Enjoy!
Easy Will Experience
First get the summon spell,then buy a lot of mana potions,then just keep using summon really fast and drink the potion when you run low on mana
Fable Cheat & Tip Guide
Easy Money:

1) Go into an ITEM shop, check how many of each item is being sold and wait until the shop/trader has full stock, E.g. 85/85 etc.

2) Buy ALL the trader/shop has of that item in one go, E.g. Buy 85 etc.

3) Sell ALL of that item back to the shop/trader in one go.

4) The more the item costs, the quicker you get profit.

Here are the best locations:

1) Bowerstone South - Begginer - Produce
2) Oakvale - Intermediate - Emeralds
3) Bowerstone North - Advanced - Diamonds
4) Hook Coast - Advanced - Rubys or Saphires


Getting Good/Evil Quickly:


1) Eat lots of Tofu, beware if you eat too much you will get Fat & Ugly.

2) Donate to the Temple of Avo.

3) Give away lots of items at the Snowspire Charity Shop.


1) Kill lots of traders or villagers, Beware if you do this in bowerstone you may be killed by guards as you have no weapons.

2) Eat lots of Crunchy Chicks, Beware if you eat too much you will get Fat & Ugly.

3) Steal from Shops or Houses.

Misc Cheats:

Easy Stealing:

1) Buy 10 Beers from the local Tavern.

2) Go into a shop and give ALL the beers to the shopkeeper, this will get them drunk.

3) Push them out of the shop by walking into them.

4) They will then wander around town for a full 24 hours (Fable Time) before coming back sober.

5) Beware you need Level 4 Guile to use the 'Steal' expression

Infinite Silver Keys:

1) Do a 'World Save.

2) Start the 'Find the Archeologist' quest, go to the lake outside the Demon Door and Fish at the Ripple.

3) Take the Silver key and 'Hero Save' over the world save.

4) Load the world save and you will load to before the quest started, but you will have an extra silver key.

5) Do this as many times as you want.

6) You can use a similar method to get the Sword of Aeons without killing Theresa.

Extra Facts:

1) If you donate 300k gold to the Temple of Avo you will get 'The Sentinus' Mace and the Title of 'Paladin'.

2) If you Get loads of people to be sacrificed in the Temple of Skorm you will get 'Skorm's Bow'.

3) If you want really high skill experience always go for head shots when you Kill bandits or people with a Bow.

4) If you do loads of Headshots, and use your speed a lot, and kill lots of enemies without getting hit, you will get tons of experience when you use a 'Ages of the Skill' Potion.
Fable Lost Chapters - Start game super hero
Okay, the other guy who said you get both swords was highly mistaken, but on the right track. PC cheat only!

Okay, take your hero who has beaten most of the game or whatever, and go into a quest. Then do Hero Save and quit to the main menu. Now go make up a new hero and start over. Do the game until you get the quest Wasp Menace. Now run in there to fight the wasps. As soon as you get in, Hit Hero Save and then quit. Now hold ALT and hit TAB to get out. Find My Documents / My Games / Fable / Saves. Go into your OLD hero, and find this file: Manual-Save1.hs. Copy that file, and then go open the folder for the NEW hero. Paste that file in there, and you will have everything your old hero had, on your NEW game! There is a minor side effect, however, as every record from your personal information will be transferred onto the new hero. It would probably be good to do the Avo Quest trick to get the age down to 18 so you're not doing the Wasp Menace at age 50 or something. I have not tested to see if the age carries over.

Yes, you could beat Jack and get one sword, and then beat it the other way to get the other sword. But I tried his method and it doesn't work. Mine does, as I have done it. But only if you've Hero saved in the middle of a quest on both heroes. Also, the quest notes stack as well! I have 2 of them already at the Wasp Menace!
Fast xp mid-late game
When you get to the quest where you have to rescue the archeologist, after the Arena quest, you will find several useful things along the way. In the first area, there is a chest with a silver augmentation in it. There is also a barrel further up the road with an Ages of Skill potion in it. Save the potion for later. There are other things in this area that you can grab as well, these are just the main things you will want.

In the next area, there will be a lot of minions that spawn. Don't kill them right away, and don't worry about your guards. Just run straight to the windmill. On the bottom floor, you will find a barrel at the long end of the room with an Ages of Might potion. Now that you have these things, go outside and kill all of the minions as fast as you can. Use physical shield if you have it, you want your combat multiplier as high as you can get it. After they are all dead, you should have a 25-30 combat multiplier. Now, go into your inventory and use the 2 Ages potions you received earlier. This will give you your combat multiplier x 1000 in skill/strength xp. After you do that, if you want, there are 2 places in the windmill area where you can dig to get a silver key. If you want, grab the silver keys then Hero save.

For those of you who don't know the hero save exploit, basically it works like this. The goal of the Hero save was so you could reply quests, but keep the things that you already got from the quest areas. It was meant mainly for xp, and resets the quest area. When you load a hero save, your inventory, experience, and anything that you changed in the quest area are the same as when you hero saved. In this case, this includes the silver augmentation, and the xp from killing all of the monsters/ the Ages potions and silver keys. The difference, is that you will be right outside wherever the quest started.

I prefer this quest for this exploit because you can receive almost as much xp as you would get in the arena, along with silver keys. The hero save exploit can be used in any quest situation. Other favorite spots are places like the Lychfield Graveyard, for the 3 silver keys there, and doing all but the last wave of the arena then exiting to the waiting area and hero saving there. In the arena example, you get all of the money for those waves and the xp for doing them. If you just want xp, then do all of the arena up till where you choose if you're going to kill whisper or not then hero save. You wont get the money, but you get more xp per round. Also, every so often it is recommended to world save in between hero save runs to prevent file corruption.

If you don't like using things like the hero save exploit, you can save the Ages potions until you find a rock golem somewhere. If you charge up a ebony< bow for ~ 60 seconds before hitting the golem, you can kill it in one shot. If done correctly, you should end up with about a 61 combat multiplier. After, just pause the game and use the potions for a massive xp reward. This isn't cheating, and if you choose to do this, i highly recommend setting it up so that you have the greatwood caves as the recall on your guild seal. This way you can recall there after and use your high combat multiplier to open the demon door.

Hope this helps =]
Get All the Silver Keys in a Half Hour
Ok, so what you gotta do is start the Lychfield graveyard quest, (I think its called the graveyard pass quest but im not sure. Its about halfway thru the game.) AAAnyway, start the quest and after you listen in on the gravekeeper and his friend, (Note: If you want, grab the Ages of Skill potion from the cuboard in his house, if you do you can get unlimited AoS potions too ) Ok so you can either fight the undead for exp. or just go thru and get the three silver keys. The one in the stream to your left right inside the graveyard, the on in the crypt and the one in the grave right next to te crypt. Dont even bother to collect Nostro's armor, you dont need to do that until you actually want to complete the quest. So anyway, as soon as you have the three keys, hero save and then load the hero save. You will begin the quest again, and you will also have the items and exp that you earned the first time. Repeat until you have 30 silver keys, as that is all you need to get into all the chests in the game.
Get Big Quick
Once you graduate from the guild, only do the Gold quests to move the story forward. Just before you start the Find the Bandit Seeress quest, World Save just outside the cave (once you go through the cave, the quest is already started. Then, go through the entire quests right up to the point where you leave Elite Twinblades Camp (if you go through the gate and meet Twinblade DO NOT defeat him, quickly Hero Save and load, putting you right back outside th cave before the quest started), picking up everything from the chests and barrels. Three of these items are Ages of Will, Ages of Skill, and Ages of Might potions. DO NOT USE THESE! Once you have as many of each of these as you want (I found 10-15 worked easily), go to the guild and make sure you have two spells, Physical Shield and Force push, and your Magic Level as high as you can get them. Then go back and go through the quest again but when you finish getting the last of the items from Elite camp, hero save just in case. Then cast Physical Shield and then go up to the Bandits in the area and keep casting Force Push. I found this spell works best because your muliplier keeps going up a bit after the target is dead. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP TAKING WILL POTIONS SO YOU DON"T RUN OUT OF WILL POWER! If you do and one of the Bandits hit you, your multiplier goes down by half. Once you get your multiplier to about 30, quickly press the three keys you have assigned to the Ages potions repeatedly until you are all out. If your multiplier is at 30, you will get 30,000 exp points for each potion, giving you at least 300,000 exp points each for Strength, Will, and Magic. This will be enough to get your Skill and Will lvls mastered and get a good chuck of your Magic mastered.
Get Young in Fable Lost Chapters
The guy from Eternal Youth cheat was half right. And for those of you wondering why your donations to Avo aren't working, I'll tell you.

When you get the ransom quest in Knothole Glade, go pick up 2 henchmen. You can get 1 in Oakvale, 1 in Twinblade Camp, or in Temple of Avo, but that's out of the way. I did everything good so had it maxed out. Portal to Greatwood Cullis Gate and then run to temple of Skorm. Use a moonfish to turn it to night. Then go and sacrifice them both. You might get bow of Skorm out of it, and a lot of evil.

Also, you're going to need a ton of money, save like 600k or so. Buying all gems in Bowerstone North, and then selling them back will work well, and tons of cheats telling you how to get rich. You might need less, not sure.

Portal to Knothole Glade and take the ransom quest. Ignore everything and mad dash to Temple of Avo. Donate 10k at a time until you get miracle happened, which is youth. Age 53 or so, and you only lose 3-6 years. That's not enough. Also, if you have full good bar, and donate, you get nothing. Nothing counts. And by doing the donation you just did, you've made you really good. So it won't work again. How do you fix that?

Mad dash back into Knothole and kill the archery competition. Wait for guards. They'll say will you pay fine, you say no. Now they're mad. Run into town and kill every person you can find while dodging guards. You can kill them, but then you get +10 evil and +20 good. What?! Yeah, just hold down right mouse to run and dodge them all. Chief cannot be killed, and you get no points for hitting him. When you've killed everyone you can find, quick hero save, and then reload. Forgot to mention, Assassin Rush is awesome help for running away and dodging when you get cornered. I'm using it constantly.

Now take the quest again and repeat. You can't get any benefits from anything if you're 100% good or 100% bad. And while you're in a quest, and then reload, no one remembers that you killed them. I don't like it, but I dropped 40 years off my age, so what can I say?

So quick review. If you are max good or max evil, you have to do opposite to get closer to neutral. Then your donations will work. At max good, no amount of money gives anything.
how 2 get easy money before you get out of the guild
when u get 2 the guild do everything possible 2 get money and when he says bye to u jst simply turn it off and turnn it back on again go on that same file ull have 2 start the guild all over again but its worth it.
How to become the most evil-person in the world!
1: Get people to like you.
2: Get 5 Guile.
3: Buy Diamonds, and perform the money trick untill you have 800,000$£.
4: Buy Berserk, Fireball, Divine Fury, Slow Time and any other spells.
5: Get the Obsidian Longsword+.
Now for the fun.
6: Get where you want to kill the people.
7: Lead the person into somewhere where nobody else is, at night.
9: Tell them to wait.
10: Slow Time, use Berserk, draw your sword and kill them.
11: Repeat again and again, untill you get horns.
12: Steal alot.
how to gat skorms bow and the sentinus at a time
if you want to be and stay good, first,your alignment must be as good as it can. go to the chapel of skorm and teleprt to knothole glade and from there go to the temple of avo and hire the mercenary, recall to the chaple of skorm and then eat a moonfish or if it is already night, teleport to okvale and hire that one too. it is important to hire these two because they are good and not evil and it will higher the percentage of getting the skorms bow. after hiring them, recall to the chapel of skorm and if its already midnight, talk to one of the monks and skip the cutscene.sacrifice the both.if it's not midnight,wait and whan it's midnight, don't skip the cutscene and sacrifice them. if your alignment is as best as it can be, 90% will work.after you did that, your alignment will fall immediately. and because your are not good but evil, earning the sentinus will be much easier. now go and donate in the temple of avo. after dotation, your alignment will grow just like it was. so you will stay good.but if you like to stay evil, do the opposite. first donate, then sacrifice.
How to make a fortress out of a store.

1st, go to Oakvale. Make the guard's mad by using a spell (pulling out your sword wont work in this situation. Now RUN to the Item shop. (if the doors are already closed, this wont work) Kill the store owner as fast as you can. The doors will close and it will say "This store is now for sale." If you have done this right, the guards cant break through the door. If you want to attack the guards (which can put you at risk by them shooting at you) Bust all the windows and shoot them with your arrows (make sure you have a arrow spell and good accuracy for this). If you had chosen to break the windows for offense, or the guards broke them some how, your safest place will be behind the door. If you cant handle the pressure, then you can either teleport out of oakvale and wait a couple days, or wait until your time runs out and your fine is gone. If you chose to buy the store afterwards, repeat the last step, and then just walk out of the store/ teleport back and buy the store.

Hope you guys have fun with this, I just found this out, i have no Idea if it works with other shops.. Enjoy!!

how to own the shops and houses in bowerstone
since you cant carry a weapon you cant kill anyone. but if you hire mercenaries from any 2 locations, they still have their weapons. pay off a guard and go and hit a pesant. the mercenaries will start to attack them, and since they have weapons they can kill them. This also works for Bowerstone North. *Note* Children can't die, so if the house has a child it wont come up for sale.
kick ASS in first 1/2, then make EASY $$$
This cheat takes advantage of the game's economics. Be sure to read the WHOLE cheat before trying it out.

First, in the Guild, buy all the health, will, and resurrection phials from the vendor. Then go to Bowerstone South, and do the same from the guy at the entrance. Then sell them ALL potions of each kind back to him. I did this with a guile level of 0, and trust me, it works fine. Repeat this until you have at least 300,000 in gold. Then go to the Temple of Avo at Witchwood and donate 300,000 in gold. (However, the more evil your character, the less $ is necessary.) This should get you the Sentinus greatmace, one of the legendary (not to mention strong) weapons. Try it out a few times, and you'll see how effective it is. Thus, you'll be kicking ASS in the first part of the game. I forgot to note if you need a certain strength level to use it, though. I'm guessing probably any strength level will do. You can repeat this process for making money to buy ANYTHING you have access to. Not only did I use it to get the Sentinus, but I also bought a suit of the very protective plate armor.

Once you have access to Bowerstone North, buy all the diamonds from the vendor there, then sell them all back. Repeat as many times as you like to make quick, easy money. Take note of when he'll be receiving another shipment of diamonds as you're buying/selling, then if desired, find somewhere in Bowerstone South to sleep until he gets that shipment. (I find that using the mat in one of the homeless shacks close to the Bowerstone North entrance is convenient, just be sure to run out before the screen darkens so you don't get in trouble for trespassing!) Then you'll have even MORE diamonds to buy/sell, thus making you even MORE money. You can repeat that process as many times as you like as well.

Lady Greys Secret Gift
OK.have you wondered what lady grey is good for? .Lady grey has a secret, she is invencible. Why does this help me? you ask. simply put wait until night go to bowerstone manner go to lady greys room and attack here until you have the strength experience you want and just leave.It comes in handy for free experience.(look my name up on youtube)
Live Like A King
To live like a king, you basicly need to own all of Oakvale, Knothole Glade, And I think it was Hook Coast and Snowspire. to do this upgrade the 'Fireball' spell to lvl 3 or 4. this will create 'Splash Damage', wich will kill most NPCs. now go to Oakvale, and power up your 'Fireball' spell and release it NEAR an NPC.
(If you shoot it NEAR an NPC,you wont get 'evil' points, and it wont count as murder!)now after you've 'Splashed' everyone, their houses will be up for sale, even the warehouses! (Before you kill everyone, I reccomend going to Bowerstone South, and buying a lot of Health and Mana potions, -you can also go to the arena and buy a lot there - Then go to 'Sell' and sell ALL the potions at once, NOT one at a time! You should get quite a bit of money from this, so you can buy all the houses and shops) After you own all the shops, (to get Taverns, you need to kill the Innkeeper, Barmaids and Gamesmaster)Rent them out, and sleep for a couple of days, then, go collect the rent. If you do this with Knothole Glade, people in the towns will say things like "Lord (whatever your title is)" and "Oh look, it's the Duke of Oakvale". Onece you've gotten all the towns that you can carry a weapon in, the will say "Your magesty, what an honour" and "Look at the King!"
First you need Berserk, assassin's Rush, picklock, steal expression and a spade now go to oakvale and to the gate between oakvale and barrow feilds and go beserk, assassin rush through the gate and as soon as the loading screen comes up pull back the right thumbstick so you go back through the gate now time should be frozen and picklock all the shops if there closed and you can steal from infront of their eyes plus aarows freeze in time so i always surround everyone with aarows. Also loads of houses should be 4 sale, to un pause time just dig. Think this doesn't work at guild and bowerstone? it does coz once froze time you can teleport and time will still be frozen!!!
Make Stealing Easier
This works on just about any shop. Make sure that it isn't a delivery day. Buy a lot of beer and give some to the shopkeeper, 3-5 should be enough. Then use your body guide the drunken shopkeeper out of the shop (run into him and push just make sure he is completely out of the shop). He will stumble around town until he sobers up (it will take a while). While he is gone steal everything in the shop. Make sure to keep an eye out for the guards as they occasionaly check in on the shop. Once you have stolen everything sell whatever you don't want back to the shopkeeper when he returns( this may take a while)
massive strenght exp points
Marry Lady Grey And then push her to a corner far of the house in bowerston north then hit her but use only normal hits.it takes a big amaunt of time but it is easy and you dont spend money or potions
Massive Experience Points
In order for this to work you need to save up all your experience boosts for melee, skill, and will. You also need to have the mana shield and around 10 mana potions (you don't need to bring a lot because you will get more from drops). then teleport to the lychfield graveyard. follow the path to the area called "old graveyard path" and follow it to your left. there you will find an infinite spawn point of undead skeletons. just use your mana shield and start killing all the skeletons. make sure to watch your mana because you don't want your shield to come off. keep killing until you get your exp multiplier over 100 (you can go as high as you want) until u feel satisfied with it and use your experience boost potions. you will have guaranteed over 500k exp for every category if you saved all of your exp boost potions. (just a heads up - your finger will get really tired after clicking so much
master everything before bargate prisson
1.complite the "twinblade quest".
2.Take "Find Archaeologist" and teleport to witchwood.
3. run until the cuttsen begins, ignore the troll and run over to the barel and take the ages of will poitons.
4. SAVE and LOAD. notice you'll still have the poitons, do it all over again until you got atlest 10 of them (don't drink them). (make sure you got physical shield and high will power, good with enflame.
5. finish the "white balverine" then take the arena quest.
6. Get atlest 20-30 combat multiplaier then drink half of the poitons then when you are finsih with the rock trolls go to the cellars
7. SAVE and LOAD.
8. You will still have all the exp. the try to max out physical shield, will power and enflame (enflame and will power is most important) and try to get a hard and heavy weapon.
9. do the arena over again until you killed the rock trolls, then go to the cellers again and SAVE and LOAD, do this until you maxt out ALL or almost ALL abilitys.
10. before you continul on to the nineth round try to get multiplaier to 30 and drink the rest of the poiton's.

hope it helpt
quick money
first you need to finish the twinblade quest, and to have the money to buy a house.

1. Buy a house.
2. Smash the door
3. Put trophy's at the trophy mount's the more valueble the better.
4. Sell the house.
5. Walk in and dismount the trophy's.
6. Buy it again. Notice that the house is cheaper without the trophy's and more expensive with them.
do you get it...
Just do it until you got the money you wan't to earn.
The buy and sell diamond with high guile hint maybe is better, but in this you dont need guile

Hope it helps
Simple Way To Defeat the Knothole Glade Bandit Seige
Have a decent amount of points into Accuracy so your bow skills don't completely blow.

When the quest begins you are facing the Knothole Glade chief and if you look to your right you will see a path that goes up hill, that path leads to the warning horn for the village. Walk up the path and pull out your bow at the top, you SHOULD have a good view of the Bandits behind the gate. Try out your aim! Since they can't touch you, feel free to shoot them anywhere you wish, I personally chose to decapitate them...well...cause its more fun haha.

Goof Luck guys! Hope I helped.
Skorms Bow Easy
It's easy to get Skorm's Bow near the game's beginning. I generally do this before the Wasp Quest.

1)Be neutral or better, just not evil in alighnment.
2)Make sure you've been to Oakvale and Bowerstone.
3)Go to the Chapel of Skorm.
4)Teleport to Bowerstone, hire the mercenary, and recall to the Chapel.
5)Teleport to Oakvale, hire the mercenary, and recall to the Chapel.
6)Sacrifice them both at midnight (The minimap's "clock" orb's hand appears to point at the center of the night half)

This has worked every time I've done it. I've tried it at other times of day, but it didn't work, so midnight is important.
Stealthy and fun money (easy good weapon too!)
alright, first you need to get maximum guile (it might take a while to get this, but it's worth it), then, go to twinblade's camp and collect the full assassin uniform. wear the uniform and teleport to bowerstone south (make sure it's daytime). head to the blacksmith's shop and turn on ur sneak feature (guile lvl 1 required), look around the shop until u spot the Obsidian cleaver in the open (it's on the farthest box in his shop). sneak behind the box so ur back is facing the wall and steal the cleaver (make sure no one know's of ur presence). there u go! u now have an obsidian cleaver! if u have something better, just sell it to the blacksmith u just sold it too, now turn back to the box. guess what,another obsidian cleaver has appeared! keep stealing these bad boys and you should have enough money for some good stuff!
Trader Escort made simple
I have never seen this anywhere else and it works for me. When you first start bring them to the gate to the next area, STOP and make them wait. Go through the gate and kill EVERY ENEMY there. Once done go back and make them follow you and go through and repeat. I don't remember if you can boast on this quest but the all merchants are alive boast if possible because they wont get hurt at all.
Unlimited ages potions
To get unlimited ages potions, during the Twinblade quest, after you gather all 3 ages potions (ages of might,skill,will) save it on save file 1. then do the quest again and do the same thing and save on the same file (file 1) and you now see that you have 2. keep doing this all you want but each time you do the quest again you have to start all over again (i got so pissed at that) but it helps.
Wife Abduction
Want to end your marriage without the
massive evil points? Then you need to
have been married before the Bargate
Prison quest, and not already completed
the quest.

To trigger this glitch, simply spend a
few years in Bargate Prison, and when
the quest is over, your wife will have
mysteriously disappeared as if you were
divorced (or mabe aliens abducted her),
and you won't get the evil points!

This glitch has not been tested by me,
but many have reported this glitch.

You'll most likely loose all wives, but
I'm pretty sure your house will still
belong to you.


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Bowerstone South Thieft
Once your gile is high enough to use the 'Steal' expression you can steal objects from any shop in Bowerstone South (may not work for the weapon stand). Just get the shopkeeper to follow you and bring them over to the clothing shop right by the entrance. Push the shopkeeper into the corner right by the staircase leading up to the clothing shop. The shopkeeper will then stay there until you push him out so go back to the shop that he belongs to and steal everything on display. You can then sell it back to him or keep it for yourself. Then push him out of the corner and go to sleep. The next day, more items will be on display and you can repeat. I got a full set of Plate armour doing this.
darkwood bordelo equipment
at darkwood bordello,i got the redhead wig and a dress.i needed to get rid of my beard.sleep with grope a couple of times.DO NOT DIG UP THE DEEDS UNTIL YOU ARE READY!!!you also can find a balverine tattoo in a dig spot in the bench area.dont dig around the lake.this ends the quest if you go to that fat lady, mince.you get 1,000 gold for sleeping with grope.in the door,there is a pimp hat.dont turn it into a refuge to open this.
easy gold and items
1. Own darkwood bordello but don't turn it into a refugee camp yet.
2. Get some gold (as much as you like as it will help with next bit.
3. Buy some items off of vendors that can be resold (i think potions work best but not resurection phials they don't work.
4.Go to the Darkwood bordello (this trick only works there) now sell all the items to the bartender and buy them back and sell them(this works because for example if you sell him something that is 30 gold you can probably buy it for 20 gold this works best with bulks of items i kept doing this and got 100+ health and mana potions).
5. Repeat steps 2-4 and you should make really easy gold as well as have lots of potions (i used this trick to get the solus greatsword and most of the houses it will take a while but you will get loads of gold and items.
Get the Sword of Aeons and Avo's Tear plus near Eternal Youth
Note: This is a PC Cheat, those playing the X-Box version, this doesn't work.

There is a way in Fable TLC to get both the Sword of Aeons and Avo's Tear. Just follow my "12 Step Program"
1. Play through the game once... BUT... Once you fight Jack of Blades (his mortal form) you must cast the sword of Aeons into the vortex. (You can mourn your loss as long as you'd like, but you'll get it back, I promise.) Complete every quest you can (or want to) except for the Ransom Victim. (For the Temple of Light quest, you can donate up to getting the Sentinus if you want but don't donate enough for the Gift of Youth. Patience my Padawan) Max out your stats if you'd like but it isn't completely necessary. Defeat Dragon Jack at least once. (Wear the mask if you want to but you might be stuck with it.)
2. Begin the Ransom Victim and follow the path (on foot) to the Temple of Avo. (Note: You will need money so be prepared to shell out around 300-600K)
3. Donate gold until the priest says "A rare miracle has occurred. Avo grants you the Gift of Youth."
4. Now "Hero Save" and reload. (You'll notice your Hero is 6-9 years younger upon reloading.)
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you Hero is 18 again and do one final Hero Save. (Slot 1 is preferred unless your fickle...)
6. Ready for the fun stuff? Ok then. Make a new Hero with a new name. (He'll even have that new profile smell!)
7. Play like you normally would up until the Wasp Menace. Before you kill the Queen Wasp, Hero Save and Quit.
8. From the start menu go to My Documents/ My Games/ Fable/ Saves and open the folder with your new Hero's name. (Note: The file location may be different for some users.) Find your Hero Save file and copy it. (Manual-Save1 hs)
9. Now navigate back and open the folder with your old Hero's name and Paste the copied Hero Save. (A box will appear asking if you want to replace the file, click yes.)
10. Now Start up your game and load your new Hero. (Save 1) You'll instantly notice that your not only 18, but a fully maxed out hero carrying weapons and clothing that wouldn't even be available yet... Oh and your stats are all back too.
11. Now go have some fun with your character, just make sure to play up until you fight Mortal Jack again. (Your Hero will only have aged if you spent any years in Bargate Prison, but will not age otherwise!)
12. After Defeating Jack of Blades kill you sister and keep your sword. (Awww just put the blind wretch out of her misery would you.) After the cut scenes, go to your inventory to find your greatest wishes have come true and you now have BOTH the Sword of Aeons AND Avo's Tear!

Note: This works well with other things you couldn't do before. Get both the Dark and Light wizard hats. Marry (or condemn) Lady Grey. The point is, if you choose to do the exact opposite of every choice you made the first time, you'll get everything you couldn't before. Plus the "Forever Young" thing isn't bad either eh?

Another Alternative posted by Baron_Bill:

To review, Old Hero must save during a quest, Hero Save. Make a new hero, and then do quest Wasp Menace. Run into the area that starts the quest, then Hero Save and quit. Hold ALT + Tab to exit. Find the folder of the old hero and copy Manual-Save1.hs. Go into new hero folder and paste the file. Now you will fight Wasp Menace with all your hero powers. But my posting is step by step for anyone to follow.
Infinite Ages Of potions/silver keys without hero save, and max skills early in
When you get to the find bandit seeress quest you can find 1 of each ages of potions during the course of the quest. Ages of skill in one of the barrels at the zone where you gather the bandit suit, ages of will in a hidden barrel near the puddle at twinblade's camp and ages of might in a barrel at twinblade's elite camp. when you gather all of those use your guild seal to port to anywhere, when it asks you if you wanna lose your quest progress say yes. you will be at the entrance for the quest and will keep any items and experience you've gain, not related to the quest itself(you don't keep the bandit seal or suit but you keep all ages of something potions, any produce, money, potions and etc. that you get). This way you can get unlimited ages of whatever potions without risking to corrupt your save file. and you can then get force push to lvl 4, get a high combat multiplier at the Hobbes cave by using force push on their corpses and use up all your ages of potion to max out strength and skill, and as close you can get to maximizing will.

This trick can also be use at the lychfield graveyard for unlimited silver keys. i only used hero save to make my character 18 again at the find the archeologist quest.
Kill without evil points
Well i came across this by accident. all you have 2 do is have a high level fireball with a large enough radius. fire NEXT to the person and the radius will kill them, but you don't get any evil points or get fined (like that matters).
look at sword of aeons before fighting jack
Go in to the chamber of fate. Make sure you are in the middle of the room. Make your camera look UP at you and if you get it just right you will see the sword of aeons
make 999.999 gold easy
Frist take the twinBlade Quest.Get to the game where you can get the bandit seal for free,finish the game hero save then load,go back to the game and talk to him.talk to he agian and you don't have to do the game to get the seal, play the game you will have the game crach when you do this but you can still hero save do the and load game the you will have all the gold you need.
Marry Bowerstone Barber (and Copy Her)
First get her to like you. Then give her the ring. Make her follow you to
Bowerstone North; then run back into Bowerstone South. As soon as you get in click on her and you can marry her.

After you have married her buy the barber shop. Then rent it out. Leave Bowerstone and come back later and there will be a new Scarlett the barber in the store; also the one you married.

(I will put up a picture in my gallery if i can.)
New Gae+
Once you have finished the game, go in your

game file and find AlbionQuest.

Change all the "FALSE:(" for "TRUE:("

Next time you login, you should be warped around as all the quests in teh game are activated at the same time. This means Doing Hobbe contest at the same time Jack is activating the Focus Sites ... Better do a backup before, cause it leads to unpredictable results.

1st time I did, I got warped to THe prison Race while Maze was bringing me back to Hero Guild for the first time, so He warped me to a Burning Hero Guild Where the guildmaster was telling me that jack was burning everything, and I had to kll guildmaster for the TLC quest all at once. was fun
Unlimited combat multiplier and strength exp
This can only be done rather late in the game. After you've married Lady Grey, wait until night, and go into your bedroom. When you're in there, hit Grey until she's backed into a corner. She won't divorce you, and she won't die. You can beat her constantly, while raising your combat multiplier and your strength exp indefinitely. I'm not so sure if you can teleport with your combat multiplier or not, but if you can, this will make the Demon Door that asks for a high multiplier much easier to get into. She doesn't fight back, and it may take a while, but it's essentially unlimited XP for your strength state. Have fun you evil wife beater you.

Easter eggs

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Punch a guy's head off
Find a bandit, preferably one by himself (it makes it easier) and start beating him with your fists. You can still flourish when you're fist fighting, so when he gets dazed before he's about to die, flourish and you'll punch his head off. It takes a while but its pretty funny.
sweet sword
this is the exact same sword as the sword of aeons in blue to get it you have to throw the sword of aeons in the portal and then you teleport to the guild go to maze's book shelf and get the history of the guild it will read a part of it about a sword and then go outside to the empty grave outside of maze's quarters and read the sign and then you have it


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Easy combat experience
When you have first got out of the guild, find the way to Bowerstone South, and from there to Bowerstone Quay. Wait until it has turned to night and walk up to the fist fighters that appear. It is advisable that you choose one that is relatively close to a wall. When chosen, let loose with your fists. You will send them away from the group, and gain increasing experience for every hit. Just a word of warning. Make sure that the chosen fist-fighter doesn't get away, otherwise he warns his friends and you won't get the same chance again. Do this for as long as you need, and you won't have to worry about levelling up your physique, health and toughness, because you will be able to max them out with this easy cheat. Also, it took me about an hour and a half to get the necessary experience, so you might get bored easily
alot of magic exp
Needs:multi arrow

GO to archons shrine all with the big guy then use multi arrow
and attack the monster then keep on attacking until u get alot of combat then keep on useing summon then u shouldget alot of exp
Be the Mayor!
go to any house or shop owner w8 until they are highpighted and say follow then take them to another location (out off the town) and there shop will be for sale! If you don't want to buy it leave it for 1 day but if you do this to every house you can own the whole of a town!
East money
To make easy money, go to a treader and buy all items in one time, then sell them back all the items back in one time. One most items you should have made a profit.
The price of the items depends on when the next delivery of the item is, and how many the trader still has of the item. The prices go up if you buy the items one at a time, and down if you sell them one at a time. So you should buy/sell all the same items at the same time.
So buy the items cheap, and sell them for a profit.
Easy evil and lots of money
First u need good strenght in that catergory and good beserk now go to oakvale ( u need loads of money 200,000 ) and kill everyone ther is remember the bar upstairs and 2 story houses and chicken kicking com + the dock and soon all places should be for sale buy all of them and rent them all out.

wait a few days ( real life ) and teleport back to oakvale and collect every money bag and u get 225gp each bag and u should get really good EVIL. happy killing


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Eternal Youth
Okay folks, I just discovered this one tonight.

This will ONLY work on The Lost Chapters.

To perform this glitch/cheat you need:

An old man hero (Mine was 65 with all skills maxed out, be sure to have everything maxed out or he'll just get old again)
NEVER Gotten the youth blessing from The Temple of Avo. If you've gotten it, this won't work.
Haven't completed "The Ransom Victim" quest.
A good lot of gold.

Your current hero probably won't work considering he doesn't fit the above criteria but if you ever make a new one or if he does fit it, then read on.

A 65 year old wrinkly scarred up white haired man looks really bad, so lets make him young!

Take the "Ransom Victim" quest and talk to the Knothole Glade Chief. Proceed as normal until you get to the Temple of Avo. This cheat will work even better for evil users, if your character is pure good this will be VERY hard. So, make sure if he's pure good to slaughter a town or two or make a few donations at the Chapel of Skorm (in the process you might get the Youth gift there, making this go quicker), unless you have millions of gold on hand.

It took me 250k gold to do this after I killed a ton of people and sacrificed to Skorm. To get easy gold, what I do is go to merchants, buy all their mana/health pots, then gather mana/health pots from merchants all over until you have 200-300, befriend a merchant who is low on mana/health pots so he gives you a discount then sell/re-buy them over and over. E-z gold, or, a slower alternative is to buy/sell augmentations to a full-stocked weaponry guy in Snowspire.

Anyways, once your alignment is evil enough and have taken the quest and have not received the blessing before and are old with everything maxed out (if everything isn't you could wait and get everything maxed or get yourself young now, get older again then do this again, but, this would mean not completing "The Ransom Victim" for awhile and keeping it on hold), go to the priests in the Temple of Avo and before you donate, hero save. Then, donate enough until they say "Avo Grants you the gift of youth". Now, simply teleport back to the Heroes' Guild. It will ask you since you are in the middle of a quest if you want to leave, agree to leave.

Then, go back to Knothole Glade, talk to the Chief, go on through, then, once you're back to The Temple of Avo, hero save, then, talk to the Priests again and give enough gold, and, guess what! You'll get the Youth blessing again! I got my wrinkly old hero with all maxed out skills back down to 18 years old in about 45 minutes doing this!

So, in a nutshell...


Old man, maxed skills.
Lots of gold.
No previous Temple of Avo 'youth' blessing.
An evil enough alignment.


1) Take "The Ransom Victim" quest.
2) Go to Knothole Glade and talk to the Chief
3) Go to the Temple of Avo
4) Hero Save
5) Donate enough to get the "Gift of Youth"
6) Teleport out of their thus abandoning the mission
7) Go back to Knothole Glade, talk to the Chief, return to the Temple of Avo, Hero Save, donate enough again to get "The Gift of Youth" again, and repeat again and again and again to get down to your desired age (18 is the minimum).

I hope you enjoyed this awesome find I brainstormed one day and built an entire character to test out! It was worth it!


Another Alternative posted by Baron_Bill:

I just posted on this one, too. But basically, the closer you are to neutral or evil, the better this will work. He says kill the henchmen, and that's fine.

But when you go to temple of Avo and donate, it makes you good. And the more good you are, the less your donations do. And if you hit max good, then no amount of money will help you get anything.

So basically after I donated enough to get youth blessing, I had to run into Knothole Glad and massacre all of the innocent people to lower my good level so I could donate again.

When the last person was dead, can't kill chief, and guards give +10 evil and +20 good, then you Hero Save, and reload. If you check my posting, I did give clear step by step on this one, too.

Last word, more good = less effective donations, and full good means donations give you 0 anything. You have to lower good before you can donate again.


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get the sword of Aenos before beating jack
first when you are on the batle jack of blades quest defeat him then dont made a desicion make hero or world save then load the game and youll be outside the quest with the sword of Aenos, well is not a very good cheat but dont make the wife chet it does not serve!
get the sword of aenos before defeating jack of blades
first follow this teps:

1. first defeat jack of blades
2. then dont make a choise just make a hero or world save
3. naw load the game
4. youll be out of the guild befor the quest and youll have the sword of aenos on your inventory.

p.s: dot make the wife cheat i already made it it does not serve!
How to get Good in a hurry
I'll explain in 7 easy steps.
1. First you'll have to tell youself not to any bad deeds (but alitle Nib Nabbing sometimes is okey)
2. Do not marry a women you'lle now you just have to divorce later. (It'lle save money)
3. Never kill main characters at quests (your sister, whisper, twinblade...)
4. Pray in the temple of avo (donate 300.00k and you'lle get a special weapon + the Paldin title
5. (this takes time) Walk the root from the Lookout point true Greatwood and Darkwood. Kill all bandits and Hobbs (or any other enemy) and save the trader. It will give you +2 good points for each trader you'lle save.
6. Attack the bandits in Twinblades camp. I'ts easy and you'lle get the Experience to.
7. Eat lots of tofu (i've bought 99 of em') Bevare they'lle fat you up.
How to get more xpensive gifts from your beloved (master bow, chainmail parts e.t.c)
this is a funny thing to do if you want more then one wife in a town.
1. first buy two houses.
2. then mary someone and move in together in one of the houses.
3. mary another one and take the other house.
4. Now! if you flirt with 1 of 'em wile the other watches he or she will get angry.
5. wait a few days and they'le start to argue.
6. a few days l8r they'll buy incredible xpnsive gifts for u.
How to get thin again.
Well if you eat's lots of Tofu's (previes submited cheat) or any other kind of food. You'lle most likely get fat and ugly. in 5 easy points.
1. Go for walk's (remember to sell all your food suplies.
2. Only drink potions when useful.
3. Have one tofu, beer, meet or crunchy chicken each saturday (only)
4. Fight alots of hoobs and thieves (they're easy to kill)
5. Go for fishing to test your hunger. Do NOT EAT THE FISH. (don't sell it either) Go to the Fisher creek and await your price. (next cheat i'lle submit will be how to find the biggest fish. He He.)
Infinite Gold
step 1. Buy a marital house
step 2. upgrade until it has the trophy mounts
step 3. break down the door
step 4. put a trophy on the mount(s)
step 5. sell the house
step 6. steal the trophy back
step 7. buy the house back
step 8. repeat steps 4-7 until desired amount gold is reached

P.S. this is if u have time to waste
Infinite Silver Keys
in the quest where you have to find the archeologist there is a key in the water at witchwood stones get the key before you rescue the archeologist. then hero save. then load your game and repeat until desired amount of silver keys is reached.

you only need thirty keys for the entire game and there is a demon door that asks for all your keys i suggest u open all the silver key chest before u give them to it
Make loads of money fast!
This is probably the easiest way to make money and not get good or bad deed points for it. All you do is go to a trader, for example the one in Bowerstone South just at the entrance, and buy all the potions (it gives you the option to buy "all at once" or "only one", buy all at once!) Once youve bought the potions sell them to the same trader again (all at once!!!). Doing this will get you tons of cash in no time!! The reason is that the bigger amount of one item the trader has the less valuable it gets. For example if a trader has 1 katana it will cost 500 gold but if he has 15 katanas it will cost 250 gold. (not real price)
Selling vendors their own goods!
In Oakvale there are two shops - a general store and a weapons/armour store - both are indoors. Each one has items on display - go over to the item nearest the fireplace and turn the camera around so you can see the shop keeper who should be facing away from you towards the door - check the eye (top right) to make sure he's not concentrating on you. Providing you have enough 'Guile' you can then steal the items (but be ready to stop if he turns around - which he tends not to) and promptly sell them back to the shopkeeper - making a pretty big profit!
silver key
Note: This trick requires a spade! You can get one from some of the "general" merchants. First, take the Hobbe Cave Quest and go to the Rose Cottage. Walk to the circle of flowers near the house. Use your spade and dig up a Silver Key. You can also get 500 gold each time you do this if desired, by cutting the thorns and opening the treasure chest; however, you will get Evil points. Do a hero save, then load the saved game again. You should appear out of the Rose Cottage area. You can repeat this process as much as desired. If you want to get unlimited keys throughout the game, do not finish the quest. You can keep going back and getting the Silver Key.

Totally Unlimited Experience
To get as much expierience as you want, follow these simple directions.

1: When Briar Rose says that you have to collect the soul of the oldest one, go to lychfield graveyard and go to the circle of the dead. Nostro will say some stuff that could matter less about how he wants to die with honor and as a warrior and blah blah blah... woo hoo for nostro... anyway, DO NOT KILL NOSTRO!!! He continually spawns undead 4 or 5 at a time, and he will never stop. Just keep killing the small undead and leave nostro alone. I got my combat multiplier to 723 by doing this, and my Ages of Skill/Might/Will potions gave me assloads of exp. Also Totally awesome for just getting general exp. Trust me, by the time you get your CM to 500, you wil have more than enough xp to max out ever skill left in the game.
Unlimited Items
After you graduate the guild, don't buy anything from any store or open any barrels or chests. Only do the quests that further the game (the gold ones). When you get to the point where Maze open the Witchblade Cullis Gate, World save at the Heroe's Guild. Transport to Witchblade's gate and the Find the Archeologist quest will start. This quest is different because it's the first quest that will allow you to travel anywhere while staying inside the quest. To do this, you have to make sure you do NOT finish the quest. Do NOT hit the stones that say letters and open the Demon's gate if you get the right combo. This means you can now go anywhere, open any chest, buy anything and do the small quests. When you have bought everything, opened everything and finsihed all the small quests, Hero Save and quit. Now when you load, you'll be at the point where you saved you game at the Heroe's Guild but now, you'll have all the items and exp you collected. Just start the quest again and do this over as many times as you want.
Unlimited xp
An easy way to earn a lot of xp is just to follow these steps.

this only works after you did the prison quest.

Go to the guild and buy these spells.
-Force push

Be sure to set them in your bar on the lower left.

Make sure you got some money, and if you just completed the arena dont spend all your money on weapons, go to the Temple of Avo instead and donate about 30k of gold.
Youll get a nice mace wich i like to call the "undead slayer".
Also keep in mind that there is a physice level required to swing it.

Go to the circle of the dead and go trough the tomb, when you come out of the underground passages the fun begins.
For some reason the undead keep spawning and try to kill you.
So put up your shield and start bashing, when you run out of mana use a potion to refill your shield.
If you manage to do alot of damage without being out of mana youll get a combat multyplier as high as you want it.

There is a max on how much xp you can have i though it was 999999 and used it all.
Also i want to add is this.
A mage is powerfull in Area attacks, a bow man in the use of the bow and the warrior in use of the weapons.
choose your path well.

Having Jack of blade's mask on is possible after you complete the game but when you just defeat him dont skip the credits.
When the credits are done the game will save and open up again with you wearing the mask.
Beware though, there is no way to remove the mask, and i dont know if its possible to remove it on the maps outside the game.
Also keep in mind that you cant become a good person anymore, you can slay all evil you like but it wont show, only in appearance but not in your personality bar.

i hope this helps adventurers