Extreme-G Cheats

Extreme-G cheats, Tips, and Codes for N64. Also see GameShark Codes for more Extreme-G cheat codes.


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Bonus track, neon and roach bike.
Complete every track on extreme difficulty but you must come first every time.
This password can also be used:
Get the Neon bike.
Complete the final circuit and you get the Neon bike which has all its attributes full.
Get the Roach bike.
Complete Contest mode on meltdown, and you the Roach bike.
Ghostly track.
At the name selection screen enter the word "ghostly" you will now be able to see right through walls and the track you are racing on.
Race upside down.
At the name selection screen enter the word "antigrav" now you can race upside down.
slippery track.
At the name entry screen, enter "banana" in contest mode. This will now make the track slippery which make racing alot harder.
Weapon pick ups
Enter ARSENAL at the vehicle select screen.


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Make Strange and Wonderful Things Happen
If you enter certain code names for your character, things will happen in your game. Here are some of them:
1.ANTIGRAV turns the screen upside down.
2.BANANA makes the track slippery.
3.GHOSTLY makes the track see through.
4.NITROID gives you unlimited nitro boosts.
5.RA50 allows you to warp in Extreme Contest mode.
6.ROLLER turns your cycle into a boulder.
7.STEALTH turns all cycles invisible.
8.XTREAM speeds up the game.
Unlimited Turbo Boosts.
At the name selection screen, enter the word "nitroid" to get unlimited turbo boosts.