F.E.A.R. review
Cool new ideas(and somewhat spooky as heck) for video games

The good:

- It's the only actual game that could scare the crap outta me.
- Atmosphere fits in with the spooky music.
- The use of slow motion makes firefights more interesting throughout the game.
- Features such as breaking guys in half with the shotgun are a blast.
- AI of enemies is extremely smart, they'll plan attacks on you and work surprisingly as a team.
- You may actually die in cutscenes, so be on the ready.
- The PC like graphics and guns work well on the 360.

The bad:

- Story is confusing, and the spooky cutscenes don't help much.
- As the game goes on, the horror scenes get less scary and more like time wasters.
- I wish that there were more variable places, there's really only warehouses and office buildings, they get lamer to search.
- I don't like it that the guns have crappy aiming and may start to drop horribly while shooting.


F.E.A.R. is a game that actually makes horror real. It actually scared me, the music and sound are unbelievably spooky, and the environments are dark and deserted. The suspense this game offers is truly the thing that makes the name for it. Not only that, the cutscenes are truly something else, you'll honestly want to close your eyes and not look when the screen starts to blink, signaling that another movie scene with a creepy girl is gonna pop out. All this is a part of you as a First Encounter Assault Recon agent exploring odd occurations as you get put into fights with inhuman enemies, that's about all I could say(thats pretty much all I know). The graphics, while not great for a 360, look acceptable because of the PCish touch to it. The gameplay and firefights work very nice as well, the enemies are surprisingly smart and may actually trick you at times. The thing that truely makes the game unique is the slow-mo feature, you'll use it through out the whole game and it'll NEVER get old. You pretty much have to use it in every firefight, but that's a good thing, as you could see what damage you make and when you rip your enemies in half with your gunshots. Without slow-mo in fact, even with medkits and aids this game would be nearly impossible hard. There's also new types of enemies constantly coming at you as you move along the game. The way you have to plan out a strategy of what guns you'll use and how you'll use your slow-mo when you see a pack of enemies, sometimes different type in the same room, is a very appreciatful thing of this game. Now, there's also many flaws. I can't think of a more confusing story as the one in F.E.A.R., it's not necessarily interesting and the cutscenes don't help you understand it any better. I know I said the cutscenes are spooky as heck, but for a limited time, after a while, they aren't as scary and you'll just go like "oh, another one of these things again." Environments are repetitive beyond belief, yeah, it's fun killing all the enemies, but the places often make the game lame while not in a fight. While in the firefights you'll run to problems as well, the guns aiming is not very good, and sometimes your weapon drops dramatically while shooting and could lead to your demise. With that said, F.E.A.R. offers good ideas, and is an enjoyable enough game.

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