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A good sequel if I ever saw one!

The good:

Optional gender, this was a great addition to a great game, it gives the game equality for female players. The hair style, color and make up changes are a nice touch.

The story is sad and gets you really involved, the prison camp especially. I like how you have a pet that helps you by finding dig spots. Right off from the beginning you are given choices towards your alignment, a good start to the game. The alignment makes for a game you'll want to play over again at least once if not more. I love how in game it references the first game, Theresa for example is the Hero of Oakvale's sister and you visit Twinblades grave, the king of thieves from fable one. Lady Grey makes an appearance, though her appearance has been altered.

Side quests such as the hollow men make up for the story's shortness. The jobs get repetitive, but they are a good way to make gold. Interchangeable armor, you get to mix and match what you wear.

The bad:

The story is a bit short. It all starts with a mysterious music box, after you make a wish and crank it, it disappears. To where I wonder, this is never explained. The ending leaves much to be desired and I never did understand Theresa's true intentions.

The game is fun, but it is a bit short. The area set up is a bit confusing, I'd get lost at times, everything tends to look the same, when fighting I'd get confused and go back the way I came by mistake, though the name of the area showing on the screen was useful.

There is kind of a lack of side quests, other then the jobs, which do get kind of boring and repetitive after awhile. The gargoyles, one thing that bothered me is that they are hard to locate, I'd hear one but it'd take me forever to figure out where it is because initially I didn't know what to look for, there should be a short tutorial so you know what to look for, it would have helped a lot and saved time.

There is a definite lack of costumes compared to its predecessor. Some of the demon doors riddles are confusing, for example the one in the graveyard. I thought I was supposed to give him a slab of meat from one of the merchants. But I was actually supposed to...

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kick a chicken at the door's mouth.


Character customization is reminiscent of small MMORPG, as you can't change the face template, but still fun to mess with. I like choosing to be good or evil, there are fun ways to affect that. Something they added that I found quite funny is...hookers! They don't appear till late in the game though.

The experience system hasn't changed nor has the attack system, though there is of course new armor and weapons. I find using R a very convenient way to collect experience orbs, but in the heat of battle I don't have time to stand around while they are being drawn to me. But if I don't then they...


Fable 2: A Mixed Review

The good:

-The Experience System
-Main Story-Line
-Replay Value

The bad:

-Too Easy


Fable 2 is, overall a great game, look past the hype and all the promise that Peter Molyneux made and you will see the true value that is packed into this game. When I first started to play this I was ready to dive right into the action, slay some bandits, shoot some innocent civilians. You can't, before you can do all this you have to play a mini-tutorial/storyline set-up for around ten minutes. This bored the hell out of me, running around with a wooden sword and a toy gun doing deeds for gold coins to buy some magic box. Then something terrible happened, just as I was about to get past t...

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