Exile II: Crystal Souls

Exile II: Crystal Souls Cheats

Exile II: Crystal Souls cheats, and Codes for PC.

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Exile II: Crystal Souls Cheats

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Locate the Tower Of The Magi, in the south-east area. Then in the teleporter room, enter "Eas Ter Egg" as coordinates. Have fun!


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change items in store
hold down shift and b.
it will change items in the store by the Empire camp in chapter 1.
Infinite Stuff
Multiple items of the same type are or often combined in a character's inventory. When you give one of these items to another character you are asked how many you wish to give. Put in a negative number and the recipient will appear to receive only one of the item, however, in most cases, it will be inexhaustible. Torches, poisons, potions, lockpicks, and alchemy ingredients.
Bless a person 3 times. The person will become a powerhouse.