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You are.. Expendable

The good:

Well the gameplay is the only thing that holds this game up. Its a very good game once you look past the confusing storyline, insane enemies, and the fact that you are expendable.

The bad:

The graphics are by no means the best, but bearable, occasionaly the camera gets a bad angle, and you can't shoot an enemy, but its not too bad. Whats hard is the insane amount of enemies and how hard this game gets.


A good game if you just want a game, or if you don't care what game you get. It'll keep your attention for a total of 2 days until you beat almost the whole game and get stuck at the boss. Sometimes its easy to find the extras and sometimes its not. Also the scoring system is a little whack-bat and your score will be low if you are ruthless and kill civilians. The weapons are awesome, you can carry three and ammo is bountiful.


Pretty Good

The good:

I think it is a gmae featuring nice graphics and great game play


although it is almost a year old I still find it a great game to play. There is many different weapons that makes it interesting to see what gun you could wind up with next. Adventure and action is a plus with this game. It has all the qualties that game players are seeking if they enjoy games such as Resident Evil on Play Station.

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