F1 2011 Unlockables

Unlockable Awards
By performing a specific task, awards can be unlocked. They fall under three categories; Easy, Medium and Hard.
UnlockableHow to unlock
April Shower (Easy)Win a race in the wet.
Banger Racing (Medium)Repair damage to your car in the pits and go on to win the race.
Challenger (Easy)Finish a challenge with at least a C Grade.
Champion (Hard)Win against Sebastian Vettel in the Challenge Mode Head To Head Race.
Clean Sweep (Hard)Come first in every Gran Prix.
Driving Legend (Hard)Come first in the Real World Lap on any circuit.
Endurance (Medium)Beat a 100% distance race.
Flying Lap (Easy)Get your first Time Trial medal.
Get Noticed (Easy)Get a fastest lap in a grand prix.
Go The Distance (Hard)Drive 1000 Miles (1610Km).
Grade A Performance (Medium)Finish a Challenge Mode challenge with at least an A Grade.
Grand Prix Win (Medium)Come first for the first time in a grand prix.
High Roller (Medium)With damage enabled, beat the Monte Carlo grand prix.
Leader of the Pack (Hard)Get pole position on every single circuit.
Learning to fly (Medium)With all driving aides switched off, post a flying lap to win a time trial medal.
Legendary Charge! (Hard)Come first in a race from 24th on the grid.
Made The Cut (Easy)Achieve Q3 in qualifying.
Manual Master (Easy)Using only manual gears, complete a race.
Must Dash! (Hard)Achieve 14 pole positions in a single season.
Pole Position (Medium)Get your first pole position.
Prancer (Medium)With an average speed greater than 150 MPH (241 KM/h), finish a lap of Monza.
Shoe Maker (Hard)Obtain at least 149 championship points in one season.
Speed Demon (Easy)Drive quicker than 230 mph (370 KM/H).
Stirling Performance (Medium)Lap each car while conditions are wet.
The Greatest of All Time (Hard)Come first in eight World Championships.
Timed To Perfection (Hard)Get every single gold time trial trophy.
Toe To Toe (Easy)Come first in a head to head challenge.
Tuned to Perfection (Easy)With a tuned vehicle, get pole position in qualifying.
Uanassisted (Easy)With all driving aids turned off, complete a race.
Unplugged (Medium)With all driving aids turned off, win a race.