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EyeToy: Play review
Eyetoy- the future of ps2 gaming!

The good:

-like nothing you've ever seen before: 100% original
- Compatible with future games: not a one off.
- same price as a normal game with a camera included and 12 games.
- You are the star. Endless possibilities.
- Suprisingly interesting story and cunning boss fights.
- great exercise.
- Kung- Foo involves a matrix like power-up to allow you to be as fast as Neo.
- Who says you need arms? Grab a toy sword or any periphial for extra added fun!

The bad:

- can be short-lived
-the novelty of arm-waving soon wears off
- a bit kiddy for the older gamer


Sony had a lot riding on this. Future success, sells, and a heap load of money. But does eyetoy work? yes, like nothing you've ever seen before.

Basically, you are the star. In a series of 12 mini-games, ranging from the insanely addictive Kung-Foo, in which you beat up bad guys flying at you from all directions. Use your good old fashioned fists, or grab a sword and go Neo on there asses. Ranging to beat freak, for the little euromixers among you. All mini-games work very well, and each provides a seperate objective, although most games use the same method. Ghostbuster (I think thats what its called) and UFO juggler employ the same tactics.

However, fresh and original games such as boxing chump and mirror time, are wholey original, and mirror time is a great way to test out your brain: especially on hard mode!

But before you try out the games: there is a "playroom" designed specifically to show off what the camera can do. Like special effects on a camcorder, only much more interesting and complex. ranging from being underwater and a horde of deadly bees, to teleporting from one part of the screen to another: they all show off the eyetoy very well.

We also have video messaging, record a short clip of yourself and a mate doing somehing and play it back or save it: hilarious!

So, whats wrong with it?

sadly, after a while, the whole arm-waving novelty wears off, but like every other game, you'll keep coming back to it. For those who complain about depth, don't worry: future games are already in works, with Eyetoy Groove due out this November, and possible ways of putting yourself in Smackdown!6, its all here. And its all ready and waiting. Join the revolution, and you won't be disappointed.

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