F-1 World Grand Prix Cheats

F-1 World Grand Prix cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, and Codes for N64.


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Driver Williams Passwords
All the various extras in the game can be opened early. To use this passwords go into exhibition mode and then driver select. Go to Driver Williams and change his name to the following:
PasswordWhat it does
Driver MuseumOpens Gallery
Driver ChromeOpens Silver Driver
Driver PyriteOpens Gold Driver
Driver VacationOpens Bonus Track
Driver PandoraOpens all challenges in Challenge Mode


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Permanently Unlock Extras
The problem with using the Driver Williams cheats is that the unlocked goods are only temporary. Here are the conditions to unlock the bonus extras permanently:
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver DriverAchieve 80% completion in challenge mode
Gold DriverAchieve 90% completion in challenge mode
GalleryFinish 1st overall in the Grand Prix mode on the rookie setting
Bonus TrackFinish 1st overall in the Grand Prix mode on the professional setting


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Infinite Acceleration
Pick either the gold or silver driver. Change the transmission type to manual. Now when you start a race keep the car in first gear. You'll continue to gain speed when accelerating until you brake or hit something.