E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Passwords

Menu Passwords
At the main menu, choose "Options" -->"Keyboard" tab --> "Advanced", then click next to "Enable Developer's Console", then click "OK" or "Apply". While playing the game, press "~" to display the console window. Type "sv_cheats 1" and press [Enter] to enable cheat mode, and type in one of the codes to activate corresponding function.
Note: You can also bind any cheat code to a key, for example, type bind x "firstperson" to execute the code by pressing X.
PasswordWhat it does
bind [key] "[command]"Bind command to key
firstpersonFirst person view
give [object name]Spawn indicated object
give weapon_arrancadoraSpawn a Arrancadora de Tripas (Warhammer)
give weapon_betty_boomSpawn a Betty Boom (Sawed-Off Shotgun)
give weapon_bk444Spawn a 444 Bear Killer (Magnum)
give weapon_boscoSpawn a B.O.S.C.O. realy 911 (Semi-Auto Sniper)
give weapon_caw_hammerSpawn a Caw Hammer (Automatic Shotgun)
give weapon_croon_hsSpawn a HS010 (Sub-Machine Gun)
give weapon_damoclesSpawn a Damocles (Broadsword)
give weapon_depezadorSpawn a Depezador (Semi-Auto Shotgun)
give weapon_dual_BK13Spawn the BK13s (Dual Handgun)
give weapon_dual_katanaSpawn a Facere Mortis (Dual Katana)
give weapon_excidiumSpawn a Excidium (Explosive Round Anti-Tank Rifle)
give weapon_fko_blackSpawn a Blackcrow (Handgun)
give weapon_fko_ka93Spawn a K.A 93 (Automatic Rifle)
give weapon_gctg222Spawn a 222 (Revolver)
give weapon_huntingSpawn a Hunting Machine (Sniper)
give weapon_kinderSpawn a Kinder Grenade
give weapon_medkitSpawn a Medkit Syringe
give weapon_motraSpawn a Motra (Sub-Machine Gun)
give weapon_rottenSpawn a Rotten Mound (Semi-Auto Rifle)
give weapon_s6000Spawn a S6000 (Auto/Semi-Auto Rifle)
give weapon_spiculumSpawn a Spiculum (Grenade Launcher)
give weapon_sulfatumSpawn a Sulfatum (Gatling Gun)
give weapon_trkSpawn a TRK A.D. (Sniper)
givecurrentammoRefill ammo regardless of inventory and Speed Bonus/Malus
host_timescaleBullet Time Macro. Allows control of the flow of time. 1 is default speed. 2 is Fast Foward. 0.5 or 0.75 is Slo-Mo.
npc_create npc_scrabSpawn a Scrabouillor where your mouse is pointing.
npc_create npc_turret_floorSpawn Sentry at pointer
sv_cheats 0Deactivate cheat mode
sv_cheats 1Activate Cheat Mode
sv_infinite_aux_power 0Normal Run/PsiForce
sv_infinite_aux_power 1Infinite Run/PsiForce
thirdperson_platformer 1Switch to Third Person View with different WASD/Mouse control scheme.
thirdpersonThird person view