F.E.A.R. review

The good:

Not much. Sounds and taunts were very good and fights were spectacular as in good graphics if you have a high end PC.

The bad:

Too Simple. No real storyline. All the same boring places repeating again and again and no variety to kill the boredom. Also found the so called 'remarkeable AI' way too easy. The best AI I have come across so far was in Far Cry but in FEAR the AI is so dumn you can shoot many of them in the back and you'll hear 'where is he'?


To accurately gauge just how good an FPS is you have to compare it with the best out there and I'm afraid F.E.A.R. just doesn't cut it with the best. I got it cheap & I bought it to see what all the hype was about and that's all I sadly found it was - hype.

For a start you can't interact with your environment which makes it extremely uncreative and dull compared to games like HL2, Far Cry and Dark Messiah. With HL2 there were a lot of different scenes and a lot of variety in Far Cry too but with FEAR none at all. Greatly varied story lines/missions with Far Cry and HL2 but none at all with FEAR. You just shoot and that's about all you can do. Boring same repetitive rooms throughout with no change in venue or missions.

AI very, very poor. Extremely let down after expecting at least a tough fight. The bad guys don't come after you like in Far Cry, no teamwork at all!! They just stand around and wait and even stand in front of windows and under see through stairs where I had a field day taking pot shots at them each time they walked passed the window while I had a gun pointing at them through the window!! By the time they woke up they were dead!! Then the next bot would do exactly the same and so on. So where's the challenge here? Instead of them hunting me down I was following them and picking them off like swatting flies. No challenge at all!!

I thought this was supposed to be the pinnacle fighting AI but found the bots too easy to throw grenades at and they gave their positions up very easily. I came across so many with their backs turned to me and just gunned them down waiting for the next one to stand guard. Never had to use the slowdown cause they never cornered me. Way too easy.

Where is the element of surprise??
Where's the scare supposed to be? I always knew where my enemies were because they always spoke when I got near them saying things like 'keep guard'. They just made it so easy for me to get ready, lock and load and massacre them before they knew what hit them. You try doing that in Far Cry and you're dead before you can count to 3. No strategy involved at all here. Just sneak up on them after you hear them speak and massacre them all. Too easy man. When I hid behind boxes I was expecting them to jump on top and slaughter me but instead they walked right past me and got bludgeoned and then the next one and so on. Where is the AI here?

Got the Director's dvd version for $25AU and that's about all it was worth.

Extremely poor AI is my main bitch. Next, no variety in scenes and poor storyline. No Way FEAR is a true FPS or in the same league as classics like Far Cry and HL2. Absolutely hopeless hapless stupid AI giving their positions away all the time for a quick massacre. No fun in that whatsoever.

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