Extreme Warfare Revenge review
For absolutley zilch $$$, this NEEDS a download...

The good:

- Wholely original. No other thing like it exists. - Complete control over everyone and everything - No fake names. Entirely real. - Loads of wrestlers. - Massive replayability. - Ever seen a show on TV and thought "I could do that feud better", well, now you can! - More match types than posh and becks.

The bad:

-Due to being a downloaded game, lack of space for recorded feuds is short. - Some nasty programming, such as losing TV shows (although very realistic, it is hard to regain them) - Slow moving - No sound (except annoying windows beeping sounds), making it all very quiet.


This is unlikely to ever be matched, no-one has ever created a really good wrestling management sim before...well, now they have! From Spanky to Ricky Steamboat, from Hogan to McMahon, everybody is here. Change wrestlers gimmicks, create feuds, run promo vids, resist the temptation to annoy UPN and Spike TV by hosting barbed wire matches during early morning, its all here. And (for the most part) its all relatively perfect. Sure, there are little problems here and there, and the all too noticeable lack of sound is annoying, but honestly, this is free, and will take no more than 15 minutes of your time to download, but will take a considerably longer amoutn of time for you to play. Massive, original and fun. Highly recommended.

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