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Formula1 2001

The good:

Fair grafics, tracks well done, good in-car view.

The bad:

Poor competition. AI cars too slow into and out of corners. AI cars are more like Bumper cars, too much hitting. AI cars changing lines and blocking into a corner, Please use classic lines into and out of the corner and use braking and acceleration as the means of holding the player in check, as does Seirra's NASCAR series.



The AI cars need to be adjustable for speed as in Sierra's Nascar series. If you are going to make a F1 SIM plase make a serious one. If it is necessary to make the game play for a broad base of players, please include the hardcore racer. The cars have a small handling problem you get understeer, but no oversteer and there is no ajustment for that. Hope to see a better game for the 2002-03 year.

Thank you


Formula One 2001 for PS2

The good:

The graphics are very decent and equal the frame rate from such games as F1 2001 (the EA version). But it the graphics can still be better. Games as Gran Turismo 3 and ‘Le Mans 24 hours’ have way better graphics but I think that their Formula One 2002 will have better graphics.
This game isn’t that original but it was the first good race-game on the playstation 2, the dream machine.

Like in games as Metal Gear Solid 2: the Sons of Liberty and Final Fantasy X (the European version) there is an extra disc.
This disc contains real video footage from BBC with the original commentary of every race including the Grand Prix of Belgium. As extra this can count but I’ve they had added an arcade mode, the game would be even better.

The sounds in the game are really life like: the sound of the engine of every brand is different and resembles the real thing.
The commenter doesn’t tell only about you, he tacks about who as car problems, who’s at the lead and such things.
The game as all the tracks and drivers, so if you’re a real F1 fan, you’ll have lots and lots of fun with this game.
The game has high difficulty with his ‘bad’ controls but for the rest there is nothing-serious wrong with it.

The bad:

If you start the game without changing anything (or don’t read the manual: this is something what many people do) you’ll start the engine at the first red stoplight like the profs, you’ll start and what happens then: a restart or worse.
Now, you figured that out, you accidentally crash against the wall (nothing serious, it could also happen to you) and you want to ride backwards, you won’t find the right button. The first time was when I was playing it with my nephew and we both crash, after ten minutes we discovered that you have to press L1 and push the left analogue stick backwards.


Buy it now it's platinum.


formula 1 2001

The good:

It came bundled with a fantastic DVD in Australia, featuring all the races with interactive camera options to watch all the speccy crashes.

The bad:

The game sucked.


I'm an F1 fan, just like you must be to be reading this.

So, I snapped up the best F1 game of the first ones out _ which was F1 championship season 2000 by EA. I figured I'd play this while I waited for F1 2001.

So, the day the hallowed F1 2001 released I bought it, after months of honing my skills on C'ship season.

First, I gave the accompanying dvd a spin and was mighty impressed.

Then I stuck in the game and was shocked.

The static screen shots you have seen do not bely the true feel of this game.

Compared to C'ship season, 2001 is crap.

It has an overall feeling of muddiness, both in appearanc...

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