Formula One 2001 review
formula 1 2001

The good:

It came bundled with a fantastic DVD in Australia, featuring all the races with interactive camera options to watch all the speccy crashes.

The bad:

The game sucked.


I'm an F1 fan, just like you must be to be reading this.

So, I snapped up the best F1 game of the first ones out _ which was F1 championship season 2000 by EA. I figured I'd play this while I waited for F1 2001.

So, the day the hallowed F1 2001 released I bought it, after months of honing my skills on C'ship season.

First, I gave the accompanying dvd a spin and was mighty impressed.

Then I stuck in the game and was shocked.

The static screen shots you have seen do not bely the true feel of this game.

Compared to C'ship season, 2001 is crap.

It has an overall feeling of muddiness, both in appearance and handling.

The cars are sluggish and unwieldy (more-so than any f1 car should be _ I'm no arcade fan.) and there's a haze on the horizon that had me thinking N64.

And don't get me started on the sound.

C'Ship season's sound fx are bang on. With even the little gear-box rattles as you change down gears into corners.

But in this, the engine whines like an electric bag-pipe.

Suffice to say I took it back.

If this is the F1 game you've been waiting for, keep waiting.

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