Excite Truck review
A Revolution in Racing

The good:

Excite Truck is a very fun and unique game, because you steer by holding the Wii remote on it's side and tilting it left and right. It is a high speed, big air race off pitting you against five other computerized trucks. Zoom through all 7 landscapes, which include lush forests, sandy beaches, and frigid wastelands. Speed through China, Mexico, Scotland, and even an undetermined location… Turbo boost off huge ramps, activate special "Terrain Morphs" that alter the track, and ram into all sorts of obstacles. You can also earn stars by getting big air, drifting around curves, crashing into other trucks, swerving past trees, maneuvering through rings that appear in midair when you get a terrain morph, spinning in the air, and placing first through fifth in the race. These stars are needed to win the race, and if you have earned enough, the next race will be available, and maybe a new truck. This game has fair graphics and a lot of detail into the trucks and the race tracks. The music is also decent, but it's short playlist can get repetitive. The good news is that you can listen to your own music in an MP3 format from an SD card while racing. There is also a two player mode, where you can race a friend to the finish line. Or you could test out your skills in the Challenge Mode, which has three types of minigames to complete. Summary:
-Steer with the Wii remote.
-7 types of terrains.
-Nice sound effects.
-Lots of tricks to perform.
-Lots of unlockable cars, modes, etc.
-Play music from an SD card while racing.
-A tutorial if you need help.
-Easy for beginners.
-Two player mode.
-Challenge mode with three types of minigames.

The bad:

The graphics are not the greatest, and the sounds and music can get repetitive and old. It is somewhat hard to complete it all the way through and unlock everything, and the steering can be a little messed up at times. The game can also be a bit boring and repetitive for some people. Summary:
-Graphics are OK.
-Sounds and music repetitive.
-Glitchy steering.
-Kind of hard to complete.
-Can be boring.


Excite truck is an overall good racing game featuring trucks with lots of speed and power. It has a revolutionary steering system, and is pretty fun. Though for some people, it can get a little boring, but if you are worried about that, you can just rent it first. Even if you have not played racing games before, or even video games, this is lots of fun, easy to learn, and an overall excellent experience. Have fun!

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