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No Escape From This Awesome Game

The good:

Survivors each have their own profiles, as well as just different appearances. Each profile gives a little description of how that person got into their predicament. There are even some backgrounds that interwine with one another.
The controls for EXIT have finally been perfected thanks to the tap and go controls of the Nintendo DS. You can now play the game without having to tap away at buttons furiously, only to be greeted with unreceptive orders.
Mr. Esc has retained his 2D look from the past games, nothing has changed.

The bad:

EXIT fails to include an actual plot line, Taito could go away and make something amazing if EXIT was to suddenly have an intense story with voice-overs etc.
One problem remains, in some missions, you can make silly mistakes such as pushing a box one more space than required, which will result in the player having to restart the entire mission.


I have had my fair share of retro gaming in my early childhood, but it has never really grown on me. Yeah, sure I love games such as Tetris and Alleyway for the Nintendo Gameboy, but hammering away quarter after quarter in a classic arcade to play games such as the classic Pac Man or Space Invaders isn’t exactly my cup of tea.
Despite the age of the real arcade is fading, the genre isn’t dead, not by a long shot. You may say that the only new arcades are simply “HD super duper remix happy ultra fun” remakes, which is the tragic case of some classics, but I believe that the genre has simply b...

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